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There is an explanation in statement, general view is the administration that sports total bureau is an athlete, because this has power,register to athlete domain name undertake administrative.


It suggests that the core is athlete and the main aim is to improve the comprehensive development of athlete in spoil team organization; the principle is to concordantly develop and the fundamental request is to make athlete socialization bringing into scientific program in sport team organization; the important embodiment is to achieve sustainable development for the effect of sport team construction.


The results showed that the activation ability value of the elite fencing athletes brain ability of infor oration processing was much higher than that of the normal people, which meant the brain could deal with more information and have more methods of information processing. The superior unilateral brain regions of information processing were the left forebrain and right epencephalon, which were the best match of both- side brain. Female athlete moods were more stable than the male athlete;besides, they were more active, having more powerful logic memory, and more rational thoughts. Among the parameter of FFQG, marginal modulus reflected the consumption of information processing which was related with the fencing athlete athletic for m. T his, the low er the modulus w as, the better w as the athletic for m. T he fencing athlete with good marginal modulus was 6z.4%.w ith the nor oral being 3 }.6%.which indicated that the efficiency of Chinese fencing athlete brain ability of information processing was rather high.


Accordingly, the author probed into the trial institution of bid invitation for athlete's commercial activities of the project management center, as well as contract management manner improvement in order to optimize the allocation of property right of athlete's commercial value development resources, and to enhance the effect of athlete's commercial activities.


He thought himself her idol, ugly as he was: he believed, as he said, that she preferred his 'taille d'athlete' to the elegance of the Apollo Belvedere.


He thought himself her idol, ugly as he was: he believed, as he said, that she preferred his 'taille d'athlete' to the elegance of the Apollo Belvidere.


In the relay race, the first athlete is almost the last one. But the scond athlete preponderated over several athletes that in the front. It's the last athlete's turn to run. At the time our class was the scond.


The wheelchair fencing has certain particularity, if in the wheelchair fencing match, between athlete's being away from holds the sword by the arm short athlete to lift the even arm, the sword point touches opposite party elbow's department distance is a standard; In the competition, the bilateral contestants' wheelchair do not move, athlete's buttocks cannot leave the wheelchair, the both feet must maintain fixed on the footboard; Athlete's foot obtains the advantage using the ground regards as violates a regulation, first time violates a regulation when the referee should show the yellow card, violates a regulation once more in the identical competition is shown the red card to carry on the punishment.


Athletes who believe that winning is the most important aspect of athletics have etymological support for their view, even if the way one plays the game is more important than winning a prize. The word athlete may ultimately go back to the Greek word athlos,"contest, especially a contest for a prize."

那些坚信体育比赛中取胜是最重要一面的运动员,有词源学根据来支持他们的观点,甚至参加运动的方式比获取奖品更重要。athlete 这个单词可以最终追溯到希腊单词 athlos &比赛,尤指为获取奖品的竞赛。&

He thought himself her idol, ugly as he was: he believed, as he said, that she preferred his 'taille d'athlete' to the elegance of the Apollo Belvedere.


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If the cause is just, i will be on your side.


His body is too skinny to utilize his skills - that's why he always in fouls trouble.


The reason is being burned at iron plate can choose the most excellent material, for example fresh seafood, include langouste, belt, abalone to wait.