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颜色变深 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
darken  ·  darkened  ·  darkens

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Just the time of pregnancy should not be any breast changes to two or three months, there have grown up feeling and areola large, become darker in color.


Natural colors will darken over time. This does not alter the potency of the product.


And it has not become darker in color signs.


The test results showed that under low ambient temperature and aphotic storage conditions jet fuel exhibited good color stability.Oxidation reactions,such as photo-catalyzed oxidation and radical oxidation,were the main reaction mechanism of color degradation,and copper played an important role in catalyzing the oxidation reactions.Under static thermal stability testing condi...


The benezoxazolocoumarin dyes substituted with methyl or chlorine on 5'-position showed bathochromic shift of the maximum absorption and fluorescence emission.


The introduction combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine below the experience of enteritis of noxiousness of fine ailment of remedial Tibet mastiff, in order to offer reference. 1 hair sick condition and clinical expression ill dog are 2~4 month more age young dog, majority is come on suddenly, anorexia or abandon absolutely, mental depressed, systemic symptom worsens quickly, produce acuteness sex vomiting and diarrhoea, puke is first feed rotten, afterwards is yellow or olive bubble mucus and hematic type thing, have diarrhoea dung has the sticky stiff thing of grey yellow, turn after for rare dung of effluvial shape of embedded mucous membrane, then shows hematic dysentery, because ill dog is acuteness vomiting and diarrhoea are rapid dehydration, eyeball cave in, temperature is shown two-way and calorific,℃ of the 40~41 at the beginning of disease, 1~2d falls it is normal to come, after 3~4d answer elevatory, die very quickly next, 4~5d of course of diseases, the temperature when on one's deathbed drops more to normal temperature the following. Bottom of stomach of dog of die in one's bed of 2 analyse check has haemorrhage sex inflammation, show cardinal, small intestine mucous membrane falls off, alvine wall attenuates, there is gules mucus inside, mix inside large intestine have show wine blood excrement and urine, there are a lot of haemorrhage places on mucous membrane, haemorrhage of rectum mucous membrane is more, mesentery lymph node enlargement, sometimes afterwards sends intussusception, alvine tangent plane bleeds, cardiac muscle is loose, color becomes weak, cystic plentiful, liver is qualitative fragile and brittle. 3 diagnose 3.1 epidemiology to diagnose this ill much hair at young dog, rather dog of epidemic disease have an inoculation feels the most easily, be affected directly or affect secondhand, basically pass enteron infection, this disease all can happen all the year round, but with cold...


The results as fallows:(1) The color became dark with the increase of NaOH~* concentration, Cu~(2+) concentration and loadage, it became light with the increase of silver content, NH_3·H_2O concentration, Ag~+ complexing reagent A concentration, Cu/Ag ration and granularity, and it firstly became light and then became dark with the increase of NaOH concentration.


The experimental results show that the acidities and the nounal pentane insolubles of the died fuels increase rapidly and the colors darken gradually with the increasing of oxygen quantities absorbed by the died fuels.


First of all, Rose petals will be cleaned and then Shaguo inside into about 500 milliliters of water, in order to make broth Gengnong, better, we first half of the Rose petals filled Shaguo, mixing the slightly, Yong Xiaohuo Slowly Aozhu;About ten minutes time, open the lid, you will find that this time the broth a deep color change, and rose petals into the color of pale yellow, and this time we will be able to pan the petals fishing Out; and then the remaining half of the rose petals Add to that Shaguo continue Aozhu; pot after opening, according to personal tastes by adding appropriate Bingtang, covered with lid, or Yong Xiaohuo cook, the only need about five minutes Will be all the time, the pan to remove the petals, you can fire the Commissioner; Sheng-Xiaowan the broth, adding sugar osmanthus stirring uniform, it is as sweet side of roses on the well-exposed.


The color of their fur changes from lighter in the winter to a more reddish-yellow in the summer.


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此阶段又称 Hard Ball Stage(硬球状态),需要到达此阶段糖浆的如杏仁膏(Marzipan)或糖冻(Fondant). 糖浆颜色很快转深,开始进入焦糖(Caramel)状态,如果煮得太久,颜色变得较深黑,并带有苦味. 面包面粉 (bread flour)在指间搓揉,

black pepper:胡椒粉

表面也明显看出来颜色变深,也干了一层.这算是一般的了,很多专业扒房有专门的冷库做dry aging.一般从7-14天不等,最长的可达四个月.如果想简单,就只需要抹现磨黑胡椒粉(black pepper),粗盐(kosher salt)和植物油(警告 oil)这是切到最中间部位的,


(31)黄变;泛黄(yellowing)该膜在老化过程中出现的颜色变黄倾向. (32)变深(Darkening)色漆漆膜的颜色因受气候环境的影响晰逐渐变深、变暗(黑)的现象. 主要由于该基颜色固受紫外线辐射而变黄、变深.以及含铅颜料与大气中存在的硫蒸气或硫化氢气体发生化学反应生成黑色硫化铅而造成的.


(31)黄变;泛黄(yellowing)该膜在老化过程中出现的颜色变黄倾向. (32)变深(Darkening)色漆漆膜的颜色因受气候环境的影响晰逐渐变深、变暗(黑)的现象. 主要由于该基颜色固受紫外线辐射而变黄、变深.以及含铅颜料与大气中存在的硫蒸气或硫化氢气体发生化学反应生成黑色硫化铅而造成的.