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In these portion,the article begins the study of tone sandhi from the point view of two-character phrases and three-character phrases,which is also the focus and difficult point as well.On the basis of substantial materials of Dingzhou dialect,the author elaborates its rules and principles of tone sandhi of the general phrases and those with light tones,and reiterative location.the author puts his views as follows: 1.The rules of tone sandhi of two- character phrase are simple and unitive. 2.The complex of the phrase with light tones lies in the combination of the first tone and light tone.In the case,there are two different pronunciations in Dingzhou dialect.The author guesses it is the coexist of ancient pronunciations and common spoken Chinese. 3.The tone sandhi of general three-character phrases on the basis of the rules of that of two- character phrases,using the grammar structure of the three-character phrases as the restricted conduction,which function jointly. 4.The rules of tone sandhi of three- character phrases with light tones are restricted only by that of the two- character phrases with light tones and thus are foreign to grammar structure. 5.The tone sandhi of the words with reiterative location has their own system.


As a role who set countless barriers on the hero's way to success, Salim, to some extent, is a kind of antagonist. Nevertheless Salim is of course not merely as this role, but a complex character. We can get its true idea though his fleeing of Latika without any hesitate after being a member of gangdom, which helps his little brother meet his love again. Consider this episode, we can find the kind-heart of Salim, as a mirror character, without any difficulties.

作为不止一次阻碍主人公达成目的的Salim也算是反面角色的一员,但我认为Salim不单纯是一个反面角色,在电影中后段扮演了黑帮角色后义无反顾的放走Latika,让弟弟寻回真爱,却又是一个支持主角的镜像角色mirror character。

In a microcomputer,main memory,or RAM,chips are often found in banks of eight or nine on the motherboard.A character's 8 bits are stored in a row of chips;the ninth chip holds the parity bit,which is a 1 or 0,based on whether the parity scheme is odd or even.

在微型计算机,主存储器,或RAM,芯片在银行八或九中经常被发现在主板。character's 8 位连续被存放芯片;第九块芯片拿着同等位,哪些是1 或0,根据是否同等计划是奇怪的甚至。

Character Automatic Reader automatic optical character reader scans the network words】【computer ...

Character Automatic Reader 光学扫描字符自动阅读器。。。

POS can mean "sale", is a kind of with barcode or Optical character recognition terminal light character reader, have cash or barter quota cashier function.

POS的中文意思是"销售点",是一种配有条码或OCR码(Optical character recognition 光字符码)终端阅读器,有现金或易货额度出纳功能。

However, if and only if, the new character set is a strict superset of the current character set, it is possible to use the ALTER DATABASE CHARACTER SET to expedite the change in the database character set.

如果,仅仅是如果,新的字符集是当前字符集的一个严格的超集,使用ALTER DATABASE CHARACTER SET命令是一个可行的方法。

Unreal Engine 3 is based on the Unicode character set, and has full support for 16-bit Unicode fonts and text input, including importing TrueType fonts into renderable bitmap fonts. Our games have shipped in 9 languages including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

虚幻3是基于&Unicode character set&所开发的,可以支持16位的Unicode字体和文本输入,包括可以将TrueType字体导入成可渲染的位图格式(周诗超:TrueType是一种微软和Apple公司共同研制的字型标准)我们的游戏引擎现在共有9种语言版本可供使用,包括日文,中文和韩文。

According to the deficiency of Image Fusion applications in entertainment equipments, such as no special research that combines Virtual Reality, Self-control Photographing, Computer Vision and Image Fusion technologies together, we propose an Image Fusion algorithm base on Character of Apperceiving Contrast, which take system elements into account, e.g. integrity image quality balance and costs.

鉴于目前对图像融合技术在娱乐领域的应用缺乏研究,尤其缺乏将虚拟现实技术、自助照相技术、机器视觉技术和图像融合技术综合运用的分析研究,因此我们从分析人类视觉特征入手,运用系统的观念综合平衡图像质量、系统成本等技术指标,在对虚拟实时自助照相系统具体技术指标深入分析的基础上,提出了基于对比度感知特征(Character of Apperceiving Contrast)的图像融合算法。

Pushed by science, or what claims to be science, society is reclassifying what once were considered character flaws or moral failings as personality disorders akin to physical disabilities.正确选项: It is worrisome that society is medicalizing more and more behavioral problems, often defining as addictions what earlier, sterner generations explained as weakness of will.

第一层对应为:空格前句的diagnostic,选项中的medicalize以及空格后面的physical虽然不是近义词或同义词,但很明显它们属于同一范畴,属于医学范畴,因此是同一范畴词汇对应;第二层对应为:选项中的defining as(注意选项中有倒装结构,原结构应该是define…as…)与空格后的reclassifying…as…是近义词表达法,都是表示&归类为,定义为&;第三层对应为:选项中的weakness of will和空格后句中的character flaws是上下义词的关系,前者属于后者。

There,I feel a right to be opinionated about its abuse as a communications medium.Netiquette is particularly important to me because I use email during many hundreds of thousands of miles of travel each year,from foreign lands ,in strange places,through weird positions(usually caused by an unfriendly telephone booth or hidden phone jack)One result is that I often see my email at low and heavily eeor-prone bit rates.This strengthens e-character.


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John will refer to the cyclopaedia when he has to write a report.


Keyword density is a common measure of how relevant a page is.


Time of the eastpart part of United States of dispatch of sina science and technology on April 27 22:00(Beijing time on April 28 10:00) message, the net in sky (Nasdaq: KONG) announces today, this company will at time of American the eastpart part on May 13 (Beijing time on May 14) 2009 money are released after closing quotation of American stock market year money signs up for first quarter.

新浪科技讯美国东部时间4月27日22:00(北京时间4月28日10:00)消息,空中网(Nasdaq: KONG)今天宣布,该公司将于美国东部时间5月13日(北京时间5月14日)美国股市收盘后发布2009财年第一季度财报。