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After comparing the two type of tests,we came to some conclusions.The tests based on binomial test can be regarded as some kind of permutation tests under certain definition of "permutaton".If the tests are related to statistics,then whether they can be viewed as permutation tests depends on if the value of the probability,p,is known where p is the population parameter in the null hypothesis.For tests like Kolmogorov goodness-of-fit test,since the statistics is calculated based on empirical distribution function,hence no matter how we repermutate the observations,the order statistics is the same.This kind of tests can't be regarded as permutation tests.

我们得到的结论为:在一般的无母数检定中,如果检定与binomial test相关,基本上都可以视作排列检定的一种;与卡方检定相关的检定,基本上和p值已知或是未知有关,这个p值为原始假设下所要检定的母体机率值;其他检定如Kolmogorov goodness-of-fit test,由於统计量的值是根据empirical distribution function决定,而不论如何重新排列样本,其顺序统计量都不变,所以无法视为一种排列检定。

The use of the plural demonstratives these and those with kind and sort, as in these kind of films, has been a traditional bugbear of American grammarians.

复数形式的指示代词 these 和 those 与 kind 和 sort 的用法,如 these kind of films,成为美国语法专家长期感到头痛的问题。

Libraries made education possible, and education in its turn added to libraries; the gro wth of knowledge followed a kind of compound-interest law, which was greatly enhanced by the invention of printing.

要点:从内容上分析,which 修饰"the growth of knowledge"图书馆的出现使教育的发展成为可能,而教育的发展又反过来使图书馆不断扩大充实。

In fact, the kind of construction can be plausibly analyzed either way, which is doubtless why writers have mixed and matched the number of demonstratives and verbs in just about every possible combination.

实际上, kind of结构可以用任一方式分析,这毫无疑问是作家混用了指示代词和动词的每一种可能的结合,并且每一种结合的数量大致相等的原因。

We are home most of the plastic, Polystyrene is used for this kind of thing.

顷的事情,我们的家大部分的塑料,聚苯乙烯的is used kind for本。

Kind of is followed by a singular or uncountable noun.

Kind of 后接单数名词或不可数名词。

If that is done by the Forces Vives, he is going to meet other counterparts to ask them the same questions, so he can make a kind of document which will comprise all diversions of points of view, and in that he will have something which will pave the way for the exit from this crisis.


Abroad of punk although the earlier period be also a kind of depravity of underground culture, publicize be original meaning anti- oppress and to reality of disaffection, with as for think change this kind of present condition.To now be gradual development to become a kind of young, have imagination dint, creative power, there is vitality, drive not tradition restrain of of culture, even is to life of fine look forward to, although some part still incline toward violence and gray, this kind of violence what to say youngly dare to play to dare to do, not local of dozen dozen kill, dying live come what of.


And was kind of—pleating it.

22—kind of 这里的意思是&有点儿,有些&。

Bamboo is a kind of grass.

种类 种类 a kind of 一种 1竹子是一种草。

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And the kinetics of exchange between FDP-Cl ion with HJ-30 weak base ion exchange resin were studied.


Gynostemma, also named seven gallbladders, belongs to cucurbitaceae family, gynostemma genus.


So you can understand why she turned down a good Job offer to work among refugee immigrants and low-income groups after she got her degree in social sind ie s.