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AIn the event of loss of time due to(1) deficiency of men or stores;(2) breakdown or damage to hull, machinery or equipment;(3) detention by average accidents to ship or cargo including collision and stranding; drydocking or (4) repairs, Vessels other necessary measures to maintain the efficiency of the certificates, and/or other (5)failure to possess or carry on board valid Vessel's documentation for the cargo service, including valid Panama and Suez Canal admeasurement certificates;(6) strikes, refusal to sail, breach of orders or neglect of duty on the part of the Master, Officers or Crew;(7) detention of or interference with the Vessel by any authorities in consequence of legal action against, or breach of regulations by the Owners, Master, Officers or Crew (unless brought about by the negligent act or omission of Charterers);(8) stoppages resulting from any breach of this Charter by the Owners;(9) deviation, putting back or putting into any port other than that to which she is bound under the instructions of Charterers for any reason or for any purpose of mentioned in this Clause or for the purpose of obtaining medical advice or treatment for or landing any sick or injured ship's personnel;(10) those agreed as off-hire as elsewhere provided herein or any other causes either hindering or preventing the efficient working of the Vessel, or rendering the Vessel unavailable for the Charterers' service, hire to cease from commencement of such loss of time until the Vessel is again in an efficient state to resume her service from a position not less favourable to Charterers than that at which such loss of time commenced.

停租 16.Off-Hire如时间损失是由于(1)人员或船用品不足;(2)船壳,机器或设备损坏;(3)船舶或货物遇到海损事故包括碰撞和搁浅而造成延误;(4)修船,进行干船坞或保持本船效能所采取的其他必要措施;(5)未持有或未随船携带货运需要的有效证件及或其他船舶文件,包括有效的巴拿马和苏伊士运河丈量证件;(6)船长,船员或水手的罢工,拒航,违抗命令或失职;(7)任何当局因船东,船长,船员或水手受到控告或违章对本船实行拘留或干预(但租船人的疏忽行为或不行为所引起者除外);(8)船东违反租约而停工;(9)由于本条所提到的任何原因或任何目的或由于伤病船员上岸治疗而使本船绕航,折返或靠挂非租船人所指示的其他港口;(10)本租约另有规定的停租项目或其他任何原因,以致妨碍或阻止本船有效运行或使本船不能给租船人使用,则从时间损失起至本船重新处于有效状态,在不使租船人比时间损失开始之时的船位吃亏的地点恢复服务止,租金停止。

Furthermore, low 〓 more pronouncely suppressed the responses of ON-OFF type amacrine cells to green flashes than those to red flashes.


The characteristics of on-off responses of medial geniculate body neurons to tone bursts of varying frequency, intensity and duration were affected by lateral amygdaloid nucleus stimulation, which was in form of altering the pattern of discharge or complete suppression.

在23只三碘季铵酚麻痹的新西兰兔上记录细胞外放电,观察短纯音诱发的内膝体神经元on-off反应的特性及电刺激边缘系统杏仁外侧核(Lateral amygdaloid nucleus, LAm)对反应的影响。

This is often also true for schools in financially better-off countries.

就算是在富裕及小康(financially better-off)的国家的学校里,也经常是如此。

First, we have to determine how big the off-screen bitmap should be.


Take a hike is to tell someone to leave, or to tell someone to leave you alone.blow off means to break off plans you had with someone.

take a hike,意思是叫某人走开;另一个是to blow off,这是指取消约会,或者是不做自己不想做的事。

However, most protocols are relying on one on-line backend server and cannot work on an off-line environment. In 2007, Fouladgar and Afifi first proposed the off-line SiDES protocol. Later, Lin proposed a TCD-RP protocol.


When phosphine≥〓mol is added to a solution ofL1M in 〓, a strong fluorescence species L1ML is formed and a new off-onprocess is completed.The reaction of L2 with 〓 gives macrocyclic luminescencecomplexes L2M by the π-π interaction of the anthryl groups in the two L2ligands.


The unit discharge of auditory neuron in the cortical AⅠ area was recorded with the extracellularly recording method. The character of ON-OFF responses induced by short pure tone and the influence of stimulating lateral amygdaloid nucleus on these responses and the tuning curves of the recorded neurons were examined.

在30只氨基甲酸乙酯麻醉的SD大鼠上记录神经元单位放电,观察短纯音诱发的皮层AⅠ区神经元ON-OFF反应的特性及电刺激杏仁外侧核(lateral amygdaloid nucleus, LA)对ON-OFF反应以及调谐曲线的影响。

To turn unit off,move switch to the OFF position.


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These are people's lives you are documenting. Beknowledgeable and show respect.


In the history of medicine's intercommunion between China and the other nations,the period of SuiTang Dynasty is an important period.


I know the Great Wall of China.