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Call Me


歌词相关歌手:TOO $HORT

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Kim:] Hello? [金: ]你好?

[Short:] It's Too Short baby wassup [简称: ]这是太短的宝宝日wassup

[Kim:] hhmmm mmmm, you tell me [金: ] hhmmm MMMM ,你告诉我

[Short:] Shit, i'm comin out that way tonight, i'm tryin ta get with you [简称: ]妈的,我马上就要出今晚这样,我试着让TA与你

[Kim:] Oh, really? [金: ]哦,真的吗?

[Short:] Wassup, yeah [简称: ]日wassup ,是

[Kim:] You know i waited a long time for this [金: ]你知道我等了这么久的时间

[Short:] Well look, as soon as i get there i'ma call you aight? [简称: ]唉,当我到那里我会叫你aight ?

[Kim:] Bring me what i need? [金: ]给我什么,我需要什么?

[Short:] yeah (call me, just call me) [简称: ]是啊(打电话给我,叫我)


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

when you need some one to talk to, someone to fuck you (call me) 当你需要有人倾诉,有人去你妈的(叫我)

satisfaction guaranteed, (just call me) i'll give you what you need (X2) 满意度保证, (叫我),我给你你所需要的( X2)


[Short:] [简称: ]

My plane touches down at eleven forty-five 我的飞机着陆时一一四五年

I'm comin thru, want you bout to show you why 我马上就要通,让你的回合告诉你为什么

i got the game from the pimps and players 我从皮条客和玩家的游戏

you goin feel me, baby when i get there 你布莱恩觉得我,宝贝,当我到达那里

I'm a give you what you want so i could get what i need 我是一个给你你想要的东西,所以我可以得到我所需要的

we could get hella freaky while we smoke some weed 我们可以得到海拉怪异而我们抽了一些杂草

We don't need champagne, fuck the gin and juice 我们不需要香槟,他妈的杜松子酒和果汁

these nigga's know what Short Dawg and Lil' Kim can do 这些黑人的知道什么短耶和莉儿金可以做

imagination is a understatement 想象力是一个轻描淡写

anything you can think of we could make it 任何你能想到的,我们可以把它

big money hit records 大资金的命中纪录

watch us get reckless 看我们得鲁莽

we butt-naked, we never sexless 我们对接裸体,我们从来没有性冷淡

And when i get there, you know it's time to fuck 当我到达那里,你知道它的时间他妈的

cuz all night long ain't long enough ta come up 所有的Cuz整夜不够长TA上来

it's just us 它只是我们

ya wanna know sumthin it's a big dick tight pussy thang 雅想知道sumthin这是一个大家伙紧张的猫胜

make us both cum 让我们俩暨


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Kim:] [金: ]

Everybody know the Queen gettin down and dirty 大家都知道,女王刚开降浊

drive you crazy like a 730 你发疯像730

it ain't a secret 它不是一个秘密

rumors they could keep it 传言他们可以保持

You know there's only one ghetto Queen with a guillotine 你知道,只有一个贫民窟皇后用断头台

real bitch that carry gats by the spleen 携带服务贸易总协定的脾实质婊子

Na mean? 娜是什么意思?

Some bitch is on the other line, answer that 有些母狗是在其他线路,回答这个问题

if it's a booty call cancel that 如果它是一个性邀请取消

you want pure satisfaction i'ma handle that 你想纯粹的满意我是搞定

all i need is a candle and the porno channel 所有我需要的是一支蜡烛和色情频道

lubricate the top, now i'm startin to sweat 润滑前,现在我要重新开始出汗

peel my Gucci sheets back so they don't get wet 剥我的Gucci表背,使他们不被淋湿

now check it 现在,检查一下

Adjust ya phone volume Lil' Kim is shore ta bring the nuts out ya 雅调节手机音量莉儿金是岸TA把螺母从雅

imagine me suckin blood out ya 我不敢想象自己的血来吸出雅

like a hickey, i love the phone quickie 就像一个吻痕,我爱手机匆匆

i slip myself a mickey, now thats the proper set off 我套上自己是一个米奇,现在这就是正确的衬托

You could reach out and touch ME MCI style 你可以伸手摸我的MCI风格

Kim and Short fuckin Cali bed sty style Kim和短他妈的卡利床式猪圈

Tell me what you want, i'll tell you what i need 告诉我你想要什么,我会告诉你我需要什么

You could fuck me til i bleed 你可以操我,直到我流血

Oh Short i'm bout ta OG 哦,短我就要TA OG

(and i like it) (我喜欢)


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[Short:] You say it's cool ta fuck baby jes open up [简称: ]你说这是很酷的TA他妈的宝贝JES开放

[Kim:] Well since you showed up what's the hold up? [金: ]嗯,因为你出现了什么托起?

[Short:] The blunts ain't rolled up, [简称: ]的钝器不卷起,

let's mix sex with the weed smell 让我们混在杂草性气味

[Kim:] then ride me nigga like you do them V-12's [金: ],然后骑我的兄弟们像你一样做他们的V- 12的

I'll be yo SLK and you can drop my top 我会哟SLK ,你可以将我顶

[Short:] And i'll be all up in the cock from midnight to six o'clock [简称: ] ,我会全部在午夜公鸡六时

The way you suck dick you off the heez-ay 你的方式吸家伙,你离heez ,唉

[Kim:] Get off yer kneez-ay, they say you are what you eat baby [金: ]下车揭掉kneez ,唉,他们说你是你吃什么宝宝

[Short:] This ain't no 69 it's more like a 138, everytime we have sex it's [简称: ]这是不是没有69这更像是138 ,每次我们做爱它

like watchin dirty tapes, yer my personal, private porno star 就像在看着脏的磁带,揭掉我个人的,私人的色情明星

ya wanna see us fuck buy the tape at the corner store 雅想看到我们他妈的买磁带,在街角的商店

Queen Bee gettin stung by Too Sheezee 女王蜂螫开始报以太多Sheezee

I'm smokin indo, buzzin with the breezee 我吸印,与breezee buzzin

I'll teach you all about the nigga's from the O-A-K 我会教你所有关于黑人的从Oak

we take the money and the pussy cuz we sho' don't play 我们拿钱和猫cuz我们翔不玩

(And i like it) (我喜欢)


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[Laughing] [笑]

[Kim:] HhmmmM [金: ] HhmmmM

[Short:] And I'm lovin it [简称: ]我就喜欢它

[Kim:]HOw much? [金: ]有多少?

[Short:] How much? [简称: ]多少钱?

[Kim:] yeah [金: ]是的

[Short:] It's like this every time [简称: ]是这样的,每次

[Kim:] I know your good [金]我知道你的好


[Short:]my dick...in your.... [简称: ]我的家伙...你....

[Kim:] is that what you wanna talk about [金: ]是什么,你想讲

[Short:] some of this gonna make it on to the record [简称: ]一些这方面的会使其上记录

[Kim:] talk to me [金: ]跟我说话

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