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Based on practical demands of regional accident emergency management of major hazard installations, non-structural fuzzy decision method and accident consequence simulation methods are co-method to present safety management administration and related enterprises a multi-criteria decision support method, which is focused on enterprises that might be affected by the potential accident consequence of major hazard installations, for regional accident emergency management of major hazard installations, this method is aimed to optimize the management of emergency resource, promote the performance of safety management system, decrease the fatalities and property loss.

针对目前我国应对重大危险源突发事故的管理和决策主要依赖于相关领导或专家掌握的知识及经验的现状,将非结构化模糊决策方法(Non-structural Fuzzy Decision Method, NSFDM)和事故后果模拟方法相结合,以区域范围内受重大危险源潜在事故影响的企业为决策对象,以减小事故影响范围,降低事故严重程度为目标,建立起重大危险源区域事故应急决策的多准则决策方法,以期帮助安监职能部门优化配置应急救援资源,提高应急响应绩效,减少国家和人民的经济和财产损失。

The examples show: It is not only scientific and rational approximately, but also as referenced calculational methods of threshold quanlity of increased or emendatory chemical substance in the "Identifecation of major hazard installations "(GB18218-2000) in the future, that appliance respective of TNT equivalent method, gasoline equivalent method, methane equivalent method, methl ethyl ketone peroxide equivalent method and hydrogen sulfide equivalent method for the rhrehold quanlity in the work site and store area of volatile substance, combustible liquid substance, combustible gaseous substance, active chemical substance and poisonous substance. At the same time, Comparing with the death radius method and evaluative method of combustible, volatile, poisonous mojor hazardinstalltions, hazard grading method of hazard degree grading in the chemical factory for the major hazard installations is simplerof operation and more practical of calcutating result, and have some significance on generalizer.


Examine certificates of the vessels, installations and the relevant equipment and certificates of the personnel and verify seaworthiness of the vessels and technical conditions of the installations before the accident


Furukawa America Inc. announced today it now offers a hand-held core alignment fusion splicer designed for fiber-to-the-home and local area network installations as well as trunk line installations.


Article 28 People's governments at all levels shall strengthen education in national defence among the citizens, heighten their sense of national defence and educate them to protect military installations, guard secrets about military installations and stop any acts that damage or endanger military installations.


All units and individuals have the right to prohibit any disseisin, destruction, stealing or looting of pipeline installations or the petroleum or natural gas carried by pipelines and other acts jeopardizing the safety of pipeline installations, and shall report such acts to the relevant departments.


At the moment our range of products covers the requests of all the customers: in the film extrusion sector (we have installations until width of 10 metres and speed of 600 m/min), in the converting sector (installations for printing press and laminators), in the adhesive tapes sector (no-noise tapes) and in the honey-comb and plastic sheets sector.

产品的类型适用于各种客户的需求:挤出领域(宽度达到10米,速度达到600 m/min),吹炼领域:,胶带领域:,还有片材领域。发生器从(1kW-70 kW)使用IGBT技术设计。

"Core alignment splicers have long been the preferred method for CATV installations, backbone networks, specialty fiber applications, and optical components manufacturing largely because of their high accuracy and reliability," says Jason Greene, manager of fusion splicer products for Furukawa America."The portability of the S177A brings the benefits of core alignment to the growing construction of fiber-to-the-home and other space-constrained fiber optic cable installations."

Furukawa美国公司光纤融接机产品经理Jason Greene先生表示,由于具有芯部对准功能的融接机有很高的稳定性和准确性,所以它对于有线电视的安装、骨干网、特殊光纤的应用以及光学元件的生产来说是一种非常重要和必需的工具;而S177A的便携式功能和设计也为不断增长的光纤到家和其它长远距离的光纤安装需求带来了更多的便利。

Songsmith did not work properly on certain non-English installations of Windows, or on English installations where a user had non-English characters in his or her user name.

msi文件, 98MB )这是Songsmith 1.01版,这是我们最初发布的版本,其中包括以下新特性: Songsmith,在某些非英语的Windows系统安装后没有正常工作,英语操作系统的用户在在他或她的用户名中使用了非英语字符。

Merely increasing security around oil installations – as a Chinese official from Sinopec reportedly put forward last week – does not look to be a strategy that can quell rebel onslaughts on these installations.


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