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transact  ·  transaction  ·  transacted  ·  transacting  ·  transacts

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After submitting the paper document to the competent customs, if the declarant receives an examination notice, he/she could go through the formality of examination by himself/herself or by an agent; the cargo whose owner doesn't receive such a notice is released directly at the post customs.


This study and relevant works are the second year of a five-year on-the-job training program (from January 1, 2002 through November 15, 2006),Major outcomes coming from this project include:(1) Collection and review to the experiences of domestic traffic engineering training programs in the past.(2) The planning of training course schedule, and the collection and presentation of modern traffic engineering technologies (i.e. use a World-wide Web established last year and its website: www.trafficwin.com).(3) To perform surveys to those traffic engineering officials, professors teaching at colleges and universities, chiefs at well-known traffic consultants companies so as to realize who will fit to be our courses' lectuers and establish a lectuers database in the traffic-engineering field.(4) Based on the responses of trainees and trainers, lots of teaching and learning conditions, reviews, and suggestions have been gathered for further reviewing.(5)For the long-term development, the website "Traffic Engineering and management" had replan by used the NUKE website program and phpBB forum program, and accomplishing the correcting.(6)An analysis of the establishment of national traffic engineering training education framework combined with a professional transportation knowledge bank have been done and presented to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication for further consideration and even implementation.


Rush for the first time that we should apply to the Public Security Bureau, and you do not have the time, commissioned for other people, but you Daiqi the residence booklet, the original identity card and residence booklet of the client, the original identity card, your photo to For public security sub-bureau, the desirable 15 days.


Article 180 Where any of the registered items is changed during the process of merger or split-up of a company, the company shall go through modification registration with the company registration authority.


In the case of waste ink and ink tank recovery and disposal and waste developering and wastewater discharges and solvent recovery and treatment, recovery and disposal, as well as machine clean it with a cloth and ink waste clean-up cloth and destroyed.


Any shipper or passenger may, on voluntary basis, enter into insured transport of valued goods or buy insurance policy for transport of goods, or may do without.


Achievements: Acting as counsel, handled lots of cases in courts as well as international arbitration institutions concerning disputes of foreign investment, transnational sale of goods; recognition and enforcement of international arbitral awards in China's courts and in foreign court; bank loans, financial leasing, letter of credit and other contract disputes.


International禄口机场passenger manager, said Su Jing, for a "transit joint-way" is not complex in Nanjing passenger ticketing and check-processing procedures, the airport terminal in the transit zone, and then a simple procedure for transfer can continue boarding, and no longer need to apply for visa formalities, baggage can also directly get to the destination.


According to the problem that is existed in the railway containers traffic fee and the particularity of the railway container transport, This paper puts forward such suggestion as using different transport rate for different value, turning back, defining reasonably basic fee, and sets up a excellent traffic fee pattern.


Thirty-seventh article in violation of this Ordinance, the unit does not apply for registration of housing accumulation fund or deposit-based employees for housing accumulation fund account set up procedures by the housing accumulation fund management center for ordered deadline; overdue handled, is 10,000 yuan more than 5 million fine.


更多网络解释与办理相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Assistant Account Executive:客户办理助理

Product Developer产物开发 | Assistant Account Executive客户办理助理 | Marketing Manager市场经理

average accustomed:照常规办理单独海损免赔额照常规办理

average accustomed 照常规办理单独海损免赔额 | average accustomed 照常规办理单独海损免赔额照常规办理 | average adjuster 海损理算人

average accustomed:照常规办理单独海损免赔额

average accustomed 小额费用(如码头费、引航费等 | average accustomed 照常规办理单独海损免赔额 | average accustomed 照常规办理单独海损免赔额照常规办理

tsadmin.exe Administrator:终端办事办理器 (XP不成用)

rasadmin.exe 开始工作长途访问办事 (XP不成用) | tsadmin.exe Administrator 终端办事办理器 (XP不成用) | tscon.exe 粘附用户会话到终端会话


cleared 已办理出口手续 | cleared 已办理进出口手续 | clearing a hawse 清解锚链


cleared without examination 免检放行 | cleared 已办理出口手续 | cleared 已办理进出口手续

Temporary residence card handling:暂住证办理

- Social insurance handling社会保险办理. | - Temporary residence card handling暂住证办理. | -Government management fee payment application政府管理费缴纳.

Draft the will, witness of will, implementation of will and assist in notarizing of will:代理起草遗嘱,办理遗嘱见证、遗嘱执行,协助办理遗嘱公证

8、代理抚养费和探望权纠纷方面的诉... | 9、代理起草遗嘱,办理遗嘱见证、遗嘱执行,协助办理遗嘱公证 Draft the will, witness of will, implementation of will and assist in notarizing of will | 10、 代理遗产继承诉讼...

to get one's passport visaed:办理护照签证手续

to go through one''s exit formalities 办理出境手续 | to get one''s passport visaed 办理护照签证手续 | to go through the passport formalities 办理护照手续

Influencing Stakeholders:影响利益相干者办理的技巧

●变革办理 Change Management | ●影响利益相干者办理的技巧 Influencing Stakeholders | 项目办理系列 Project Management Series