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[Dappy] [ Dappy ]

I feel like a slag! 我觉得自己像个渣!

In so bar for too long time to get tipsy 在这样的酒吧太久的时间去醉意

Don't mean if I buy you a drink now come later you're gonna lips me 不要吝啬,如果我请你喝一杯,现在晚一点你要我的嘴唇

Look girl dagger den dash it like a frisby 看女孩的匕首书房冲它像一个弗里斯比

Ay sexy lemme be tell your boyfriend wait cheat 唉性感还是让我来告诉你男朋友的等待作弊

I heard he mc's is that true, whats his name? 我听说他MC的是真的,什么名字?

Fuck all these other funny guys der gassed 他妈的这些其他有趣的家伙DER毒气

I can make a killer album den dash 我可以做一个杀手专辑书房冲刺

Ba Barbados splash 巴巴巴多斯飞溅

We can be together on a boat and mash 我们可以一起在船上和土豆泥

Me and fifi make cash 我和菲菲以现金

Suttin dem man never make BRAP Suttin DEM的人从来不BRAP

When I was 15 I was told to hold a strap 当我15岁我被告知举行带

And if I wanna be a badman run inta da gaffa! 如果我想成为一个白德曼运行INTA达gaffa !

Man said he CD was seert! 男子说,他的CD被seert !

But when I put it on there was less lookin at the speakers like 1,2,3 但是,当我把它放在那里是在讲少看着像1,2,3

My mum could rap better than that, (your shit) 我妈妈可以指责比这更好的, (你的屎)

Everything about you, say it like Jordan you been in a studio all your life 关于你的一切,说它像乔丹,你是在一个工作室,你的生活

And you still ain't come up with nothin what are you recordin? 而且你还没有想出什么没什么,你recordin ?

Bmt show not even your dad was applauding BMT显示连你爸爸鼓掌

Even da bouncer was snoring 即使是大保镖打呼噜

U see us man we roll 10 man deep on the tour bus 你看见我们的人,我们推出10人深刻的旅游巴士上

U ain't tight with your friends, they snake you now your lifes boring U是不紧与您的朋友,他们的蛇你现在的静物无聊

Prick had a dream about being a star, did a little video, rented a car 刺有一个梦想成为明星,做了一个小视频,租了一辆车

Holding a cigar thinkin jay-z or someones gonna come along and sign him. 拿着雪茄想着Jay-Z的或者某人要去一起去和他签约。


[Fazer] [法瑟]

Your a punk that rolls with 25 pricks 您的庞克与25刺辊

Makes a mistake, and end your life quick 犯了错误,并快速结束你的生命

Keep sayin your gonna come to my bits 总是说你会来找我的位

Cos you kick wasteman and make dust like.. 因为你踢wasteman ,使灰尘一样..

Wat! na fam I don't give a shit 屈!呐FAM我不给狗屎

Big man still actin like a little kid 大男人还是装作像一个小孩子

Yeh yeh yeh yeh, 双叶双叶,

It's not my fault your girls on my page more than your little dick 这不是我的错,你的女孩在我的网页超过你的小家伙

I'm going in more than a little bit 我会多一点点

Didn't wanna mention your name to da track but ayyaaaayy 本来不想提你的名字DA道,但ayyaaaayy

Fuck you, you fat little shit (fat little shit) 你他妈的,你胖一点狗屎(胖胖的小狗屎)

I'm real, on mic I show skills, stop talking about gun, you don't kill 我是真实的,在麦克风我秀球技,停止谈论枪,你不杀

You think you're so ill, 你以为你病得很重,

Been to over 20 meetings and you still aint got a deal 去过20多个会议,你仍然是不是得到了一个交易

(got a deal, got a deal, got) (得到了一笔交易,得到了一笔交易,得到了)

Your stalling, I make dough when your in a bed snoring 你的拖延,我做的面团,当你在床上打呼噜

4 in da morning, up breath yawning, you might not see me, 4在大早上起来呼吸打哈欠,你可能看不到我,

Cant prevent the world tourin 不能防止世界tourin

I'm 19 and I'm exploring, I'm risin up, your fallin 我是19 ,我探索,我RISIN了,你的坠落

I'm scorchin, your boring, going full width, not back like forskin 我很劲爆,你的无聊,去全宽,不回像forskin

Back then I kick you off the see-saw, 那时候我踢你了拉锯,

Now you gimme it back now you roll with tha rebor 现在,你给我回来,现在你滚带塔rebor

You might be old, but I'm stil rogile , 你可能是老了,但我还是老样子rogile ,

Young but I still treat mine like an older 年轻,但我还是把雷成老人

You the type to say I'm getting popcorn tonight, 您的类型说我越来越爆米花今晚,

And still hit the sat holding your boner 而且还打了六牵着你的蠢蛋

Next day, 第二天,

Chat crap to everyone sayin that you banged two holes your a joker. 聊天扯淡大家在说,你撞了两个洞的一个小丑。


[Dappy] [ Dappy ]

I'm a nigel, straight, your a fan like stan on the Eminem track with dido 我是薛明,直,那你就阿姆轨道与狄多像斯坦风扇

I remember when I had a runny nose tryna draw down girls at the lido 我记得,当我有流鼻涕tryna画下来的女孩在丽都

Then I thought wait, cant knock gotta break the door 后来我想等待,不能敲得分手门

Nowdays at an n-dubz roll psycho fans camp from the day before Nowdays在从前一天的n dubz辊心理风扇营

Girls love putting it on da plate, what you hatin for? 女孩子都喜欢把它放在大板,你hatin什么?


[Fazer] [法瑟]

I tell a girl you were linkin (linkin) 我讲一个女孩,你是林肯(林肯)

She said course yo but my mans over der, wingeing 她说,当然哟,但我对芒德, wingeing

She said I'm on a blackberry hype, add me tonight 她说,我对黑莓的炒作,今晚加我

Shh baby its a ping ting 嘘宝贝它是一种平定

Didn't know her man was an mc too 不知道她的人是一个MC太

I was like what where who? 我喜欢什么地方谁?

Ah dat dickhead aint even had 4000 views on youtube. 阿逸dickhead AINT甚至不得不在YouTube上4000的看法。

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