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It has been argued that equal is an absolute term— two quantities either are or are not equal—and hence cannot be qualified as to degree.

单词 equal 一向被认为是一个很绝对的词语——两个数量要么相同要么不同——这样就不能有程度上的差别。

In the same circle or congruent circles, the circumferential angles opposite to the same arc or the equal arc are equal, and equal to half of the central angle opposite to the arc; The arcs opposite to the equal circumferential angles are equal.


Fourth, the limitations to usethe Allens interval relation pair in describing the directional regions and the commonly-used8 topological relations (disjoint, meet, overlap, cover, coveredby, contain, inside, equal) in 2Dspace were analyzed and refined.


Equal According to the law, it is reasonable for us to demand equal pay for equal work.


The lawmaking is equal to request the basic right equal, but the lawmaking is equal to differ from absolutely, the indiscrimination ground is equal or average.


When someone says The two boards are of equal length, we assume that the equality is reckoned to some order of approximation determined by the context; if we did not, we would be required always to use nearly equal when speaking of the dimensions of physical objects.

当有人说两块木板同样长时,我们会认为由于上下文的关系,相等可以被看作大约近似;如果我们不这样想,那么当我们谈到物体的尺寸时,就要经常使用nearly equal 。

Results In 11 cases,5 cases were intracranial,and 6 cases intravertebral canal.MRI could effectively show similarly shuttle or long-round shape's abnormal signal imaging.The T1W imaging showed uniformity or asymmetric and low or equal signal.The borders were slighty low or equal signal intensity,some had spetum.The T2W imaging showed obviously high signal,and a few cases showed slightly high or equal signal,while the borders showed slightly low or equal signal imaging.The thin peripheral could be obviously enhanced,but without inner enhancement.

结果 11例中发生于颅内5例,椎管内6例,其 MRI 表现:断面上显示为在颅板下或椎管内的梭形或长圆形异常信号影, T1WI 上表现为均匀或不均匀的低、略低或等信号影,周边为略低或等信号的较厚边缘,少部分(2例)有分隔; T2WI 上多表现为较明显的高信号,少数呈等、略高信号,并可见略低或等信号的边缘;增强扫描病灶边缘明显强化,其内无明显强化或不强化,1例病灶呈较均匀的强化,1例病灶部分呈片状强化。

The first part is an exordium in the paper and introduces the reason,meaning of topic selection and research status and so on.The second part adopts literature research method to analyze the theories of equal and right from notion definition,properties,development and th.e discrimination on the concept,laying a theoretical foundation of claiming equal employment rights,correcting the wrong views and setting up right value judgment.The third is a difficult part and uses various methods synthetically to analyze facts that the equal employment right of college students has being infringed severely in detail,from inequality of social relations to the restriction of age,gender,household registration which setting by employing unit,it provides the powerful support that it is urgency for college students to claim equal employment rights currently.The four part of paper by using case analysis method enumerates several typical cases and points out the realistic meaning and deficiency of assertors' action.


An equal. And he likes brunettes with deep brown eyes.

equal:相等的 brunette:黑色头发的女子他喜欢深棕色眼睛,深色头发的女人。

The stainless steel contains an Ag-Cu binary master alloy with a weight percentage of 0.10 to 4.0 percent and the weight percentage for the rest chemical components are as follows: C less than or equal to 0.08 percent, Si less than or equal to 1.0 percent, Mn less than or equal to 2.0 percent, P less than or equal to 0.04 percent, S less than or equal to 0.03 percent, Ni 7.0 to 15.0 percent, Cr 17.0 to 20.0 percent, Mo less than or equal to 4.0 percent, N less than or equal to 0.15 percent and the rest are Fe and unavoidable impurities.


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You are to report for duty immediately.


Public participation also creates a regularized channel for airing public views, which promotes social stability.


All around the bed and peeping through the long velvet curtains, were a number of strange heads, some very ugly, and others lovely and gentle-looking.