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By famous game " galactic soldier " adapted film " Tie Yi commander " the booking office when showing owes beautiful, most a long time ever had more than 1000 2 cinemas to show, gain the income of 1 thousand dollar only however; The film " barrow beautiful shadow " show in those days refresh the new record with box-office film of woman leading role, adventuress fatigue helps the person that became European widely known, however " barrow beautiful shadow 2 " before be inferior to greatly however, film horizontal general, story clue convention is drab, adventure looks more resembling is travel, income of first show booking office is 21.7 million dollar, far a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera under the 47 million dollar that achieves when first show of this the first collect income; CG film " final illusion " the picture is elegant, the person is living, some star still worries about down to the actor can be in the computer to replace true person actor in the future, and of whole story clew and coherent clue be short of break, become the pen of one defeat utterly of film.


Tony Leung, a past winner of the Cannes Film Festival best actor prize, won the award for best actor for his role in the critically acclaimed film as a undercover cop who infiltrates an underworld gang.


The grand opera later is Trait and Actor.


On 8 August 1937, the famous American actor—Dustin Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California who is best known as Benjamin in The Graduate. Since the smashing start he has developed a reputation as a brilliant actor and also as a star with a classic Hollywood ego. Perhaps the ego is deserved: he has twice won the Academy Award as best actor, for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979, with Meryl Streep) and for Rain Man (1988, with Tom Cruise).


Under the Actor-Critic architecture, the adaptive adjustment mechanism for normalized radial basis function network was established to realize the state space construction dynamically.


The film was nominated for four Academy Awards (Actor - Newman, Supporting Actor - George Kennedy, Adapted Screenplay, and Score - Lalo Schifrin) but won only the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.


And when the reason that achieves growth of income scale sex in introductory actor cruel, CEO Gu Yongqiang says actor sows the means such as plan of ox of cruel of theater, actor and interactive direct seeding sultrily is advocate because of.


As an international actor playing important role on the world stage, EU is different from not only traditional state actors but also non-state actors. To some extent EU can be called a quasi state actor or a postmodern actor.

作为一个在世界舞台上发挥重要作用的国际行为体,欧盟不同于传统国家行为体,也不同于一般的非国家行为体,在一定意义上可以说是独特的准国家行为体或日后现代行 2 欧洲联盟国际行为能力研究:一种建构主义视角为体。

Thus, all the English words and phrases which can fill the actor positon inthe actor-action construction, constitute a great form-class,and we call them nominative expressions;similarly,all the English words and phrases which can fill the action position on the actor-action construction, constitute a second great form-class,and we call them finite verb expressions.


This will show you all kinds of useful information. Double click on a warning entry to zoom to that actor's location for a quick fix.

它会为您显示全部有用的信息,双击一个警告,便快速定位到那个 actor 的位置,从而可以做快速的修正。

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Effect of amplitude modulation and phase perturbation on the optimizing parameters of third harmonics generations.


The monk hurtled forward, but his individual movements were too fast for my eyes to track.


ROBERT: No, I am not.