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Executioner's Dream



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[movie sample] [电影样品]

"Inifinite...no you don't fuck around with the inifinite “ Inifinite ......不,你不他妈的左右的inifinite

There's no way you do that... 有没有办法,你这样做......

A painted hill has two sides, the kind you can touch with your hand 所画出的山都有两面,你可以用你的手触摸的那种

The kind you can feel in your heart 那种你可以感觉到你的心脏

Your soul, the spiritual side; 你的灵魂,精神的一面;

And you know, the worst of the two...is the spiritual" 你知道,最坏的两个......是精神“


[Jus Allah] [只求真主]

I'm leaf-twistin, but still kill your whole belief system 我是叶twistin ,但还是杀了你的整个信仰体系

I speak wisdom, translated to street diction 我讲的智慧,转化为街头用语

A past victim of the government for grapple 政府的过去受害者的格斗

Now I slash you, I'm the slave wit snapped shackles 现在我斜线你,我从机智抢购束缚

After cash rules, a-alikes move wit me 现金的规则后,相似者移动机智我

We murdered the fakes involved in the three-sixty 我们谋杀参与三60假货

Eighty-five face the truth, you're too dumb 八十五面的真相,你太愚蠢

You burn and failed attempts reachin the sun 你烧和失败的尝试要触摸的太阳

I grab you and squeeze until your pores bleed 我抓住你,挤,直到你的毛孔出血

Manipulate the earth that you formerly believed 操纵你以前认为地球

Even after you're buried underneath the soil 你埋在泥土之下,即使

Send a message to hell, nobody grieve for you 发送邮件到地狱,没有人烦你

Your physical mass is converted into ash 你的身体质量被变换成灰烬

Allah's wrath is engraphed on your epitab 安拉的愤怒是engraphed您epitab

Spend eternity wit the underground forces 度过永恒机智的地下势力

Your screams echo in deaf ears of the remorseless 你的尖叫声回响在无情的聋子的耳朵


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]

"You don't even wanna test" “你甚至不想要测试”

"Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" “嗯,嗯,哦,你想杀死更多的,上帝保佑”


[Ikon] [怡康]

The raw mangler, seven angles of Angular 原料压榨机,七角角

Strangle the pagans who stayed in the pages of Diameter 掐死谁留在直径的网页异教徒

Rhyme shatterer, with nine rhymes I'm hackin you 韵震裂,九韵我hackin你

The author will scorch ya with the torture of Josef Mengele 笔者将烧焦雅与约瑟夫·门格勒的折磨

Sended you to the squared circle to meet me Sended您平方圈来接我

To beat me won't be easy, you'll face thesis of Meche 打我也不是那么容易,你要面对阡昱山的论文

Blood'll apease me, raps are prehistorical Bloodll apease我,斥责是史前

Cerebral of cathedral that leads you into the oracle 大教堂脑,导致你到Oracle

I'm horrible, I burn wit no time to react 我是太可怕了,我烧机智没有时间作出反应

Rewind DAT's so fine I pull spines out the back 倒带DAT的那么好我拉刺了回来

In time I crack minds that's what the brain desire 随着时间的推移我打击的头脑,这就是大脑的愿望

Messiah pulls as Mariah into the rain of fire 弥赛亚拉的玛丽亚在火雨

Barb wire around pagans that read the Bible 围绕阅读圣经异教徒倒钩线

Genocidal and liable to just cleave your spinal 种族灭绝和责任只是切割你的脊椎

Final hours, the forbidden fruit they fond as Iris 最后几个小时,禁果,他们喜欢为鸢尾

Study rappers, bringin wackness like Abolo scholars 研究说唱歌手, bringin wackness像Abolo学者

First in line to try to battle me, I left him limbless 第一次在网上尝试我战斗,我离开了他截肢

Tragic rappers just a fallacy, I left em skinless 悲惨的说唱歌手只是一个谬论,我离开了EM去皮

Beginners, keep your distance because we might be vicious 初学者来说,保持一定的距离,因为我们可能是恶性的

You can find me wit Louis Logic drinkin pints of Guiness 你可以找到我的智慧吉尼斯路易逻辑边喝边品脱


"You don't even wanna test" “你甚至不想要测试”

"Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" “嗯,嗯,哦,你想杀死更多的,上帝保佑”


[J-Treds] [D - Treds ]

Aiyyo when I rhyme Aiyyo当我韵

Fortunatley I possess a Jedi Mind Fortunatley我拥有绝地心灵

So the force is with me (When I rhyme) 因此,力与我(当我韵)

Son it makes me spit a fresh one 儿子这让我吐了一具尸体

So when Treds is done, even a athiest will say I blessed him 所以,当Treds完成,即使是无神论者会说我为他祝福

And when my jam bang, better cop that 而当我的果酱一声,好警察的

Fuck all these players who can't hang, get a jockstrap 他妈的这些球员谁也不能挂,获得护裆

Cuz we drop bombs, better be scared cuz我们扔炸弹,好害怕

Cuz it's either hop on or be prepared for us to lock horns 因为真的是既跳或准备为我们锁定角

We engage, when the pen sprays we wage war 我们搞的,当笔喷雾剂我们发动战争

And then you know what they say, when it rains it pours 然后,你知道他们说什么,当鸣则已一鸣惊人

So face us, cuz you can't change the laws of nature 所以面对我们,因为你不能改变自然规律

We independent, it's competition callin us major 我们的独立,这是呼唤我们的主要竞争

We major threats who deliver, so place your bets 我们谁带来重大威胁,因此把你的赌注

We'll bring it minus the Moet, Rollies, and Avirex 我们把它减去酩, Rollies和AVIREX

We just spit shit too amazing, just shit 我们只是吐屎太不可思议了,就像狗屎

That when you face it you'll see it's a must-win situation 当你面对它,你会看到这是一个必须要赢局面

Ain't no second chance (anyway), not next to the champs 是不是没有第二次机会(无论如何) ,而不是旁边的香榭丽舍大街

Because it's our freestyle that's gettin grants from the NEA 因为这是我们的自由泳这是从国家能源局刚开补助

We well in doubt versus these rappers we tell about 我们也怀疑与这些说唱我们谈谈

(Cuz us and them) Difference between takin a L and a bow 羚牛L和弓之间(的Cuz我们和他们)差


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]

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