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A photoresist composition including a polymer is disclosed, wherein the polymer includes at least one monomer having the formula: wherein, R1 is selected from H, linear, branched or circular alkyl with 1-20 carton atoms, linear, branched or circular alkyl with 1-20 C atom, which is perfluorinated or semi-perfluorinated; and CN; R2 is alicyclic group with 5 or more carbon atoms; X is selected from methylene, aether, ester, amide and the connecting part of the carbonate; R3 is linear or branched alkylene with one or more carbon atoms or perfluorinated or semi-perfluorinated linear or branched alkylene; R4 is selected from H, CH3, CF3, CHF2, CH2F and perfluorinated or semi-perfluorinated aliphatic group; R5 is selected from the CF3, CHF2, CH2F and perfluorinated or semi-perfluorinated substituted and unsubstituted aliphatic group; n is 1 or higher integer; OR12 is OH or at least an acid unstable group selected from the tert-alkyl carbonate, tert-alkyl ester, tert-alkyl aether, acetal and ketal.

本发明公开了一种包含一种聚合物的光刻胶组合物,该聚合物包括至少一种具有下列结构的单体:其中,R 1 选自氢、具有1~20个碳原子的线形、支化或环状烷基、半氟化或全氟化的具有1~20个碳原子的线形、支化或环状烷基、以及CN;R 2 为具有5个或更多个碳原子的脂环基团;X为选自亚甲基、醚、酯、酰胺和碳酸酯的连接部分;R 3 为具有1个或多个碳原子的线形或支化亚烷基或者半氟化或全氟化的线形或支化亚烷基;R 4 选自氢、甲基(CH 3 )、三氟甲基(CF 3 )、二氟甲基(CHF 2 )、氟代甲基(CH 2 F)、以及半氟化或全氟化的脂族基团;R 5 选自三氟甲基(CF 3 )、二氟甲基(CHF 2 )、氟代甲基(CH 2 F)、以及半氟化或全氟化的取代或未取代的脂族基团;n为1或更大的整数;OR 12 为OH或者选自叔烷基碳酸酯、叔烷基酯、叔烷基醚、缩醛和缩酮的至少一种酸不稳定基团。

Pass " of word of antonym word coupling or the statistical analysis that ","OR" uses a case actually in daily language, can see,"Or the meaning;" that " comparing "OR" conveys " of extract of " of logistic coupling word on taller frequency or after " and "OR" are advanced exchangeability respect difference is not big;"OR" compares " perhaps " more is upper the tendentiousness; that reveals a choice serves as antipathic choice,"OR" compares " or " show is more apparent.

概要: 通过对语词联结词"或者"、"OR"在日常语言中实际使用情况的统计分析,可以看出,"或者"比"OR"在更高的频率上表达逻辑联结词"析取"的涵义;"或者"和"OR"在前后项的可交换性方面差别不大;"OR"比"或者"更多地表现出选择的倾向性;作为不相容选择关系的"OR"比"或者"其前后项更多地满足逻辑排中律;在和其他联结词的相互转化方面,"OR"比"或者"表现更为明显。

The results of multiple logistic regression analysis showed that the following factors were statistically associated with poor quality of life: dicta with more meat (OR=1.617, 95% CI:1.103~2.369), number of DM complication (OR=2.817, 95% CI:l.696~4.678), cerebrovascular disease (OR=3.073, 95% CI:1.174~8.046), severity of depression (OR=1.924, 95% CI:1.112~3.327), and intake of more legume (OR=0.631, 95% CI:0.4470~0.891) were associated with good quality of life. Conclusions Diabetes mellitus may decrease the life quality of patients in different aspects. Effective measures should be taken in order to improve the quality of life while treating the diabetes mellitus itself.

多因素非条件logistic回归显示,低生存质量的危险因素为:肉类及其制品摄人多(OR=1.617, 95% CI:1.103~2369)、DM并发症数量多(OR=2.817, 95% CI:1696~4.678)、脑血管疾病(OR=3.3073, 95% CI:1.174~8.046)、抑郁程度(OR=1.924, 95% CI:1.112~3.327),生存质量的保护因素为:豆类及其制品摄入多(OR=0.631, 95% CI:0.447~0.891),结论糖尿病可从不同方面影响患者的生存质量,在控制糖尿病病情的同时应针对影响生存质量评分的因素,采取不同的方法改善患者的生存质量。

Further proceed intersection analysis and focus on children studies. The result indicates that experimental diagnosis based on RT-PCR, is homogeneity and the relation between norovirus and the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis is significant (OR, 2.7;95%CI, 2.2-3.2). Equally, the surveillance studies (OR, 2.5;95%CI, 2.1-3.0), outbreak studies(OR,4.7; 95%CI, 3.2-7.1), hospital-based studies(OR, 2.8; 95%CI, 2.0-4.1), and community-based studies(OR, 2.0; 95%CI, 1.2-3.3) have the same result as the former.

进一步将研究对象为孩童的文献进行交叉分层分析,结果发现,以孩童为研究对象的文献中,实验室诊断以基因体RNA为侦测标的的研究,其效果量具有同质性,且诺罗病毒与急性肠胃炎症状的相关性在此分层是显著的(OR=2.7,95%CI: 2.2-3.2),资料来源为监测性研究(OR=2.5,95%CI: 2.1-3.0)或疫情爆发研究(OR=4.7,95%CI: 3.2-7.1)以及研究场所为医院(OR=2.8,95%CI: 2.0-4.1)及社区(OR=2.0,95%CI: 1.2-3.3)的研究亦有相同结果。

The comparisons of biochemistry between OP and OR rats The differences between OP and OR rats included not only body weight, but lipids metabolism and insulin sensitivity as well, characterized with insulin resistance, increasing in serum free fatty acids and ketone body, and hepatic TC and TG in OP rats. However, no significant differences were observed in serum TG, TC, LDL, HDL and fasting glucose between OP and OR rats.⑶Comparisons of metabolites in serum, urine and liver tissue between OP and OR rats①There were significant differences in amino acids concentration between OP and OR rats,especially in liver tissue, such as high concentrations in ketogenic and glucogenic amino acids in OP rats, suggesting differences in amino acids metabolism;② The different metabolites between OP and OR rats included increasing of various saturated fatty acids and decreasing of polyunsaturated fatty acids in OP rats;③The urinary metabolites analysis indicated that different structure or metabolism of gut microflora might exist between the two phenotypes, which probably influenced the regulation of body weight gain;④The end-products of catecholamines in urine and intermediates of krebs cycle in serum in OP rats were all up-regulated, suggesting that the activity of sympatheic nervous system and energy metabolism was higher in OP rats than OR rats.


The results of Logistic regression showed RTI women with the higher themselves(OR=0.900,OR95%CI:0.874-0.928)and their husband's education level(OR=0.939,OR95%CI:0.910-0.968), the higher income (OR=0.906,OR95%CI:0.886-0.926), the more numbers of RTI symptom(sOR=0.823,OR95%CI:0.798-0.8506)and the better correct rate of RTI - related knowledge (OR=0.715,OR95%CI:0.697-0.734), the more they would go to the hospital. However those who were single(OR=1.411,OR95%CI:1.018-1.956), whose husbands working outside(OR=1.099,OR95%CI:1.034-1.169), whose primiparity age were olde(rOR=1.015,OR95%CI:1.008-1.022), and the more numbers of the total bearing(OR=1.144,OR95%CI:1.099-1.190), the less they would go to the hospital.


An alien convicted of ,or who admits having commited ,a crime involving moral turpitude or violation of any law relating to a controlled substance or who is the spouse ,son or daughter of such a trafficker who knowingly has benefited from the trafficking activities inthe past five years ;who has been convicted of 2 or more offenses for which the aggregate sentences were 5years or more;who is vowing to the United States to engage in prostiution or commercialized vice or who has engaged in prostitution or procuring within the past 10 years ;who is or has been an illicit trafficker in any controlled substance;who has committed a serious criminal offense in the United States and who has asserted immunity from prosecution;who ,while serving as a foreign govement official and within the previous 24-month perios ,was respinsible for or directly carried out particularly severe violations of religious freedom ;or whom the president has identified as a person who plays a significant role in a severe form of trafficking in persons ,who otherwise has or daughter of such a trafficker who knowingly has benefited from thetrafficking activities within the past five years.

外籍人承认被犯,a 罪介入道德的被判罪,or 卑鄙或侵害任何法律与一种受控物质相关或谁是配偶,熟悉受益于交易这样交易者的儿子或女儿活动inthe 通过五年;who 的被判了罪2 次或更多进攻聚集句子是5.years 或more;who 发誓到美国参与prostiution 或商业化的恶习或谁参与了卖淫或获得在过去10 年之内;who 是或是一名违法交易者在任何受控substance;who 做了一个严肃的刑事罪在美国并且谁断言了免疫从prosecution;who,当担当外国 govement 官员和在早先24 个月的perios 之内,是respinsible 为或直接地被执行的特殊严厉侵害宗教自由;or 总统辨认了作为充当一个重大角色以严厉形式的人交易在人,否则有或这样交易者女儿熟悉受益于thetrafficking 的活动在过去五年之内。

The multivariate logistic stepwise regression analysis showed that compared with individuals with no drinking milk,or no fish and aquatic product intake,or no drinking tea,or no sucrose intakes,the milk intakes 250-1500 g/week(OR=0.731,95%CI:0.542-0.987),the fish and aquatic product intake with 250-1000 g/week(OR=0.720,95%CI: 0.541-0.959),or sucrose intakes 250 g/month(OR=0.446,95%CI:0.255-0.779),drinking tea forepassed(OR=0.635,95%CI:0.458-0.883),and current (OR=2.084,95%CI:1.390-3.125) had different levels of risk on MS.

Logistic逐步回归分析结果提示,牛奶摄入、水产品摄入和饮茶是代谢综合征的保护因素,而年龄和糖摄入是代谢综合征的危险因素,其中牛奶摄入在250~1500 g/周(OR=0.731,95% CI=0.542~0.987),水产品摄入在250~1000 g/周(OR=0.720,95% CI=0.541~0.959)以及以前饮茶(OR=0.446,95% CI=0.255~0.779和现在正在饮茶(OR=0.635,95% CI=0.458~0.883),对代谢综合征的保护作用明显,而糖摄入250 g/月时代谢综合征的患病的危险是不食用食糖的2倍(OR=2.084,95% CI=1.390~3.125)。

objective to explore environment risk factors of metabolic syndrome.methods a cross-sectional population survey with questionnaires investigation,checkup and laboratory measurement for metabolic syndrome was performed among 2026 teachers,and the logistic regression was used to analyze the risk factors of ms.results the education,milk intakes,fish and aquatic products intakes,body exercise and drinking tea were different significantly between male and female individuals.univariate unconditional logistic regression analysis showed that education,body exercises,fish and aquatic products intakes and drinking tea were benefited to the ms,but the age,sucrose intakes were the risk factors to the ms.the multivariate logistic stepwise regression analysis showed that compared with individuals with no drinking milk,or no fish and aquatic product intake,or no drinking tea,or no sucrose intakes,the milk intakes 250-1500 g/week(or=0.731,95%ci:0.542-0.987),the fish and aquatic product intake with 250-1000 g/week(or=0.720,95%ci: 0.541-0.959),or sucrose intakes 250 g/month(or=0.446,95%ci:0.255-0.779),drinking tea forepassed(or=0.635,95%ci:0.458-0.883),and current (or=2.084,95%ci:1.390-3.125) had different levels of risk on ms.conclusion the age and sucrose intakes are risk factors,and the milk intakes,aquatic products and drinking tea benefits for ms.

目的 了解中小学教师代谢综合征发病及其影响因素。方法采用横断面调查方法,随机抽取芜湖市中小学教师2 026名,进行问卷调查、体格检查和实验室检测,并运用logistic回归分析代谢综合征影响因素。结果不同性别的中小学教师在受教育程度、牛奶摄入、水产品摄入和饮茶习惯等方面的差异有统计学意义;其中受教育程度、体育锻炼、水产品摄入和饮茶是保护因素,而年龄、工作紧张程度、糖的摄入可能是代谢综合征的危险因素。logistic逐步回归分析结果提示,牛奶摄入、水产品摄入和饮茶是代谢综合征的保护因素,而年龄和糖摄入是代谢综合征的危险因素,其中牛奶摄入在250~1500 g/周(or=0.731,95% ci=0.542~0.987),水产品摄入在250~1000 g/周(or=0.720,95% ci=0.541~0.959)以及以前饮茶(or=0.446,95% ci=0.255~0.779和现在正在饮茶(or=0.635,95% ci=0.458~0.883),对代谢综合征的保护作用明显,而糖摄入250 g/月时代谢综合征的患病的危险是不食用食糖的2倍(or=2.084,95% ci=1.390~3.125)。结论年龄和糖摄入是代谢综合征患病的危险因素,而牛奶、水产品和饮茶是代谢综合征的保护因素。

Results The factors including age, exercise, the exposure time to cell phone and computer, refurnishing houses, ventilation, supplementary of folic acid, favoring frying food, reproductive knowledge, premarital consultation, parity, the opportunity of plan for conception and occupational stress were significant different between case and control groups (P.05). Logistic revealed that exercise (OR=0.319), ventilation (OR=2.496), supplementary of folic acid (OR=2.365), age (OR=1.106) and occupational stress (OR=2.159) were in the regressive model.


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