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Ooh you know we pepper you 哦,你知道我们花椒你

With a sonic assault side step a you I cannotthink of a better way 用声波攻击方步骤你,我cannotthink更好的办法

That we could celebrate freedom 我们可以庆祝自由

Than make up a set ofgoals and cold beat 'em 不是做了一套ofgoals和冷打败他们

See dumb verbal tags like audio spaghetti 看到这样的音频面条哑巴口语标签

Give a shoutto the one they call 给予shoutto一个他们称之为

Yeti I bet he put the cabash on any foes whatsoever 雪人我敢打赌,他把cabash上的任何敌人的任何

Likeoriginal brodel Trevor Likeoriginal brodel特雷弗

Positive vibe merchant grandson of Lord Buckley 主巴克利正盛传商人的孙子

Scottish Ralston shows up if you're lucky 苏格兰罗尔斯顿显示出来,如果你是幸运的

Ad Raspler the sweed a friend in deed 广告Raspler的sweed在行动上的朋友

He'skeeping an eye on the other guy's greed Heskeeping上其他人的贪婪的眼睛

These are 311 characters I dubbedeveryone 这些都是311的字符。我dubbedeveryone

The story ain't over but my rhyme is done 这个故事还没有结束,但我的韵做

It was the year that I firsttouched ground 这是我firsttouched地上一年

So I grabbed the microphone and I got down 所以,我抢过话筒,我得到了下来

Just like James Browngather round of our sight and sound 就像詹姆斯Browngather圆了我们的视线和声音

Pound for pound we throw down ratherprofound 一斤一斤我们扔下ratherprofound

I'll put you in another world I can't hear you 我把你在另一个世界,我不能听你的

Like having phone sexwith a deaf girl 就像手机sexwith聋的女孩

No doubt we got the jams that'll smack ya I penned three booksof lyrics 毫无疑问,我们得到的会嫌雅卡纸í写下3 booksof歌词

2 for action 1 for backup 2动作1的备份

'Cuz I'm a cold rockin' brother gottransistor tunes “因为我是一个寒冷的摇滚兄弟gottransistor曲调

And it feels real good to get close to you 而且感觉真正的好亲近你

The brodels is thenazz and the nazz knows where it's at 该brodels是thenazz和nazz知道它是在

The brodels is the nazz who knows a catwho can feed a cat 该brodels是谁知道catwho可以养活一只猫的nazz

The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter 我们的目标是成为一个诗人,一个木匠

To be one who lovesto be one who works 是一个谁lovesto是一个谁的作品

The nazz not something that can be given 该nazz不是可以给出

The brodel isinside you it comes from within isinside你brodel它来自内部

When I feel into the sea 当我觉得入海

When the world came andkissed me 当世界来到andkissed我

Transformed my shit told the shark I was a dolphin 改变了我妈告诉鲨鱼我是海豚

Swam quick funnythough 游快速funnythough

Pirranahs chilled and laughed at Pirranahs冷冻和嘲笑

The way that I took off my polka dots ontop of that 我脱下我的波尔卡圆点ONTOP的的方式

The whales know I'm quick watch out 鲸鱼知道我的手表快了

And I get funky fresh as for thefishes 而我得到的质朴清新的thefishes

I'm lit luminous I'm not nouveau techno I glow like a glacial 我点亮发光,我不是暴发户的techno í焕发像冰

In skinthat swims faster than speed I am I be dropped out of nothing 在skinthat游比速度更快的I我是被丢弃无中生有

I will return tonothing 我将回到tonothing

Rotate my style my rhyme my way magician of a rhythm 旋转我的风格我的韵节奏我的方式魔术师

Lover of animalsdamn I wanna hear 'em animalsdamn的情人我想听到他们

Aquatic my way I got soul shape 水生我的方式我有灵魂的形状

Well I'm 6 foot 3 andlike Mohammed Ali I float like a butterfly 嗯,我6尺3 andlike穆罕默德阿里我飘飘荡荡像蝴蝶

but sting like poison ivy 但像刺毒藤

Drive a 69lincoln suicide doors 驾驶69lincoln自杀门

Around the town I'm slinking fat subs of course 在城里,我潜行,当然脂肪潜艇

We're thegreatest show on earth 我们在地球上thegreatest秀

You know we turn it out daily 你知道我们把它每天都会

In and out of town like Barnum and Bailey I know that is a simile 在和出城一样巴纳姆和贝利,我知道这是一个比喻

but I couldn't resist 但我无法抗拒

From Solomon Roadie for the PJ's I don't think he'll be pissed I eat a cobb salad, 从所罗门Roadie投影机的PJ的,我不认为他会生气我吃了科布色拉,

smokedfish, duck, or clam chowder smokedfish ,鸭,或蛤蜊浓汤

Chill with indica and 冰寒与籼稻和

Guinness Steer clear of whitepowder I run into my brother give him a pound 吉尼斯避开whitepowder我跑到我的哥哥给他一斤

and a yodel 和约德尔

They know my word isbond talkin' bout the brodels 他们知道我的话isbond说话回合的brodels

The brodels is the nazz and the nazz knows whereit's at 该brodels是nazz和nazz知道whereit是在

The brodels is the nazz who knows a cat who can feed a cat 该brodels用谁知道猫谁可以养活一只猫的nazz

The goal isto be a poet and a carpenter 我们的目标ISTO是一个诗人,一个木匠

To be one who loves to be one who works 是一个谁爱是一个谁的作品

The nazznot something that can be given 该nazznot的东西,可以给

The brodel is inside you it comes from within 该brodel里面你它来自内部

And we're fresh dude just check my man P 我们很新鲜的纨绔子弟只是检查我的人P

He said I will not muddle my mind withimpertinency 他说,我不会糊里糊涂我的脑海withimpertinency

Lost a lot in Vegas plays a lot of Sega 失去了很多在拉斯维加斯玩了很多世嘉

Saw a phrase that he likesand put it on his leg 看到一个短语,他likesand把它放在他的腿

And we're fresh dude just check my man D he said 我们很新鲜的纨绔子弟只是检查我的男人ð他说

Comin'in ruff and tuff all systems are tweakin' Cominin围脖和凝灰岩所有系统都tweakin

People all over the world they must bethinkin' 人遍布世界各地,他们必须bethinkin “

All the shit that we kickin' our shoes must be stinkin' 所有的狗屁,我们在唱歌我们的鞋子一定是讨厌的

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