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Learning by doing in truth achieves the abatement of greenhouse gases; it gives a hint government has to promote the action for abatement of greenhouse gases; hence, we can approach to the decoupling circumstance for greenhouse gases emission advanced.


We have the intelligent experiment greenhouse of 10000 ㎡ and plant sugar-free tissue culture laboratory of 120 ㎡, and facilities such as artificial climate box, automatic meteorological observation station, full-automatic greenhouse environmental data acquisition system, soil temperature and humidity tester, actinography, photosynthetic speed tester, CO2 monitoring instrument, crop water potential determinator, crop physiological and biochemical tester, etc.


The greenhouse automatic control system is one of the key factors for increasing the profits of greenhouse production.


Surface ozone data of Mauna Loa and the other 14 monitoring sites of altitude lower than 1000 m in the northern hemisphere were used to give a joint discussion for the distribution and variation features of surface O3. The data, based on ground observation, were collected, processed, and distributed by WDCGG (World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases) in GAW. The monthly mean and hourly data of surface ozone in these 15 sites were analyzed to sum up the difference of surface ozone annual and seasonal variations in different areas of the northern hemisphere.

利用来自GAW(Global Atmosphere Watch,全球大气监测)的、由WDCGG World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases,世界温室气体数据中心)收集整理和发布的、基于地基观测的北半球共15个站点的地面O3含量的逐月观测资料以及逐时观测资料,分析、对比并总结了北半球不同经纬度各区域的地面O3含量的年变化和各个季节的日变化规律。

Velocity field inside of arciform greenhouse , fastigium greenhouse , parabola greenhouse and slanting crest greenhouse have been studied by numerical simulation of 3D turbulent flow.


The resultsshow: the time of exchanging gas of the slanting crest is the most shortest, the second is the parabola greenhouse, the third is the arciform greenhouse ,the fourth is the fastigium greenhouse.


The main environment factors which affect the growth of plants are temperature, humidity, and sunshine etc, but it iswarm at most part of China East area in our country, the warming time is not long in winter, the greenhouse temperature is high in summer and the highest room temperature is often upper than 40℃, so 2/3 of the year we can not plant in greenhouse, which dilapidates the greenhouse over long time.


This article describes the process of further changing the sunlight greenhouse into the multi greenhouse, of which the inside is crossed, double-pointed and narrow, and installing the greenhouse with this special structure to the wall below the outside of the window of building to form a window -type solar thermal utilization device.


This equipment uses advanced micro-computer technology, digital sensor technology and automatic control technology, mainly used in agriculture and greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse nursery, greenhouse flowers, Hanabusa, plant nurseries, vegetable preservation library, poultry farming, animal husbandry, as well as warehouses and grain storage and other places.


The system through the temperature examination electric circuit sensation greenhouse big awning temperature change, gives monolithic integrated circuit processing through a/d conversion, through keyboard hypothesis upper limit temperature and lower limit temperature, when the greenhouse big awning temperature is lower than the hypothesis the temperature lower limiting value, start heater unit to greenhouse warming, when the greenhouse big awning temperature is higher than the hypothesis in the temperature the limiting value, stopped heating up, has realized the greenhouse big awning observation automation.


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Life Is Good In The Greenhouse

Release of ferric iron catalyzed the conversion of super oxide and hydrogen peroxide to the more toxic hydroxyl radical which has been shown to be an important mediator of ischemic brain edema.


All right, your last name is?

那, 你的名字是?

At present, the wine prices in the districts Materials are basically barley, sorghum buy a bullions two about several other a gold ingot in 3-6 months on the purchase.