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For example, in the phrase high-fiber diet , the compound high-fiber is a bahuvrihi modifying diet that ends in the noun fiber.

例如词组 high-fiber diet 中,复合词 high-fiber 就是修饰以 fiber 结尾的 diet 的性状复合词

In other venues, such as Busch Stadium, there is a "high third" instead of a "high home" camera.

在其他的地点,如布希球场,是以"high third"取代"high home"摄影机。

As the brand reputation in itself is an assessment of its value to consumers (Chaudhuri, 2002), although never tested, one could safely assume that thebaseline value of a high-reputation brand's advertising is high.


An alternative would be to eliminate the Federal Reserve System; to reduce the monetary activities of the federal government to the provision of high-powered money, that is, currency and bank reserves, and to constitutionalize, as it were, what is to be done with high-powered money.

一个替代的办法是,废除联邦储备体系;将联邦政府的货币政策,只限于提供高能货币( high-powered money ),即提供现金与银行准备金,并把提供高能货币的做法写进宪法,就如它本该做的那样。

Ferroelectric material is a kind of functional material, besides its ferroelectricity, it has many special properties such as high dielectric permittivity, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, electrooptics and so on, and can be utilized in various devices such as High-K material in capacitors, acoustic wave devices, piezoelectric sensors, MEMs, thermal detector and electroopic devices. Therefore research and development effort in ferroelectric materials and devices have now hit a feverish pitch.


According to the need of the subject"Study on Saving Energy in House Buildings with Concrete Blocks"conveyed by Science and Technology Committee of Liaoning Province and the feasibility of constructing high-rise block buildings in the area of eight of earthquake intensity, an experimental study on the mechanical properties of the high-strength masonry panels with concrete small-size hollow blocks has been finished, and both the dynamic characteristics and the seismic behaviors of elastic and plastic state of long cantilever reinforced block shear walls have been analyzed by finite element method in this paper.

中文题名高强混凝土砌块砌体基本力学性能的试验研究及其动力分析副题名外文题名 Experimental study on mechanical properties of masonry walls with high-strength small-size concrete hollow blocks and dynamic analysis 论文作者祝英杰导师刘之洋教授学科专业结构工程研究领域\研究方向学位级别博士学位授予单位东北大学学位授予日期2001 论文页码总数158页关键词混凝土结构砌块砌体剪力墙空心砌块配筋砌块馆藏号BSLW /2003 /TU375 /1 根据辽宁省科委项目"混凝土承重砌块节能住宅体系研究"的要求以及在八度抗震设防地区建高层砌块建筑的可行性,本文对高强混凝土小型砌块砌体的力学性能进行了试验研究;利用有限元法对长悬臂配筋砌块剪力墙的动力特性和弹塑性地震反应进行了分析。

The design/configuration concept is that of a twin-boom high-wing monoplane of normal aerodynamic configuration with a highly-mechanised unswept high-aspect-ratio wing.

design/configuration 概念是那正常飞行动力学的配置双胞胎景气high-wing 单翼飞机与一个高机械化的unswept 高方面比率翼。

Back at church, we had Noah's Ark, 3-legged race, and one final worship (How Awesome is the Lord most High, Lord I lift your name on High, and Once Again). We ended with passing out their tie-dyed shirts, awarding our special prizes to the top 4 members (which included missionary t-shirts), one of whom was a first timer at church!

回到教会,我们有诺亚方舟、三脚比赛,以及最后一次敬拜(How Awesome is the Lord most High, Lord I lift your name on High, and Once Again)我们最后发给他们所染的衣服,并且将特殊礼物发给表现最好的四个人甚至其中一位是第一次来教会的新朋友。

If DOS mount high memory, so that some of the driver is loaded in upper memory area, that is, to join the DOS = high, UMB; DEVICEHIGH = c: \dos\smartdrv.exe; Needless to optical drive without loading the CD-ROM driver or add to the high memory and so on; in addition, compile a multiple-boot menu to address different application configurations.


That golden sea with dazzling waves,mountain-high-an immensity of wheat field for t hree days fly,where my fat her stands sho ulder high,my elder brot herexpo sing only his head,my granny falling into t he sea up2o n her t read,above me golden billows surging like a crestof a hundred feet and I hold my breat h,jumping twotimes and t hree,which ends in a failure to reach t he earsof wheat.

这是一段关于麦田的生动描写。作者使用夸张的修辞手法把人在麦浪中的情景描绘得出神入化。在此段的一开始,作者就用&golden sea&描绘出麦田的色彩,用&mountain high&比喻麦子的高度,紧接着又用了&for three days&的数字夸张手法描绘出麦田的浩瀚无垠。

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This is the history of this important scene onto a screen the first time, Chairman Mao Zedong in the film the first show of the officers and men of his classic salute gestures - do not stretch, but the firm will be a strong right hand on the cephalic.


Their heads are shaped like wedges, and they have large eyes and a small muzzle.


I know who you are. You're Bill Anderson, aren't you?