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Quest For Fire



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Kardinal Offishall] [ KARDINAL Offishall ]

Yes I see how you are smiling in my face you know what I'm saying 是的,我看你怎么你都在笑我的脸知道我在说什么

Settin' fire to my back, I see that you know what I mean 设置搜索火我的背,我看到你知道我的意思

I love it though, I love it, you know what I'm saying 我喜欢它,虽然,我很喜欢,你知道我在说什么

My enemies make me stronger, hahahahahahaha 我的敌人让我更加坚强, hahahahahahaha


Well I'm on a mission 嗯,我的使命

Van Gogh your ass, so y'all listen 梵高你的屁股,让你们听

Nigga, there ain't no fire if we don't start the ignition 兄弟们,不过是没有火,如果我们不开始点火

Throw some bullets at your feet 抛出一些子弹在你的脚下

Show you what ya missing, listen I hope for black love without wishing 告诉你什么是雅缺少的,听我希望黑人爱无希望

I murder the track and go neck to neck without kissing í谋杀的轨道,进入并驾齐驱不接吻

I'm ducking from the wack flows, calling it dis-missing 我是从怪人流回避,称这是DIS-失踪

Big money in the hook, cats is loot fishing 在钩大钱,猫是捕鱼的战利品

Nigga's adding ones like they was mathematicians 黑人的加入那些像他们是数学家

Four plus y'all equals more without addition, listen 四加你们都等于更多的不加,听

Cooking up plans in a da kitchen 烹饪在一个大厨房计划

Too many chefs leads to nuff cats bitching 太多的厨师会导致这份厚礼猫婊子

Love in a we face behin' we back yuh teet' kissin 爱情在我们脸上behin “我们回裕最佳匹配的亲吻

Whether you're garbage or not is not my decision 无论你是垃圾,那是不是我的决定

Before you check it deep, you have to make the incision 在您检查深,你必须做出切口

Nuff cats are slated for great things 这份厚礼猫被提名为伟大的事情

But if yuh nuh lick shot for love 但是,如果裕国大医院舔拍摄爱情

Well den murda we bring 我们为大家带来好书房murda

Murdaaaaaaah... Murdaaaaaaah ...


[CHORUS: Saukrates & Kardinal] [合唱: Saukrates & KARDINAL ]

We see you crab rappers everyday 我们看到你每天螃蟹说唱歌手

Praying for a shot to be lead astray 祈祷一出手,就被引入歧途

We buss back with the love attack 我们回到巴斯的爱情攻势

And add fuel to the fire, fire, fire, fire 并添加燃料的火,火,火,火

We see you crab rappers everyday 我们看到你每天螃蟹说唱歌手

Praying for a shot to be lead astray 祈祷一出手,就被引入歧途

We buss back with the love attack 我们回到巴斯的爱情攻势

And add fuel to the fire, fire 并添加燃料的火,火

Come and see me nigga! 来看看我的兄弟们!


[Solitair] [ Solitair ]

I was charged for murdering the track without touching 我被控谋杀轨道不接触

Filling the track with hot lead without bussin' 灌装与热导轨道不bussin

No discussion nigga talk without fussing 没有没有大惊小怪讨论黑鬼说话

But F-, I ain't answering another damn question 不过, F- ,我不回答另一个该死的问题

It's just a matter of telecommunication 这是电信的问题而已

Freaking the three bands of frequencies, frequently 吓坏频率的三个波段,常常

I frequently gather frequent flyer miles 我经常聚集飞行常客里数

I be freaking the same chick that you're admiring 我该吓坏你正在欣赏同样的小鸡

The same G, ask them niggas around me 同样G,要求他们在我身边黑鬼

The P maybe free, but my tracks cost money 在P可能免费,但我的曲目花钱

I might talk funny, but this nigga is no dummy 我可能说话风趣,但这个黑人是没有假

Now cough up my dough before I have to call Sunny 现在咳嗽了我的面团之前,我得叫阳光

Switch switchblades, to switch hand grenades 切换弹簧刀,切换手榴弹

I switch when a bitch nigga misses my payday 我转当婊子黑鬼错过我的发薪日

y'all are concurring, when I'm running in succession 你们都赞同,我在我连续运行

Quick to flow whenever the mic is in session 快速流动时麦克风举行会议


[CHORUS] [合唱]


[Kardinal Offishall] [ KARDINAL Offishall ]

For crying out loud, you get hard knock detention 对于哭出声来,你辛苦敲拘留

Your outside is smiling, but what's your intention 你外面是面带微笑,但什么是你的意图

F a judge and stil get an honourable mention F A法官和STIL获得荣誉奖

Tell ya peace and love without both my fists clenching 告诉亚和平与爱无我的两个拳头紧握

Raps with real flows real re-invention 猛龙与真正的实际流向重新发明

Chat on wicked tracks, add new dimensions 聊天的恶迹,增加新的维度

New cliques, gang bang causing old tensions 新的派系,团伙爆炸造成老紧张

Niggas in the streets with swords like street fencing 黑鬼们在街道上就像街头击剑剑

For these record labels nuff rap cats is Benson 对于这些唱片公司的这份厚礼说唱猫是本森

From these old street cats, I took a lesson 从这些古老的街道猫,我花了一课

Never like groupie hoes hanging in my session 从来没有像追星族锄头挂在我的会议

Rolling over weak cats in one succession 在一个连续滚动的弱猫

Who's up next, we got nuff headz guessing 谁的旁边,我们得到了这份厚礼headz猜测

Brothers feel the heat without Smith or Wesson 兄弟觉得热不史密斯和韦森

Wrote the blue prints nigga, why you testing 写的蓝图黑鬼,你为什么测试

The dot when it's obviously us who's best and shit 当这显然点我们谁是最好的和狗屎


[CHORUS x2] [合唱x ]

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