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Copacabana' was the best I could find, but sadly no one understood how funny it was and politely applauded my awful performance.


If he thinks I am corruptible, he is sadly mistaken.


Sadly, Driving Lessons sold itself short with a cosily weird denouement – one elderly transvestite, some Girl Guides, a gospel choir, multiple hallelujahs, a car crash – that was followed by a twee, feel-good finale.


The development that overlooked to pass 10 years, chinese net swims the industry just just still is on the right path; Forgot day Han, Euramerican game person of the same trades to still be in of eye covetously staring at Chinese game market this one huge cake; Forgot as game 10 years, mode of old some game already the demand of player of more and more incommensurate China, the period of an aesthetic exhaustion has drawn near sadly; Also forgot an industry to have, the character of flourishing age danger that where culture is.


The song " walk through that reed cluster, you can once hear, have a girl she ever to lead, only the white cloud for she shed tears, a red crowned crane slightly, slightly fly over the ……" is sadly moving and moving, this story urges the person to shed tears.


But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of d is crimination.


In ancient times, a handsome young man named Crocus fell in love with a shepherdess. Sadly, she did not love Crocus.

在古代,有位名叫 Crocus 的俊美男子爱上了一个牧羊女,令人伤心的是牧羊女并不爱他。

Sadly, in most of the cases, we are not aware of our cruelty.


Sadly the mold crumpled when trying to remove the second casting so that was the end of that...


Traditional entertainment borrows power network game to change direction, this batch " the palm accuses " move the game player of foremost edge trend is changing prospective recreation sadly Chinese recreation, just ring down the curtain " perfect grand ceremony ", it is a start of new entertainment times only, we expect more enterprises are used newer, provide representative sale strategy and commercial pattern to drive whole China recreational to develop more.


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Hoping to expand your make-out pool to include the preemie to nine-year-old demographic?


When a man sees his end, he wants to know there was some purpose to his life.


This text launch to investigate with analyze completely to competitive ability problem of the our country feedstuff enterprise.