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Love Rehab



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[Intro: R. Kelly (Twista)] [简介: R.凯利(特斯塔)

(Kell's and Twist') Uhh... ( Kell的和扭曲)呃...

Girl it ain't no other way to describe you 女孩是不是说明你没有其他办法

Your momma raised you right 你妈妈养你的权利

Yeah, I like that, it's like 是的,我喜欢的是,它像


[Chorus: R. Kelly] [合唱: R.凯利]

Sittin here in love rehab, I'm so crazy about you dear 坐在这里的爱康复,我很疯狂,你亲爱的

Doctor of my soul, I will never check out of here 我灵魂的医生,我永远都不会检查出在这里

Filled my prescription when I came to you and needed peace 充满了我的药方,当我到你们那里去,需要和平

You took me in and gave me joy and girl now I'm free 你带走了我,给了我快乐和女孩,现在我自由了

You are my circle, when I needed to talk you had my back (uhh) 你是我的圈子,当我需要谈谈你有我的背(嘘)

You my homie we go back (uhh) thank you for the love rehab (uhh, uhh) 你是我亲密的,我们回去(嘘)谢谢你的爱康复(嘘,嘘)


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Doin bad, ain't nobody in my life 干什么不好,是不是没人在我的生活

I'ma kill a nigga or somebody gon' murder me soon 我是杀了一个黑人还是有人会去很快杀了我

I'm a hope fiend, I need a woman in my life 我是一个希望的恶魔,我需要一个女人在我的生命

Could you take me to the emergency room? 你能带我去急诊室?

I need somebody that can nurse me back to health 我需要有人能够奶妈我恢复健康

cause I'm out here lovesick, shakin like Pookie 因为我在这里为情所困,沙金如Pookie

You took me up outta the hoopty 你带我了失控的hoopty

Put me in the Lex 300 and got me blowin on dookie 把我的莱克斯300让我吹上杜基

Now why do I respect ya, cause she down for a nigga 现在,为什么我尊敬你,因为她倒在了一个黑人

before I was rollin city to city 以前我是罗林城市到城市

She got me screamin out yessir, like I'm Pretty Ricky 她让我尖叫了yessir ,就像我敢瑞奇

lookin freaky freaky while I'm smokin the sticky-icky 而看着我吸了奇特怪异的粘性恶心

When I'm down and out, you be rubbin my back 当我穷困潦倒,你可以鬼混我的背

because I miss you, you know I got issues 因为我想念你,你知道我的问题

When I'm ridin dirty and I got the thumper 当我坐车脏,我得到了桑普

and the law pull me over you will hold my pistol 而法律拉我过来,你会牵着我的手枪

Sick of how the women harm on me, you charmin me 患病的女性对我怎么害你Charmin牌我

in the pharmacy of love, body be right I wanna hit you 在爱的药店,身体是对的,我想打你

You like a veteran when I need some medicine 你喜欢一个老兵,当我需要一些药

You better than Exederin, fellas in trouble that wanna get you 你比Exederin好,麻烦的小伙子们想要得到你

I thought I knew what real love was 'til I met you 我想我知道什么是真正的爱是,直到我遇见了你

I'm reminiscin on the love we had 我reminiscin对我们有爱

I'ma stay sick forever hope I never get well 我是有病保持永远希望我从来没有得到很好

cause you got me in a love rehab 因为你的爱康复让我


[Chorus] [合唱]


[R. Kelly] [ R。凯利]

So many problems, so many people, so many decisions 这么多问题,这么多人,这么多的决定

So many roads that I have to choose (yeah) 这么多的道路,我必须选择(是啊)

But still I'll roll the dice and pray that I don't lose 但我仍然会掷骰子和祈祷,我不会失去

There were times that I got weak, fell short 有报道说,我有次弱,短期下跌

I couldn't go on and, she came through 我不能继续下去,她都挺过来了

So many friends, so many liars, so many haters 这么多朋友,这么多骗子,这么多的仇敌

Sometimes I just don't know who to trust 有时候,我只是不知道该相信谁

But yet and still I turn the wheel of life and try my luck 但是却和我还是把生命之轮,并尝试我的运气

There was a time when I was broke, didn't have a job 曾经有一段时间,当我破产了,没有一份工作

And this woman, she showed me love 而这个女人,她给我的爱

Ohh, since we first met, I've risin like an escalator 哦,因为我们第一次见面,我RISIN像自动扶梯

Now five years later, we have come up like an elevator 现在,五年后,我们得出了类似的电梯

You made me better babe, when I thought I was goin crazy 你让我更好的宝贝,当我以为我疯了布莱恩

I was just about to lose my mind, then you put me in your love rehab 我正要失去我的心,那你把我在你的爱情康复


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Twista] [特斯塔]

If I hit it I'ma spit that love flow 如果我打我是吐了,爱流

Forget what they all say 忘记他们都说

She the only one that helped me 她帮助我是唯一一个

Hit her with a little bit of "12 Play" 打她的“ 12玩”一点点

When the Twista wasn't proper sippin Vodka 当特斯塔是不妥当还在喝伏特加

I could remember tellin the love doctor I need some help 我能记得泰兰爱的医生,我需要一些帮助

Through the fire like I'm shocker, love it every time I rock her 穿越火线像我震惊,爱它每次我哄哄她

Cock a pistol when I think I bleed to death 公鸡手枪时,我想我流血而死

My surgeon, and my methodome 我的医生,我的methodome

The only one I talk to when I'm left alone 唯一一个我说话时,我独自一人

You the one that helped me fight through my challenges 你的人,帮助我通过我的挑战打

Tell me what's my psychoanalysis 告诉我什么是我的精神分析

I thought I knew what real love was 'til I met you 我想我知道什么是真正的爱是,直到我遇见了你

I'm reminiscin on the love we had 我reminiscin对我们有爱

I'ma stay sick forever hope I never get well 我是有病保持永远希望我从来没有得到很好

cause you got me in a love rehab 因为你的爱康复让我


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Outro: Twista] [尾奏:特斯塔]

Uhh, Kell's and Twist' 呃,凯尔的和扭曲“

Gotta let her know that she the only reason we make it through sometime 总得让她知道,她的唯一原因,我们让它通过一段时间

That's why we (sittin here in love rehab) 这就是为什么我们(在这里呆坐着恋爱康复)

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