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The study is carried out that the comparison of fine root production, decomposition and distribution along with Korean pine and broad-leaved climax forest succession; the fine root contribution to the belowground C and N storage along with Korean pine and broad-leaved climax forest succession; and the comparison of belowground C and N storage among the Korean pine and broad-leaved climax forest, three dark-conifer forests, a betula ermanii forest along altitude.


The forest was characterized with phanerophyte evergreen plants with single-mesophyll-leathery leaves, which reflected the nature of tropical Karst mountainous seasonal rain forest.(2). Community succession was divided into five stages by using Cluster method, PCA method; the succesion stages include herbaceous stage, scrub-shrub stage, small tree stage, arbor stage and climax seasonal rain forest stage.(3). Based on similarity theory, succession sere was constructed with the community similarity equation formed.


Now homemaking, interpreter, hire the company such as car, express to be popularized in the set up shop on the net in succession, even the intermediary company of be in fashion for a period also leaves in succession had net store.


Among them,the chitinozoan succession in the Fenxiang Formation in West Hubei is the most complete Early Ordovician (Late Tremadocian to Early Arenigian) chitinozoan succession which have been not ever found in the world so far. The result on the precise subdivisions and corelations of the chitinozoan and graptolite and conodont biozone of Dawan Formation at Huanghuachang strongly supports the Huanghuachang section as the Global Stratotype Section and Point for the base of Middle Ordovician.


Intestate succession ; the scope of successors ; the shares of succession


"The former of these has given rise to the very widespread recognition of the will, or expressed wish of a property-owner, and to the principles of testate succession , the latter to the rules of intestate succession ."


Plant community ; life form biological type ; layering ; horizontal distribution ; seasonal aspect of community ; succession ; prima succession ; second succession ; clima


While the Nair family system lasted, we may assume that the common home of the brothers and mother would not often be such as to permit of a general succession — failing the brothers — of all the sister's children, where there was more than one sister ; and that the first advance to a restricted system of succession would be through the limitation of the right of succession, primo loco , to the children of the eldest sister.


The Vienna Convention on Succession to State Property, Archives and Debts, 1983 is not currently in force, although most of its provisions are reflective of custom.

国家财产继承 succession to asset 财产应与领土相关,一般是按协议处理,如无协议,不动产应随领土转移而转移,动产按领土生存原则和公平来原则处理。

Chapter six is about jurisdictions over matrimonial causes and succession matters. It expounds jurisdictions over matrimonial causes (including the divorce, nullity and judicial separation, presumption of death and dissolution of marriage, declarations of status, financial relief, and polygamous marriages), family disputes (including the guardianship and custody, adoption, legitimacy, legitimation and mental disorder) as well as succession matters (including administration of estates and succession).


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