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A wide front fascia with a large, forward-facing grille opening, a splitter along the bottom and wheel opening extensions along the sides to provide aerodynamic downforce A cold air scoop in front of the hood that integrates an air inlet system for the engine The trailing edge of the front wheel opening is radiused to achieve improved drag, but protects the body finish with a tough molding, and a large air extractor is located behind the wheel A fixed-roof bodystyle optimizes body rigidity and mass Wider rear fenders with flares cover the massive rear tires and a brake cooling scoop in front of the wheels visually balances the fender extractor A tall rear spoiler houses the CHMSL on the top of the rear fascia 10-spoke wheels (18-inch, front; 19-inch, rear) Four larger stainless steel exhaust outlets New-design Chevrolet Corvette Z06 badging on the carbon fiber front fenders


Also available in selected markets is a new special version for the Double and Freestyle Cabs that feature chrome body enhancements, fog lights, special version badging and a protective cargo deck liner.


Renaultsport badging on the outside and inside of the car lets everyone know this is no normal Clio.


Re-badging has stereotypically been the domain of U.S. carmakers, especially when crossing national borders, but Nissan/Infiniti are engaging in a bit of their own shell game with the Infiniti EX.


To differentiate the hybrid model from the regular Yukon Denali, designers have added newly designed 22in flangeless chrome wheels and discreet badging.

区分混合模式从正常育空峰,设计师增加了新设计的22in flangeless铬轮毂和谨慎的标志。

The distinctive exterior of the luxury sport sedan is differentiated from its less powerful siblings with larger front and rear fascias and rockers, seven-spoke 18-inch flangeless wheels, wire-mesh upper grille and lower front air intake and badging that incorporates the V-series emblem.


Exterior refinements include:+ A larger, polished stainless steel wire mesh front grille that enables the required additional airflow for engine heat dissipation + A new, lower front fascia that incorporates a larger lower grille for increased cooling capability; brake ducts for front caliper and rotor cooling and splitter to counteract lift created by larger grille openings + A new lower rear fascia that facilitates smooth airflow under the vehicle for improved cooling + Lower rockers that visually bridge the lowered front and rear fascias + A specific, fluidly sculpted hood designed to provide space for the engine's supercharger + Ten-spoke, flangeless, painted aluminum alloy wheels that assist in brake cooling + A higher, more rearward-positioned rear spoiler that enables balanced aerodynamic downforce with the front splitter + V-series badging on the vehicle's rear decklid and front doors, and "Supercharged" block lettering on the doors

外观的改进包括:+有较大,抛光不锈钢丝网的前格栅,使发动机所需的额外的散热气流+一个新的,较低的前仪表,它把一个较大的下格栅关于提高冷却能力;刹车管为卡钳和转子冷却和分配器足以抵消格栅的开口更大的提升+创建一个新的较低的后部汽车仪表板,便于在改善冷却车辆气流平稳+下摇滚乐的视觉弥补降低的前后面板+一个具体的,流畅,造型盖设计为发动机的增压器+十空间发言,凸缘,画铝合金轮毂的协助刹车冷却+阿更高,更向后定位的后扰流板,使平衡与前分路空气下压力+ V系列徽章的车的后部行李箱的大门,和&增压&块门上刻字

From the louvered rear window, to the 80's style badging on the rear and the conspicuous wheel design, the 80's are definitely in at BMW's studios and this latest version if the M1 just might raise enough eyebrows to go into production before the 80s are officially passe.

从百叶窗后窗,到80的作风证章对后方突出车轮设计, 80年代,肯定是在在宝马的工作室和这个最新版本,如果货币供应M1只是可能会引起足够的眉毛进入生产前的80年代正式passe

Look for the unique badging around the vehicle.


Software Description: About Ezy I-D - ID card badging system, This system provides small businesses and organizations with an easy way to make their own ID or membership cards.

Ezy I-D - ID card badging system 这个系统向小生意和机构提供做出他们的自己的身份证或者会员地位卡片的容易的方式。

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