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The system can provide to the wages provides each detailed project the data edition, the automatic computation wages provides each item to equal the data and the generation of buckle project data; But independently establishes the condition thus to achieve to the wages data multi- angles inquiry function; The convenience inducts, derives the data and the output report form; The financial personnel registers by the manager status, may register the personnel to this system to carry on the management; But the teacher took when the common user registers this system, the data edition procedure, the data induct the procedure and the increase user, the deletion user program automatic shut-off, thus controls this system the wages data edition, the data inducts and the user increases, deletes the function only to be able to operate by the financial department personnel.


But In the case of a change peculiar to a particular industry one would expect the chancre in real wages to be in the same direction as the change in money-wages.


The construction enterprises of all completed construction projects to be itemized and in the investigation of the existence of peasant workers wages owed projects to be closed immediately; At the same time we must establish internal labor workers in the enterprise dedicated reserve system as contingency funds, devoted to the settlement of arrears of wages and the workers have unexpected events.


Nominal wages are accurate to reflect the actual level of wages , as nominal wages unchanged, real wages can ...


Departments directly under the Joint formulated and issued the "Regulations on the construction industry to properly resolve outstanding issues of foreign labor wages," which defaults to the project due to a result of foreign labor wages in arrears of construction units, as well as the default for no reason, deliberately underpay migrant workers wages of construction enterprises have established severe penalties.


Where an employer rescinds a labor contract according to Article 6, Article 8 or Article 9 of the present Measures, if the worker's average monthly wages are lower than the enterprise's average monthly wages, the economic compensations shall be paid at the rate of the enterprise's average monthly wages.


Dealing with wage movements: positive steps, including normal Jin stalls, job changes, annual examination, the level of change, and so on. information functions: information, including personal enquiries, for payment of wages, wages for the Fund, the wage statistics for positioning and navigation parts. approving statements: approval statements that print out various wage movements approval form, roster and other related statements, including statements of changes in wages, the approval rating table, demobilized cadres approval sheet, changes in allowances that for approval, etc. system maintenance: maintenance of the system some basic settings, including the following: Password settings, initial setup, wage setting, database maintenance, repair databases, data exchange.


The wages management also carried out similar inspectional function. According to the contract contents and on duty instance, it can set the wages monthly for employees. Including the detail information about employee's base wage, various subsidies, bonus, income tax, the money which should be deduct, the deservered wages, the actual deservered money and so on.


The wages and benefits aspect is developing now to the good aspect, we just came to send two month-long wages more than 4000, this was only on the wages strip does not add the food allowance and the bonus, the food allowance 228 Yuan, the bonus looks at the benefit not surely every month.


Fourth article payment for labor each month of end of the month provides the previous month the wages, the wages provide form for the cash direct provide, second party's wages uses by the piece time-rate wage system, by the piece hourly wage work norm the correlation stipulation execution which draws up according to the party of the first part.

第四条 劳动报酬每月月末发放上个月的工资,工资发放形式为现金直接发放,乙方的工资采用计件计时工资制,计件计时工资的劳动定额按照甲方制订的相关规定执行。

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Make production of rubber overshoes company off-season not weak long-term since, manufacturer of rubber overshoes production calls the summer off-season, became a consensus of people it seems that.


We should check evidence (such as despatched records and correspondence) that the goods have been returned.


He went to and fro continually, and his feet sounded upon the floor.