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推测 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
conjecture  ·  guess  ·  guestimate  ·  presume  ·  presumption  ·  projection  ·  speculate  ·  speculation  ·  supposal  ·  supposition  ·  surmise  ·  theories  ·  theory  ·  guessing  ·  surmised  ·  conjectured  ·  conjectures  ·  conjecturing  ·  guessed  ·  guesses  ·  presumes  ·  speculated  ·  speculates  ·  speculating  ·  surmises  ·  surmising  ·  suppositions  ·  suss  ·  sussed  ·  susses  ·  sussing  ·  conject.

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In these portion,the article begins the study of tone sandhi from the point view of two-character phrases and three-character phrases,which is also the focus and difficult point as well.On the basis of substantial materials of Dingzhou dialect,the author elaborates its rules and principles of tone sandhi of the general phrases and those with light tones,and reiterative location.the author puts his views as follows: 1.The rules of tone sandhi of two- character phrase are simple and unitive. 2.The complex of the phrase with light tones lies in the combination of the first tone and light tone.In the case,there are two different pronunciations in Dingzhou dialect.The author guesses it is the coexist of ancient pronunciations and common spoken Chinese. 3.The tone sandhi of general three-character phrases on the basis of the rules of that of two- character phrases,using the grammar structure of the three-character phrases as the restricted conduction,which function jointly. 4.The rules of tone sandhi of three- character phrases with light tones are restricted only by that of the two- character phrases with light tones and thus are foreign to grammar structure. 5.The tone sandhi of the words with reiterative location has their own system.


There are always so many presuppositions as to the cause of every event that, however the matter ends, there are always people who will say:"I said at the time that it would be so": quite oblivious of the fact that among the numerous suppositions they made there were others too suggesting just the opposite course of events. The notion that Napoleon was aware of the danger of extending his line, and that the Russians had a scheme for drawing the enemy into the heart of Russia, obviously belong to the same category; and only historians with a great bias can ascribe such reflections to Napoleon and his marshals, or such plans to the Russian generals.


9She was a lively young woman with patience and imagination. A born teacher, she thought she could turn a deaf-blind person into a useful human being.(SBIII L65)Born means (10)The purpose of the fence is to keep out a type of wild dog called a "dingo".


Theres been speculation『推测』 that you were being forced to leave by Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause.


There's been speculation『推测』 that you were being forced to leave by Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause.


There's been speculation 『推测』 that you were being forced to leave by Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause.


Intelligent Transportation System on the core algorithm- the path that the test algorithm, the actual travel path and the path of speculation after the results were compared to assess the path that algorithm accuracy and performance.


For the examination of Multispectral radiation thermometry with first-order linear emissivity model:(1) the best MRT examined wavelength range for unoxidized aluminum alloys is from 3 m to 4 m;(2) unoxidized samples provide better temperature prediction than oxidized samples;(3) if the emissivity model can well represent the real emissivity behaviors, the more accurate inferred temperature can be achieved.

应用多光谱辐射测温法搭配一阶线性放射率模组於温度推测:(1)应用於推测无氧化试件表面温度之波段的选择以3 m到4 m的结果最好;(2)应用於推测无氧化试件表面温度的结果比推测有氧化试件表面温度的结果来的好;(3)当放射率模组越能模拟铝合金表面放射率行为,则所推测温度误差将越小。

Methods by using a broad pH range column(Gemini NX C18,4.6mm×150mm,5μm),basic mobile phase which was[H_2O-ammonia-glacial acetic acid] (96:3.6:0.4)-methanol,the related substances in etimicinsulfate were separated and detected by electrospray ionization and positive ion monitoring,the ESI ion source condition was following: temperature is 350℃,nebulizing pressure is 50 psi,dry gas flow is 10 L /min.some related substances in etimicinsulfate were identified by comparing the retention time in chromatography,~+ spectrum and MS~2 spectrum with reference substances\',the others which haven\'t reference substances were identified or speculated by analyzing their MS~2 fragmentation with the help of a rule summarized from the MS~2 fragmentation of gentamicin C1a,micronomicin and etimicin.Results nineteen related substances in etimicinsulfate were separated and detected.

方法利用宽pH范围的Gemini NX C18(4.6mm×150mm,5μm)色谱柱,在碱性条件下,以[水-氨水-冰醋酸(96:3.6:0.4)]-甲醇(70:30)为流动相,直接分离各组分;并用HPLC-ESI-MS~2检测样品中各组分,质谱条件:ESI离子源,离子源温度350□,雾化室压力50 psi,干燥气流速10 L/min,正离子检测方式;对有对照品的有关物质采用比对有关物质与对照品的色谱保留时间、准分子离子的质荷比及二级质谱方法进行鉴定,无对照品的有关物质,则是先通过解析庆大霉素Cla、小诺霉素、依替米星的二级质谱,对该类化合物的二级质谱裂解规律进行归纳,并以此推测未知新化合物进行结构,再用推测的结构对二级质谱进行解析,如所有的碎片离子均合理解释,表明推测合理。

The results are as following;It is recommended that the stature could be calculated through the male/female span or sitting height or female foot length.The stature could also be estimated through the length of male foot or finger Ⅲ and female finger Ⅱ,ⅢorⅣ.


更多网络解释与推测相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]


conj. 连接词 | conjecturable 可推测的 | conjectural 推测


conj | 连接词, 连词 | conjecturable | 可推测的,可猜想的 | conjectural | 推测的, 好推测

conjecturable:可推测的 (形)

conium 毒人参属植物 (名) | conjecturable 可推测的 (形) | conjectural 推测的 (形)


conjecturable 可推测的 | conjectural 推测的 | conjecture 推测


conjecturable | 可推测的,可猜想的 | conjectural | 推测的, 好推测的 | conjoin | (使)结合, (使)连结, (使)联合

conjectural:推测的 (形)

conjecturable 可推测的 (形) | conjectural 推测的 (形) | conjecture 推测, 猜测; 占卜; 推测的结果 (名)

conjectural variation:推测变化,猜测度差

conjectural behavior 推测行为 | conjectural variation 推测变化,猜测度差 | conjecture 猜测,推测


abject 卑劣,卑屈,可耻的 | conjecture 推测,猜想,推测,猜想 | deject 使沮丧

speculate vi.1:推测,推断 2.投机,做投机买卖 vt.推测,推断

spectrum n.1.谱,光谱,频谱 2.范围,幅度,系列 | speculate vi.1.推测,推断 2.投机,做投机买卖 vt.推测,推断 | espionage n. 间谍

will be:表示推测,主要用于第二、三人称,是对目前情况的推测

must do sth. / must be doing sth. 表示现在或将来一定在做什么. | will be 表示推测,主要用于第二、三人称,是对目前情况的推测. | II. 句型复习:表示时间的短语(2)