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L Gravel - Loose siliceous pebble soil that has good drainage but poor fertility.

l 砾石土壤-松散的硅酸鹅卵石土壤,有很好的排水性能,但肥度很低。

Paibao was cstablished over ten years,has strong power advanced techniques,can supply plenty of all range of natural building colour materials,as machine-made cobblestone riverpebble、brocatello、spraying pat stone、landscape karst、 fossile、culture stone、natural colour gravel and dying pebble for decoration indoor,They have non-poison、tasteless and fadeless,also hard enough,colour shining,simple and unsophisticated,has specific property of compressive resistance,wearability,corrosion resistance,are perfect environmental protection building material and videly used in public building、villa、courtyard、garden and high building,spreading andtique eastern culture,reflecting art style of simples and unsophisticated、quiet and tastefully from the western.


Thinking that a pebble or a piece of gravel is the gem, they grab it and cry out,'I've got the gem!


This lizard's name, krokodilos, is thought to be a compound of krok,"pebble, gravel," and drilos, which is only attested as meaning "circumcised man" but is assumed to mean "worm" as well.

这种蜥蜴的名字krokodilos 被认为是由 kroke一词和 drilos 这一(只被证明有&受割的人&的意思但又被假定有&蠕虫&的意思的)词组成的复合词。

The article analyzes several factors influenced the compaction effect of gravel pebble mixture,and mainly analyzes the influence on the gradation of grain,compaction function,grain breakage and material unevenness,in order to ensure service life and service quality of highways.


The stroke reverse circulation drilling machine of CZF2000-1800 type is produced by our company newly to adapt to the demand of percussion drill market due to the development of road and bridge industry, it is specializedly used for pore forming of pebble and gravel stratum and hard stratum.


The organisation wants to award a prize to cartoons on the theme "sand, pebble and gravel"(industrial materials, extraction and application).


The ZOOMLION KSD25 Dry-Wet Horizontally directional Drill is the first drill which drills through hard rock without a bentonite and mud pump. Its pneumatic percussive technology has not only solved the problem of mud pollution, but also has increased its efficiency 40% higher than a normal drill. Additionally, its cost is also much lower, and therefore, it has been considered as a most efficient solution for complicated stratum (including pebble and gravel, backfill and rock).

中联KSD25干湿两用水平定向钻孔机是我国第一台不使用膨润土和泥浆马达就能在硬岩中钻进并导向的钻机,其国际领先的气动冲击钻机技术不但不存在泥浆污染的问题,而且效率比普通钻机提高40%以上,成本也要低廉得多,被公认为目前对付复杂地层(包括卵砾石、回填土和岩石地层)最为有效的方法。2 s# C J, k5 _% C

Different fillers for wetlands are chosen by comparison and then matched, the following filler matching is achieved aiming at different influent: for wastewater with low nitrogen concentration and medium or high organic matter concentration, better removal efficiency is attained by combined fillers of coal cinder + pebble stone + gravel; for wastewater with high nitrogen concentration and low organic matter concentration, the optimum combination is fly ash brick crumbs + gravel.


Compared with gravitational method, the accuracy of TDR in de- termination of bulk moisture content on the Tibetan Plateau is:± 2.5% for silt and fine grained sand,±3.0% for clay and sandy clay and ±5% for gravel and pebble soils.



At this time, Chou and another cadre were living in a cave next door to one occupied by a tenant farmer, named Ma Chiu-tze.


The wind power industry is growing rapidly it has increased 23 to 30 percents in each of the last 5 years , wind power is clean, abundant , ever renewable , and free from producer boycotts or embargoes, R is the executive Director of the America wind association, today only 1 percent of US 's energy comes from wind , it provide more than 20 percents of Denmark energy , the US hope to match that in twenty years .


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