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By mechanical test of the steel strip and simulation of strip deformation in tension leveling using finite element method,characteristic features of the strip were obtained,such as;high yield stress,high yield ratio and low plastic elongation as the basic reason of difficulty in tension leveling and shape control.


Earthworks zero line is determined by constructing the spatial gridding curved surface model of the original terrain and the field leveling design terrain by digital elevation mode. The DEM data of original terrain are obtained by actual measurement. The mathematical correlation is deducted to demonstrate the relationship between the coordinates of any point on spatial line and the direction cosine by the spatial linear equation. DEM data obtaining program is compiled by Fortran9.0 and it is applied automatically to obtain the DEM data of field leveling design terrain.

目的 利用数字高程模型(digital elevation model, DEM)构造原始地形和场平设计地形的空间网格曲面模型,确定土方工程中的零线方法通过实测提取原始地形DEM数据;依据空间直线方程,推导空间线段土任意点的坐标与方向余弦的数学关系式,采用Fortran90程序设计语言编写DEM数据提取程序,自动提取场平设计地形DEM数据;应用Surfers8.0和MapInfo软件构造规则的网格空间曲面模型并导出网格节,点数据;擦除场平设计范围外数据。

The result shows, compared with conventional high-temperature leveling agent, the leveling agent JL can reduce the dyeing rate of the higher rate dye, increase the dyeing rate of the lower rate dye, improve the dye compatibility, migration property, and high temperature dispensability.


We are discussing impact business card printing and membership card making ink film SAGs and leveling-and-effect relationship, its esta and leveling.


We found that the mean square error of difference value between GPS monitoring deformation and the second-order leveling surveying deformation is less than 1 mm, and there is a smaller systematic error between the ellipsoidal height deformation and the second-order leveling deformation ,whose value is about 0.5~1 mm; however, this system error does not affect the outcome of vertical deformation monitoring.

结果 得到的GPS监测变形量与水准测量变形量差值中误差<1 mm,且GPS所测大地高变形量与二等水准测得的变形量间存在一个较小的系统偏差,其值在0.5~1 mm之间,该系统偏差不影响垂向变形监测的结果。

Use:In coordination with the leveling instrument,optical flatness measuring instrument and electronic leveling instrument to test the flatness of plate,leveling ruler,machine tool working platform ,guides and precision workpiece.


In coordination with the leveling instrument, optical flatness measuring instrument and electronic leveling instrument to test the flatness of plate, leveling ruler, machine tool working platform, guides and precision workpiece.


With the vertical time sequence results computed by the monitoring data (until Aug, 2008) from 28 GPS stations of continuous observation in Tianjin and Beijing Area, the paper analyzes the variation characteristics of vertical component of each GPS continuous stations, calculates the vertical movement velocity of GPS stations in Tianjin and Beijing Area of 2007~2008, compares with the vertical deformation velocity calculated by leveling of 2007-2008 in Capital Circle Area; Furthermore, searches GPS stations nearby the leveling route, corresponding to the first and second leveling time period, calculates the section plane of GPS route, analyzes and compares the section results of GPS and leveling of 2 time periods.


In this paper on the basis of introducing the leveling principle of a pendulum leveling instrument with a micro-bearing compensating device placed before the focusing lens ,the errors of automatic leveling of this type are analysed in theory;the methods for checking and adjusting it are discussed systematically,and at the same time some suggestions in use are also given


The mechanical leveling system can realize accurate leveling of the platform by servo-motors and drive system, braking by motor brake (worm and worm wheel system features self-locking) to permanently lock the support system after leveling. Bellows outside outriggers functions sealing and dust-proof of the screw rod; guiding slide blocks are used to prevent screw rod from rotating; displacement sensors installed inside drive system deliver real-time information to determine platform height; load cells deliver data of loading conditions of every outriggers in balancing.


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This method can improve and treat flexible myospasm of upper limbs, straight myospasm of lower limbs, flexion and contracture of fingers, foot drop and strephenopodia.