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When Dr. Mark Alberts, director of Duke University Medical Center's Stroke Acute Care Unit, urges doctors in smaller communities to take stroke treatment seriously, they often say,"I can't leave my busy practice to rush down to the hospital, read a CAT scan and decide whether a patient needs t-PA."


A day, the alcalde says to writ, this word cannot be taken seriously, I become an alcalde is to rely on his one situation contends to come oh!


Classics commissioner can be chosen seriously, the Babaji in A is round Ma Yun of trustee bureau chairman, the Communist Party of China 17 big delegates, the Chinese People's Liberation Army major general of army of Gu Dan of 211 hospitals dean , hou Xiulan of president of elementary school of test of city of Benxi of province of the delegate of outstanding basic level that teachs battlefront, Liaoning , the times van that socialistic new rural area builds, Sichuan saves double Mao Jiawan drifting a county to press down alcalde Mao Guocong, have " northeast civilian tells an official the first person " praise Jiang Caiyi of director of office of Liaoning Jing Heng's attorney, and Niu Shuhai, Li Chunyou, Ji Shengjun, Chen Gang, Zheng Yuanzhong be elected for times of the 6th China character of 10 big news.


Alec: I need to get out of here, seriously.


Of Long of chirp Υ of ∠ of violet alkyne fan, put forward " expand with consolidate the task of the Red Army "; 2 it is to emphasize " the lifeline that political job is a Red Army " important principle; 3 it is to establish the Red Army man is normal the school,; of talent of cadre of education Red Army 4 it is to improve martial technology, take a place seriously to arm.


Any allegation of misconduct is a very important charge that needs to be taken seriously.


A British village which was seriously suffered disturbance by ghost declared recently to cancel allhallowmas


The ecological environment in the source region of two rivers in Altai Mountain has seriously deteriorated because of the excessive exploitation of natural resources and global climate change.


For this, take seriously nurse management, enhance what asepsis technology operates to nurse accuse to manage character, just be precaution and the key that control alternate infection. Undergraduate course of 1 clinical data from 2006-2007 year examine 13 756 of the patient that change medicine in all exemple, its middling compasses changes person-time of 12 180 of medicine, take out stitches, abscess incision drainage 427 person-time, unplug armour 583 person-time, unplug steel needle 556 person-time.

为此,重视护理管理,增强无菌技术操作的护理质控管理,才是预防和控制交叉感染的关键。1临床资料本科自2006-2007年共接诊换药患者13 756例,其中常规换药、拆线12 180人次,脓肿切开引流427人次,拔甲583人次,拔钢针556人次。

There were lots of inflammatory cells in the pulmonary alveolus of model group and fiber tissue increase seriously.


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Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.