歌词 "I Am Everything" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

I Am Everything


歌词相关歌手:TECH N9NE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Tech N9ne] [技术N9ne ]

11/08/71 momma bring the gun 71年11月8日妈妈把枪

To this world and ever since it's been tons of fun 这个世界上,从那时起它一直吨乐趣

Leaving bitches stun off in their lungs, I cum 离开母犬在他们的肺部打晕了,我暨

Hella sprung give it a slap on the buns then run 海拉异军突起给它的包子一巴掌,然后运行

I got money mayne give me dummy danes 我得到了钱梅恩给我假的丹麦人

Make a honey drain a funny thing a tummy pain 做一个蜂蜜漏一个有趣的事儿肚子痛

All I want is sex drugs and rock and roll rappin' 我要的是性药和摇滚说唱“

Liquor' flocking hoes got the drop and lock it low 白酒“植绒锄头得到了下降和锁定低

Haters can fuck off, flee with your tough talk, 仇敌可以滚开,逃离你的强硬言论,

This is no mercy, thirsty for blood and I bust off 这是毫不手软,渴血,我胸围关闭

I am the reason they find you stiff with your nuts off 我的原因,他们找你僵硬与坚果关闭

Cut cross and busted off for yappin' too much boss 切十字和捣毁关闭yappin太多的老板

Rules don't apply to me America lied to me 规则并不适用于我的美国骗了我

So ain't no way you're containing this devil inside of me, 所以,是不是你含在我心里这个恶魔没办法,

And your children they love it how I'm a rebel and rugged, 和你的孩子,他们喜欢它,我怎么敢反叛,坚固耐用,

If it ain't about a way that I can clutch it tuck it motherfuck it 如果不是对的方式,我可以抓着不放把它塞到motherfuck它


[Chorus] [合唱]

Pat him down ( you can't get rid of me) 拍拍他下来(你无法摆脱我)

Melt him down (might as well let it be) 融化他下来(还不如让它)

7 hounds( maybe it's in my blood) 7猎犬(也许是在我的血液)

Cash and Crowns (I'm everything you think you know) 现金及冠(我是你认为你什么都知道)


I am everything you ever were afraid of 我的一切,你永远都不怕

(A nightmare there we go right there) (噩梦那里,我们去那里)

I am everything you ever were afraid of 我的一切,你永远都不怕

(Bury me bitch I am everything) (埋葬我婊子,我的一切)


[Jahred (Hed) P.E.] [ Jahred ( HED)体育]

Yes I'm that one nigga 是的,我是一个黑人

I'm gods son nigga 我是神的儿子黑鬼

I'll fuck your brain, I'm insane, 我他妈的你的大脑,我疯了,

I got him on the run nigga 我得到了他的兄弟们跑

This ain't for B.E.T. motherfuck the industry (punks) 这是不适合B.E.T. motherfuck行业(小混混)

I know my enemy the devil he can't control we niggas 我知道我的仇敌魔鬼,他无法控制我们的黑鬼

I'm everything that you fear, I mean, I don't give a fuck, 我说你害怕的一切,我的意思是,我不给他妈的,

(Hed) P.E. Techa Nina we fuck your pussies up ( HED)体育Techa妮娜我们他妈的你的pussies了

Your daughter disappears we fuck her in her ears, 你的女儿消失了,我们他妈的她在她耳边,

Monster flow and I'm voted the nigga of the year. 怪物流,我投了一年的兄弟们。


[D’Loc] [德禄]

Call me down, letting it loose 叫我下来,让它松

When I rip call it truce feeling good, 当我撕称之为休战感觉不错,

Feeling fine, hit him off every time, 感觉很好,每次打他,

Let em have it and I grab it; duck you down, 让我们让他们拥有了它,我抓住它;鸭你失望,

Lay you down when I'm pimping, 躺在你失望,当我拉皮条,

When I'm sippin meet me in the mid while, 当我啜饮着迎接我在中间,同时,

So you think you fucking with it Kottonmouth, 所以,你认为你他妈的吧Kottonmouth ,

D’loc kill him, when I get him watch me rip him, 德禄杀了他,当我让他看我撕了他,

Hold me down, watch me peel him 抓住我,看我剥了他

D’Loc said it now you know [x3] 德禄说,现在你知道[ X3 ]

Now you know D’Loc said it 现在你知道德禄表示,


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Kottonmouth] [ Kottonmouth ]

I'm a savage renegade terrorist infidel 我是一个野蛮的恐怖变节异教徒

White devil gentile born and raised in hell 出生在地狱凸起的白色恶魔样儿

I'm wide awake there ain't no need 4 no sleeper cell 我很清醒不过是没有必要4没有卧铺细胞

I'm the bomb and the anthrax in the mail 我是炸弹,并在邮件中炭疽

I'm the side lock death pour the ‘lectric koolaid 我是侧锁死亡倒“ LECTRIC koolaid

White Knight, voodoo magic I'mma black plague 白骑士,巫术魔法我就要黑死病

I'm the blood that u drink from the poison well 我的血,美的毒药喝好

The drug of choice 首选药物

I feel you know me well 我觉得你知道我很好


[Johnny Richter] [约翰尼·里希特]

I'm the thug and he go bump in the night (catch me) 我是恶棍,他走在颠簸的夜晚(追我)

Rollin around town smoking a blunt or a pipe (it's me) 罗林城镇周围吸烟钝或管道(这是我)

(Hed) P.E. Kottonmouth and Techa n9ne (yes we) ( HED)体育Kottonmouth和Techa N9NE (是我们)

Insomnimaniacs, we're ruling the night Insomnimaniacs ,我们执政的夜晚

Just like Freddy Krueger or that psycho Michael Myers 就像弗雷迪克鲁格或心理迈克尔·迈尔斯

How the demons come equip the so you better play nice 如何恶魔来装备让你更好的发挥好

Like a pack of pyros always starting up 像火焰兵的数据包总是启动

On the fire Suburban Noize and Strange Music 在火郊区NOIZE和陌生的歌

What you gonna do right 你要怎么做对

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