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Baby Boy



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

From the day that I saw you 从我见到你的一天

I knew that we would pursue 我知道我们会追求

Cause the chemistry 引起化学

we felt that day 我们觉得这一天

Felt so real, and so true 感觉如此真实,所以真实

Looking back on a year 回首一年

we spent together 我们一起度过

How it’s been, what 它是如何得到什么

we went through 我们经历

Although we’ve had our 虽然我们有我们的

little ups and downs 起伏不大

We’ve still pulled through 我们已经经历还是拉


Baby girl you’re my 女婴你是我的

world my everything 世界我的一切

I wanna lace you with 我想你花边带

diamonds and every ring 钻石,每一个环

Give you everything you 给你一切你

dream and fantasize 梦想和幻想

Cause you can tell me 因为你能告诉我

that you love me 你爱我

Looking in my eyes 看着我的眼睛

You keep it real with me, 你把它真正的我,

I keep it real with you 我即时把它与你

You keep on loving me, 你继续爱我,

I’ll keep on loving you 我会一直爱你

Keep doing what you do, 继续做你做了什么,

I feel your whole aura 我觉得你的整个光环

And I can’t wait to hook up 我等不及要挂钩

again tomorrow baby - what 明天再宝贝 - 什么


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

My love for you will never end 我对你的爱将永远不会结束

You’ll always be a part of me 你永远是我的一部分

As long as time keeps 只要时间保持

on passing by 在经过

You’ll always be my baby boy. 你永远是我的宝贝男孩。


Everytime I look at you, 每当我看着你,

I can’t believe 我不能相信

I’ve found a love so true (and) 我已经找到了真挚的爱(和)

I took my time to put 我把我的时间投入

my trust in you 我对你的信任

I must admit it was so hard to do 我必须承认它是如此难做到

And every minute that I 每一分钟,我

spend with you 与你共度

You make me believe I 你让我相信我

have nothing to loose and 没有什么松动,

Deep down I always knew 在内心深处我一直都知道

that you would be mine 你会是我的


Do you believe in destiny 你相信命运

Because I got a funny feeling 因为我有一种奇怪的感觉

this was meant to be 这本来是

Without you I’d be lost, 没有你我会迷失,

I need you next to me 我需要你在我身边

Preferably in the house full 最好是在房子全

of luxuries and little kids 奢侈品和小孩的

From day one I was sprung, 从第一天开始我是如雨后春笋般涌现,

knew you was gonna be one 就知道你是要去为一个

Cause my heart spoke for the 因为我的心脏以对

very first time in a long while 第一次在很长一段时间

And every time you smile, I can see us walking up the aisle with you 每次你微笑的时候,我可以看到我们走了过道与你

carrying my child C’mon 背着我的孩子来吧


[Chorus] [合唱]


If you were to go, I don’t know 如果你去了,我不知道

You’re the only one who 你是唯一一个谁

sweeps me off my feet 我扫了我的脚

Makes my soul go weak 让我的灵魂去弱

The only one who makes 唯一一个谁使

my heart wanna beat and I, 我的心脏跳动想我,

I could never live without you 我永远没有你

You know that what I feel 你知道我的感受

has to be true 必须是真

Cause you’re my, my sweet love 因为你是我的,我的甜蜜爱情


Ever since the first time, 自从第一次

that I looked into your eyes 我看着你的眼睛

I knew that you were 我知道你是

gonna be mine 会是我的

Feeling you from the inside, 从里面感觉你,

when you’re not by my side 当你不在我身边

You’re the only girl 你是唯一的女孩

that’s on my mind 那是在我心中

I never knew a love like 我从来不知道像爱

this, a love so strong 这一点,爱如此强烈

A vision so picture perfect 愿景使画面完美

it could never be wrong 它不可能是错的

Along the way, you’re gonna 一路上,你会

see you belong with Jay 看看你属于周杰伦

I might have to marry you 我可能要嫁给你

one day baby eh.. 1天宝宝诶..


[Chorus / Outro] [合唱/尾奏]

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Cherise Alana Roberts, Michael Claudius Brown, Nadia Yutinda Shepherd, Michael Mugisha, John Paul Horsley, Abdul Rasheed Bello, Temi Tayo Aisida, Thelma Charmaine Fiona Howell


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