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Or he might have been called a brass hat . Or, even the top brass .

或者他被称为 brass hat ,甚至是 top brass 。

Other items that made up Mr Guest's extensive collection include a brass plate for a steam engine a cast iron and copper steam locomotive chimney pot restaurant car cutlery brass cap badges signalmen's uniforms a station master's oak desk a brass whistle brass locks for carriage doors ticket collectors' punches timetables and station signage including one for the gents.


Other items that made up Mr Guest's extensive collection include a brass plate for a steam engine, a cast iron and copper steam locomotive chimney pot, restaurant car cutlery, brass cap badges, signalmen's uniforms, a station master's oak desk, a brass whistle, brass locks for carriage doors, ticket collectors' punches, timetables and station signage including one for the gents.


Enjoy cool jazz and blues at the Universal Bar or bop to live tunes over a handcrafted beer at the Brass Monkey.

在Universal 酒吧享受很酷的爵士乐和蓝调,或者在Brass Monkey手拿一杯自酿啤酒随着音乐的曼妙轻舞。

And Brass. We're all culpable in this. I don't care what the book says.


You can see from the Woodwind and Brass classes that once you've implemented an interface , that implementation becomes an ordinary class that can be extended in the regular way.

你可以通过从 Woodwind 和 Brass 类看出来:一旦实现了某个接口,这个实现类就变成了一个你可以直接继承的类。

"Senso'45/Black angel" is a movie that was made by acknowledged "king of European erotica", Italian famous director Tinto Brass in 2002 and composed by famous great master Ennio Morricone.

&黑天使&(Senso'45/Black angel)是一部由意大利著名&情色电影皇帝&导演 Tinto Brass于2002年制作的电影,并由著名电影音乐大师,奥斯卡终身成就奖获得者颜尼欧莫里康为其配乐。它是根据作家BOITO的短篇小说《意识》改编的片子。

Company now occupies an area of 60,000 O, it has an annual output of 6000 tons of production capacity Brass Road, Products, Products are widely used in building, machinery, shipbuilding, environmental protection and other sectors of water supply and drainage, air conditioning, oil, gas pipeline system and, through the ISO9001 quality assurance system and the Hong Kong international certification authorities, etc. Water Detected qualified, is the first authentication Road cover a full range of brass products, but also the only domestic production brass, brass parts, copper valve in one production enterprises. Ningbo City in 2001 was awarded the title of famous brand products. They will enjoy a lasting brass in 2002, Ningbo Road Limited and Crane Valve Group USA formed a joint venture Crane They will enjoy a lasting Valve Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of bronze valves and all exports of Britain and the United States and other countries, marking the Ningbo They will enjoy a lasting brass Road Limited has big step to enter the international market competition.


The company has one product, copper row type: a, extrusion-type copper-Ping Pai, extrusion-type copper heterotypic Pai b, wear-resistant bronze II copper category: T2 (C1100) red copper, T3 copper, H90, H70, H68, H65, H62, HPb59-1 yellow copper, CuFe96-3 copper iron alloy plate, AgCu silver copper alloy plate, HMn58-2 yellow copper manganese, QSi3-1 silicon bronze plate three, Copper Rods category: T2, T3 copper, H90, H70, H68, H65, H62, HPb59-1 brass rod, CuFe96-3 copper iron alloy rods, HMn58-2 manganese brass rods, QSi3-1 manganese brass rods, QAl9-5-1-1 aluminum bronze rods four, brass Class: TU2 oxygen-free copper tube are my newly developed Products Division for the computer for cooling tube.

公司主要产品有一、铜排类: a、挤制型红铜平排、挤制型红铜异型排 b、耐磨青铜二、铜板类: T2(C1100)红铜板、T3铜板,H90、H70、H68、H65、H62、HPb59-1黄铜板,CuFe96-3铜铁合金板,AgCu银铜合金板、HMn58-2锰黄铜板,QSi3-1硅青铜板三、铜棒类: T2、T3铜棒,H90、H70、H68、H65、H62、HPb59-1黄铜棒,CuFe96-3铜铁合金棒,HMn58-2锰黄铜棒,QSi3-1锰黄铜棒,QAl9-5-1-1铝青铜棒四、铜管类: TU2无氧铜管是我司最新研制产品,为电脑散热管专供。

She disclosed that low brass have three net such as a greater shock formal brass enterprises, on the one hand, formal enterprises to lower raw material costs in the competition in a passive position; On the other hand, inferior brass also to the entire industry's reputation brass had a negative impact, such as the use of inferior parts caused by the leakage incidents.


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TIAN Wen-sheng(Chaigoubu Teachers School,Zhangjiakou 076150,China)Abstract:Taking account of δr≠0,through the equation of conservation of orbital angular momentum,orbital parameters equations on the mass change are re-deduced.


All people over the age of 65 should take a vitamin D supplement.


I will graduate from college four months later.

我4 个月以后将从学院毕业。