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But it's OK, cause we go hard, you know, that's why the streets for. 但没关系,因为我们去努力,你知道,这就是为什么在街上。


I feel the pressure in pain, you may think I'm insane, 我觉得在痛苦中的压力,你可能认为我疯了,

feel like a bullet hit your brain, when they mention my name. 感觉像子弹一样击中你的大脑,当他们提到我的名字。


Oh no no we not the same, this streets shit in my vein, you start catching cases when you start switching your game, 哦,不,不,我们不一样,在我的静脉里这个街道狗屎,你开始追赶情况下,当你开始切换你的游戏,

now they dressing the plate, they arrest any day, sent my brother to the pit and learn his lesson again. 现在他们穿衣的板块,他们逮捕任何一天,送哥哥的坑,再痛定思痛。


There's no food in the refrigerator or I feel up the plate, 还有在冰箱没有食物或感觉起来的板块,

OK, lets load up our nigga haters and get of the chain, ma ma ma Martin luther king, 好吧,让装载了我们的兄弟们的仇敌,并得到了链,麻麻麻马丁·路德·金,

Malcolm X I'm next these crackerz either gon kill me or they gon gimme respect. 马尔科姆X我旁边这些crackerz要么健杀了我或者他们会去给我的尊重。


Tired of breaking my neck, standing out on this balcony like this all you gon get, 累断我的脖子,站起来,在这个阳台就像这一切你们就能得到,

for I calling the calvary attention, there will be no one after me, 因为我叫各各关注,之后会有我的任何人,

none of these rappers is half of me, give me half of your salary bitch. 所有这些说唱歌手是我的一半,给我一半的薪水婊子。


I'm riding coach class tryna get my ass home, 我骑着经济舱tryna得到我的屁股回家,

first class ain't talking about shit, where's my headphones. 第一类是不谈论狗屎,这里是我的耳机。


Don't want to hear it, I can't hear you, where's my headphones [4x] 不想听的话,我听不见你,这里是我的耳机[ 4倍]


Push your head in the rain, jumpin top in the sun, at the bottom of the barrel, 把你的头在下雨,冒险顶在阳光下,在桶的底部,

but I know I'm the one, put down my kingdom they come, yes king david is here, 但我知道我是一个,放下我的王国,他们来了,是大卫王就在这里,

after knocking down goliath, there is no one I fear. 击倒歌利亚之后,没有一个我害怕。


Lord have mercy on me, pa put this cursing on me, 求主怜悯我, PA把这个骂我,

I know it's crazy but I forgive my worse enemy, 我知道这很疯狂,但我原谅我糟糕的敌人,

for him not know who I be, 他不知道我是谁,

so him not know what he do, 所以他不知道他做什么,

and when you stand at his casket 当你站在他的灵柩

know it that could be you, meet ya. 知道这可能是你,遇到你。

keep our lips counseled the problem we do, 让我们的嘴唇劝告我们做的问题,

truth is won't matter is if we get caught we through, 事实是并不重要的是,如果我们获得通过抓我们,

something like Adam and Eve just don't eat the fruit, 像亚当和夏娃就是不爱吃水果,

ain't no age limit in this we recruit, come on. 是不是没有年龄限制,在此我们招聘,来吧。


Single five line walking through this mind field, 单5线通过这个主意场走,

all these soulja's lamp out there life, but my real. 所有这些SOULJA的灯泡在那里的生活,但我真正的。

Still in coach class tryna get my ass home, 还是在教练班tryna得到我的屁股回家,

first class ain't talking about shit, 第一类是不是在谈论狗屎,

where's my mother fuckin headphones. 这里是我的母亲他妈的耳机。


Don't want to hear it, I can't hear you, where's my headphones [4x] 不想听的话,我听不见你,这里是我的耳机[ 4倍]

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