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The paper studies the rational back aggraclation width of yellow river dike with reliable theory,researches and formulates the finite element reliability program of Monte-carlo filtration for calculate the failure probability of filtration stability for soil body of different distance from slope base of yellow river dike under design flood level,thus determines the rational back aggradation width.


Local directional change of the flow field in the vicinity of spur dike would result in local scouring of spur dike.


In the paper, river and the downstream area of dike are regarded as a whole system, and hydraulic model of coupling 1-D river and gradual dike-break is established, therein the Preissmann implicit difference scheme is applied to Main River, and the FVM is applied to the breach and polder. On the basis of FVM and unstructured grids, TVD ?


The emphases of this thesis are put on the computation methods of seepage in dike, the applicable conditions of seepage control measures (including vertical cutoff wall, overburden soil layer at landside of dike, relief well, and so on), and optimal design of these seepage control measures.


The dike-break long waves cause great damage to polder, and then it is a significant subject for studying the dike-break long wave. It is significant of research for the propagating of the dike-break wave.


Taking the Late Mesozoic basic-intermediate dike swarms from this area as the main object, we have studied their Petrology, Geochemistry and Isotopic Chronology, and discussed the property of their magmatic source, tectonic setting and origin as well. The significant conclusions acquired are as follows: 1, The Late Mesozoic dike from the coastland of Fujian Province appears as clusters, intruding into the Late Mesozoic granite or volcanic rocks, and the lithologies are diabase, hornblende diabase and quartz-diorite etc, mainly diabase. The mode of their occurrence is mainly precipitous and they tend towards NE, approximately EW or NNE. The dike swarms did not suffer metamorphose or distortion, holding the stress state as the dike formed.

本论文以该地区晚中生代中–基性岩墙群为主要对象,研究了它们的岩石学、地球化学及同位素年代学等,对岩浆源区的性质、构造环境、成因等进行了讨论,获得以下重要认识: 1、福建沿海地区晚中生代中–基性岩墙成群产出,侵入到晚中生代花岗岩及火山岩中,岩性有辉绿岩、角闪辉绿岩和石英闪长岩等,以辉绿岩类为主,产状较陡,北东、近东西及北北东走向,大多未发生变质或变形,保持了岩墙形成时的应力状态。

In meymechite dike and phogopite-plagioclase peridotite dike, MgO content respectively is 28.86%~ 32.78% and 27.28%~ 34.99%., they belong to the ferrguinous ultrabasic rock .


So it can be concluded that environmental isotope and hydrochemistry can be used as a useful measure for dike leakage study and a guidance for dike reinforcement.


The reaches of greater dike breach risk mainly distribute in wandering reaches.(4) The dike breach risk of the south bank is relative higher in wandering reaches.(5)The dike breach risk of the north bank is higher than the south bank in winding reaches. Simultaneously, the evaluation results manifest that the evaluation indexes system established from the locomotion of incoming water and sediment load, the regional crustal stability, the evolvement of river regime and the stability of river dikes, can reflect the actual situation of hang river in the lower Yellow River more fully. The application of multi-hierarchical fuzzy


The SiO2 content of the dike swarms varies from 50.22% to 61.10% and they are basic-intermediate rock series, mainly basic. The Al2O3 content is generally higher than 15% and they are high aluminum basaltic rocks. The lower magnesium index (Mg#=42.77~62.28) and TiO2 content (0.97~2.41%) illuminate that they suffered magnesium-iron minerals' fractional crystallization and that they did not crystallize from original basaltic magma. The values of Na2O/K2O are all above 1, indicating lower K character. Chemically discriminated, these dike swarms are sub-alkaline rock series.


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