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与 traffic police 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Our company was established in 2005, is a major item of trade for the company, our company mainly engaged in the traffic police and urban management equipment such as: electronic police, road traffic monitoring equipment, radar certification eyes, LDR handheld radar gun de×Miriam, the United States SD400 alcohol detector, CA2000 alcohol detector, prospecting equipment, barrier tapes, reflective road cone, wheel locator, wheel locks, automatic alarm car lock device, motorcycle alarm padlocks, Canada Renault PE washing machine, Hercules in Germany with high pressure cleaner, Germany Karcher high pressure cleaner, reflective vest, Kenwood, Motorola walkie-talkies and so on Security Products.


Donald Duck now have a new job, and that is when the traffic police, in his car to drive to the crossroads to direct traffic.


20 When there is a traffic police on the spot to direct traffic, the motorized vehicle should 机动车遇有交通警察现场指挥时,应当按照通行。

The Ministry of Communications sent 300 more traffic police to direct the traffic .


Furthermore, the main drawback for constructing the traffic institution in the special culture situation in China is the lack of supervise, the inefficiency of current intelligent traffic institution, the disjointedness of executive standard for traffic police and the statute standard, the simplification of the punisher, the rigidity of punishment standard, the lack of punishment dynamics, and bad influence of the traffic institution based on human relationship, and the lack of public traffic consciousness.


Prefatory remarks These days, fortunately looked at Xi'an's traffic police, you can certainly say "the traffic police has any attractively".


Civilization traffic junctions in牛王庙education and publicity point of the traffic police on duty three Subbureau police Li, watching a mineral water containing eight large barrels of electric cars dumbfounding.


When one who connived ③ to get to the front of the traffic jam and then jumped the red light and went roaring off ahead of everyone else was caught by the traffic police, he would swear blind that his wife was about to give birth, and that he had to go home to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.


Peace Arch subway station in the mouth of a traffic post, this 28-year-old traffic police flushed the young, waving hands and loud command of coming and going of vehicles.


At the same time should do the following:(1) education of children washing hands frequently, wash hands properly;(2) ground剪指甲regular cleaning of toys and other children may have been talking about decentralization of the items;(3) near the road to keep the bedroom with wet erase parts of the children could be reached by the dust;(4) education of children and lead less than a road near the factory and play operation;(5) not in streets with heavy traffic, pushing baby carriages stroll;(6) workplace have lead contamination personnel (such as the smelter workers, traffic police, etc.) Do not wear work clothes to go home;(7) with coal as fuel bedroom window to ground ventilation;(8) high lead level for children to eat less food (such as eggs, burglary rice flower);(9) morning, open the tap water released in the first paragraph should not be used to cook food for the children;(10) to strengthen child nutrition, and ensure adequate calcium, iron and zinc intake.


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Cynanchum Lingtai apricot production in the average weight 65 grams, the brightly-colored fruit, juicy rich, sweet-sour taste, sweet from the nucleolus, when the late Qing Dynasty famous Shaanxi, Gansu provinces, the Qing imperial court Tongzhi tribute for years.


Chenopodium album,Solanum nigrum, and Amaranthus retroflexus were very susceptible to the herbicides. Polygonum persicaria and Abutilon theophrasti were relatively less susceptible to the herbicides, and Lycopersicon esculentum was not susceptible to it. The relationship between reduction rates of weed biomass and PPM values of weed leaves 2,4, and 6 days after treatment was established.

供试的6种杂草对该混剂的敏感性存在显著差异:红心藜Chenopodium album、龙葵Solanum nigrum和反枝苋Amaranthus retroflexus对该混剂最敏感,ED90值分别为47.65、71.67和29.17g/hm2;春蓼Polygonum persicaria和苘麻Abutilon theophrasti敏感,ED90值分别为96.91、114.20g/hm2;而番茄不敏感。

However, I have an idea.