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整体的 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
holistic  ·  integral  ·  monolithic  ·  unitary  ·  monobloc  ·  unsplit  ·  generalised  ·  wholistic

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The basicflows are computed by a low-dimensional Galerkin method.The results confirm thattwo times global mode switching occur with increasing Re up to which the Hopf bifur-cation occurs when the absolutely unstable region cover the whole reversed flow region,and the first explanation of this phenomenon with absolute/convective instability theoryis given.


The skin is the one part of airframe whole, have with whole cannot intersected concerns.


Actually, as a whole classificatory research, it is not deeply discussed and is short of the unitary understanding.


But when an object is so given that its parts, and every quantity of it, can be determinately represented only through limitation, the whole representation cannot be given through concepts, since they contain only partial representations; on the contrary, such concepts must themselves rest on immediate intuition.


It might manifest high blood pressure mainly in clinic, or high blood sugar, or high lipemia,also several forms at the same time.


In order to optimize decisions of the agricultural products supply chain, each member of the agricultural products supply chain not only must carry on the partial optimization to own goal, but also must consider the influence of its decision-making to other members and the whole of the agricultural products supply chain, and coordinates with other members, then achieves the overall optimized goal.


On the other hand,there are the topological defect solutions in the SSB relativistic field theories.


According to this thesis, parts are essential to their wholes, in which case the whole cannot change its parts.


However, marginal product of labor for apple pickers will be lower because of higher equilibrium employment.


Essentially they are responsible for (为……负责;形成……的原因) the look of the movie. Working in collaboration with the director, the D.O.


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they give the fantasy a believability that it wouldn't otherwise have:让整体的可信度大幅提高

63. 然而我们努力将故事与现实面结合But if ... | 64. 让整体的可信度大幅提高they give the fantasy a believability that it wouldn't otherwise have. | 65.看似不可能的剧情也变得合理 And if you can get people...



A lead when viewed in its entirety:一种视其为一个整体的控制能力

And don't forget that this is the secret to master the lead|别忘了这是控制这一技术的诀... | - A lead when viewed in its entirety...|一种视其为一个整体的控制能力| | ...looks impossible.|看上去还不太可能...

one and indivisible:不可分割的整体的

Peter is an individualist,I don't think he'll want to go on vacation with the rest of us. 彼特喜欢独来独往,我想他不会想跟我们一... | one and indivisible 不可分割的整体的 | indivisibility 不可分割; 不能除...


女孩子的外表和内在是个整体的(integral)体验. 据寡人的观察贝丝约5尺六吋, 修长的体型. 至於她的曲线, 这就是症结所在, 冬天穿得厚厚的真的看不出来啊. 我觉得穠纤合度吧.之前我说 "她那麼大我竟然没看清楚" 是没错的,

integrant:构成 整体的

integrand 被积函数 | integrant 构成整体的 | integrantobligatorypre-requisiteprerequisite 必须的

integrant:成发;要素;构成 整体的;构成整体所必需的

integrand 被积函数 | integrant 成发;要素;构成 整体的;构成整体所必需的 | integraph 积分仪


paroli 说话,演讲,交谈 | parto (整体的)一部分 | partio 党,政党


不健全,不安全,不可靠的 unsound | 不可拆卸的,整体的,不可分开的,无裂口的 unsplit | 整体汽缸,整体气缸 unsplit casing

integral coal-loading door:整体的放煤口

2] integral coal-loading door:整体的放煤口 | [3] falling debris:落下的碎石 | [4] hydraulically operated agitator arm:液压控制的搅动臂