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推论 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
corollary  ·  deduce  ·  deduction  ·  discursion  ·  discursiveness  ·  educt  ·  generalisation  ·  illation  ·  inference  ·  inferrer  ·  ratiocinate  ·  ratiocination  ·  reason  ·  reasoning  ·  reasons  ·  corollaries  ·  deduced  ·  deduces  ·  deducing  ·  ratiocinated  ·  ratiocinates  ·  ratiocinating  ·  conclusions  ·  inferences

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The system evaluation inputs 35 case clinical nursing form data, and analysis those data by the system, to obtain nursing diagnosis suggestion list for each case; next, the nursing expert evaluate suggestion list to be whether suitable by five-level Likert scale, and records the nursing diagnosis by the manual way for computation automatic deduction to manual joins proportion.


Then in combination with its concavo-convex function,a simple and direct proof can also be found by using theorem deduction.


This paper analyzes the property of FNT, the characteristics of Kernel Matrixes and the relationship between Kernel Matrixes of two-dimensional Fermat number transform whose modulus are odd prime and image data, and presents and proves the deduction of the theorem which demonstrates the relationship among different transform matrixes corresponding to different roots of unity under the same odd prime modulus of FNT, and reveals the essence of FNT whose modulus are odd prime.


Based on our measurements, the optical characteristics of hillocks are attributed to the Al concentration variation, but not contributed from transitions involving defect levels as suggested previously.


An illative conclusion; inferential reasoning.


Other major figures in statistics: John Graunt (introduced the concept of inference from a sample to an underlying population and described life expectancy); Karl Friedrich Gauss (developed modern statistical reasoning); the 18th-century English theologian Thomas Bayes (showed how probability can be used in inductive reasoning); Sir Ronald Fisher (the principle of randomization as a method for avoiding bias in studies); and Jerzy Neyman (the theories of estimation and testing).

其他统计学上的重要人物:John Graunt(从一项潜在的人口数和描述预期寿命的样本中引进了推论的概念);Karl Friedrich Gauss;18世纪英国神学者Thomas Bayes(示范了如何将概率应用到归纳推论中);Sir Ronald Fisher(随机化原则,一种避免研究中的偏移的方法);还有Jerzy Neyman

Psychotherapists prove no more accurate than laypeople in making inferences based on facial expressions; however, they're significantly more accurate in making inferences based on language.


Via the inference course of the inference machine , do key factor proper assessment and revision, inference progressively produce arranging planning good, is it use limited resource to in the hope of, efficiency of the hoist.


Due to the cross-sectional design it is also important not to draw causal inferences, for example, with regard to the relationship between EI and psychopathology.


Discussion topics include data analysis, probability concepts, point and interval estimation, statistical inference, hypothesis testing, simple regression model, inference in the simple regression model, general linear statistical model, dummy variables, collinearity, heteroscasticity, autocorrelation, error-related model, the Probit model, the Logit model and the Tobit model, simultaneous equations, and the time-series statistical model

讨论的主题包括实证资料的分析,机率,点估计与区间估计,统计推论,假设检定,简单回归分析,一般线性统计模型与推论,虚拟变数,共线性问题,异质变异数,自我相关, Probit模型, Logit与Tobit模型,联立方程式的估计与推论,时间数列统计模型。

更多网络解释与推论相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]


deduce 推论 | deducible 可推论的 | deduct from 扣除

deducible:可推论的 (形)

deduce 推论; 演绎出 (动) | deducible 可推论的 (形) | deduct 扣除; 演绎 (动)


deduction /演绎法/ | deductive /推论的/演绎的/ | deductively /推论地/演绎地/


deductive /推论的/演绎的/ | deductively /推论地/演绎地/ | dedusting /除尘/


ill-defined problem 不完善的问题 | illation 演绎;推论;结论 | illative 推论;演绎的;推论


illation 演绎;推论;结论 | illative 推论;演绎的;推论的 | illegal character 非法字符

inference of immediate:直接推论

inference 推论 | inference of immediate 直接推论 | inference of mediate 间接推论

inferable:能推理的; 能推论的 (形)

infer 推论出, 推断; 作推论 (动) | inferable 能推理的; 能推论的 (形) | inference 推论 (名)

econometric statistical inference:经济计量统计推论,经济计量统计推论

econometric research method 经济计量研究方法,经济计量研究方法 | econometric statistical inference 经济计量统计推论,经济计量统计推论 | econometric study 经济计量研究方法,经济计量研究方法

inferential logic:推论逻辑

inference of mediate 间接推论 | inferential logic 推论逻辑 | inferential statistics 推论统计