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[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar] [诗歌1 :肯德里克 - 拉马尔]

Talk about it, make 'em talk about 谈论它,让时间谈

Life to me is currency, prosperity, I got it 生活对我来说是货币,繁荣,我得到了它

And your life to me is lifeless, like its livin' on life support 和你的生活对我来说是没有生命的,就像它的生命支持活着

I license everything in my wallet, lightest boy with the biggest heart í许可一切都在我的钱包,最轻的男孩,最大的心脏

Nigga play your part or parallel park your ego, next to me and violence 兄弟们发挥自己的作用,或平行泊车你的自我,我旁边和暴力

Next to me is definitely no one, I'm one of one 我旁边的是绝对没有人,我是一个人一个人

And I musta won that from anybody who had it, or better yet forgot it 我一定是和赢,从任何人谁了吧,或者更好忘了

Mack in the back of a 'Lac, with a mac in the back of the 'Lac 麦克在一个背紫胶,与Mac在后面紫胶

With a latch on the back of the trunk 同于躯干的背面的闩锁

Hit a punk in the back with a pump, in the back, 'till he's off balance 打在后面用泵,在后面朋克“,直到他失去平衡

And I'm back in the front of the front of the future when you are mentioning talent 而我回到未来的车头前方,当你提的天赋

And I'm in the back in the back of the block with a cop, wanna cop anybody's allowance 而我在后面的块的后面有一个警察,警察想任何人的免税额

Iraq on the block, he watch for the block or whatever 伊拉克块上,他看到了块或任何

And cut, no cut, more guns, more guts, fuck boy, you fucked up twice, you fuck, consider you drownin' 切,不切,更多的枪,更多的勇气,他妈的孩子,你搞砸了两次,你他妈的,考虑你drownin “

Die in a lake with a date with a catfish, back flip head first smilin' 死在湖的日期与鲶鱼,后空翻头先微笑

C-cry in the face of Jesus, we just pray we keep on stylin' C-哭耶稣的面前,我们只是祈祷,我们继续斯蒂林“

On you bitches, TDE, YMCMB business, bitch 你骂, TDE , YMCMB业务,婊子


[Verse 2: Ace Hood] [诗2:王牌胡德]

Okay nigga riding in a May-be, and I'm probably with baby 好吧兄弟们骑在五月可以了,我可能带婴儿

Dont talk nigga fuck you pay me, intercept your bitch like Bailey 不谈论黑鬼你他妈的给我,拦截你的母狗喜欢贝利

Okay big money on this side, 100 grand for the whip my bitch drive 好了大钱在这方面, 100盛大的鞭我的母狗驱动器

Need a new save money getting too high, dead presidents all in my Levis 需要一个新的省钱变得太高,总统死在我的李维斯

Boy I swear this nigga be swagging, and I'm living lavish 男孩,我发誓,这个黑人是swagging ,和我住奢华

Might cop me an Aston, Martin on 'em 警察可能我的阿斯顿·马丁的时间

Anything I drive I own 'em, bad bitch and that ass ain't normal 什么是我开我自己的时间,坏的母狗和屁股是不正常的

Gotta put that pound game on her, beat it up she deep in a coma 我得把那一斤的游戏在她身上,昏迷深打起来,她

I'm super paid, 2 shows a day 我超付, 2显示了一天

My rollie gold, no time to waste 我的罗利金,没有时间可以浪费

What it do Berg, my fuckin' brother 是什么做的冰山,我他妈的兄弟

Keep that pistol by me like my lovely momma 保持这种手枪由我喜欢我可爱的妈妈

Hot as the summer, cold as the winter 炎热的夏天,寒冷的冬天

Stay on them charts, I heard that they plotting my timber 留在他们的图表,我听说他们密谋我材

Young nigga, got a lot of flows 年轻的黑人,得到了很多流量

Any nigga don't believe me, I make it look easy easy out of control 任黑人不相信我,我使它看起来轻松容易失控


[Verse 3: Birdman] [第3节:鸟人]

Box full of choppers, hand on the trigger 盒充分的菜刀,手在扳机

Uptown gangsta, get it how we get it 住宅区匪帮,得到它如何得到它

Third Ward soldier, suicide rider 第三区的士兵,自杀骑手

Militant minded, hundred mill on the counter 好战的态度,百柜台上的磨

Hand pearly rug nigga, flame on the Bugatti 手工珍珠地毯黑人,火焰在布加迪

Christian Louboutin, Chanel for my models Christian Louboutin的,香奈儿为我的模型

Higher than Bugatti nigga, fishing on the fish scales 超过布加迪黑人,捕鱼的鱼鳞高

Nose diving for them hundreds, strapped up making mail 鼻子潜水他们几百人,绑起来让邮件

Fr-fresher than I been before FR-新鲜,比我以前去过

Higher than we even been, shining on them 24's 比我们更被,照耀在他们身上24的高

Junior doing time ho 大三时做何

On the grind ho, while he doing time ho 在磨浩,而他这样做时,何


[Interlude: Mack Maine] [插曲:麦克缅因州]

Ya know! 你知道!

The time is money and money still was made baby 时间还写了婴儿的钱和钱

Eight months ain't stop nothing nigga 八个月没有停止任何黑鬼

It's like jail was third base and my lil' nigga still came home, ya understand 这就像坐牢是三垒和我的律黑鬼还是回家,雅明白


[Verse 4: Mack Maine] [第4节:麦克缅因州]

I'm from the hood where bitches hold coke in they baby diapers 我从引擎盖母狗在哪里,他们在婴儿尿布持有焦炭是

That's why when the babies grow up damn they be like us 这就是为什么当婴儿长大该死的,他们是和我们一样

I came a long ways from rhyming up in crazy cyphers 我来很长的方式,从韵律在疯狂cyphers

Man I'm so happy my lil' brother came home from Rikers 男人,我很高兴我的律哥哥放学回家赖克斯

Shout out to BP, Thugga, Flow and Fail Boy 喊出血压, Thugga ,流量和失败的男孩

My flow Lucifer, I spit hell boy 我的流程路西法,我吐地狱男孩

My heart numb, ain't no pain I can't withstand 我的心脏麻木了,是不是没有痛苦,我无法承受

And I hold my niggas down boy like a kickstand 而且我认为我的黑鬼下来的孩子像一个支架

Get off my nuts, stop acting like a bitch fam 下车后我的坚果,不要像个泼妇FAM

Lil' nigga finish puberty, grow ya own dick damn 律黑鬼完成青春期,生长雅自己的家伙该死

I went from watching time fly on Earl and Red porch 我是从看时间,伯爵和红色门廊去飞

To cruising through the streets of Miami in a red Porsche 通过迈阿密街头的红色保时捷巡航

Me and Stunna fly, we should join the Air Force 我和Stunna飞,我们应该加入空军

Stand up niggas, the fuck you brought them chairs for? 站起来黑鬼,你给他们带来了椅子他妈的?

I went from making money from people with crack habits 我是从赚钱的人,裂纹习惯去

To thanking God I'm in a whole 'nother tax bracket 要感谢上帝,我在整个诺特尔税率

Amen 阿门

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