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与 restriction 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Combined with CAD software development of grids,the design method of bolt-sphere joint is put forward based on geometry restriction and intensity restriction. The geomitry dimension of each component is determined firstly based on bolt diameter and contexture, then, maximal pull and stress of diversitied bolt are given after intensity restriction of all components is taken into acount.

在网架结构中,节点起着连接汇交杆件、传递屋面荷载和吊车荷载的作用,而网架结构属空间杆系,汇交于一个节点上的杆件至少有 6根,多的可达 1 3根,各杆件间的夹角大小不同,且节点各构件间的几何关系或强度关系相互制约,使得节点设计十分繁杂。

The restriction,explored with the viewpoint of systems theory, can be divided into three kinds: whole restriction , gradational restriction and enviromental restriction.


Not considering the restriction of the depot s transporting ability in the existing achievement of emergency dispatch, consequently, this chapter establishes a sole-resource optimized dispatch model aimed at "the shortest dispatch time" which includes the constraint of transporting ability under time restriction firstly. Moreover, the chapter deduces the algorithm of the model by mathematical induction step by step. Secondl y, it simplifies the former model and gives a simpler sole-objective model and corresponding algorithm including the constraint of transporting ability. At last, on the basis of the improved model, this chapter discusses a two-phase programming model and a multi-objective programming model which are aimed at "the shortest dispatch time" and "the fewest number of mobilized depots" including the constraint of transporting ability under time restriction.


Probability distribution of anchoring data can be regarded as nonlinear programming with certain restriction. Programming with the restriction can be transferred to nonlinear programming without restriction by use of Lagrange Method and can be then easily resolved by step-acceleration method of one variable.


The author points out: Confidence is confidence in not man but system, humanity being vicious, a trustee must be restricted, duty restriction is not replaced by right regulation; Legal aim of restriction should be orientated at maximal benefit of beneficiary, in it, benefit subject is only beneficiary and doesn't included settlor and society, benefit content is physical but not spiritual; A bulk of restriction regulations are default-rule,but there are some mandatory rules, even if they are default-rule, they has mandatory character to some degree, therefore, the intention of settlor which precludes application of restriction regulation is restricted; Modern technique quality of restriction has trend of flexibility, this would be worthwhile approving because it can realize maximal benefit of beneficiary; Strict self-dealing rule doesn't accord with flexibility trend and should re-established.


Results The distinctive PCR products of the 6 isolated strains from Liaoning and Jilin areas through restriction with Hinf I ,Hha I ,Rsa I appeared two different kinds of RFLP restriction map. The strains HCAa9202,HCAp9203 and HCM9501 had the similar restriction maps with reference strain Gilliam,but they did not have restriction site of Hinf I ;Strains KDCt9402,KDCp9403 and KDCt9404 had the simular testriction map with reference strain Karp.

结果辽宁、吉林地区6株分离株的PGR特异性产物经Hinf I、Hha I、Rsa I酶切后呈现2种不同的RFLP图谱:HCAa9202株、HCAp9203株及HCM9501株与Gilliam参考株具有相似的酶切图谱,但缺乏Hinf I的酶切位点;KDCt9402株、KDCp9403株及KDCt9404株与Karp参考株具有相同的酶切图谱。

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism analysis of 16S rDNA sequence was used to reveal the diversity of culturable rare actinomycetes.

采用16S rDNA的限制性片断长度多态性(Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism,RFLP)分析和序列分析,揭示其多样性。

Methods Using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism method, we detected 63 samples taken from 63 cases (including 36 invasive squamous carcinoma, 7 carcinoma in situ, 20 papillomas) for 248 point mutations in p53 gene.

采用聚合酶链反应――限制性片段长度多态性(polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphisms,PCR-RFLP)方法,对63例患者的送检标本(包括36例浸润性鳞状细胞癌,7例原位癌,20例乳头状瘤)中p53基因248位点的突变进行检测。

Therefore, the restriction and the guard yellow journalism not only needs hard restriction of politics and laws, but also needs to display strength of cultural soft restriction from the cultural angle, moreover along with societys development, the cultural soft restriction will play the more and more vital role .


The basic idea is to make party's internal operation mechanism healthy with integration of the from above to bottom supervision and that from bottom to above; to construct the wholly-coursed supervision and restriction mechanism with integration of the supervision before, in and behind the matter; to construct all-sided supervision and restriction mechanism with integration of party's internal and external supervision, and to construct the supervision and restriction mechanism of comprehensive governance with integration of self-restriction and outer-restriction, rule of law and rule of morality.


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It could surely be chivvied into producing its thoughts sooner. The scandal has led to broader talk of constitutional reform—a good idea in itself but an election fought around hastily cooked-up ideas in the current climate could be disastrous.


Under the agreement, the revenue authorized by the Getty and photographers share, Yahoo would not get any benefits.


Methods30 healthy students of Shanghai university of TCM accepted two operations of vibration massage apparatus-non-vibration and vibration . The temperature diversity was obseved at different time : before operation , after 3min operation, after evaluating apparatus 1, 2, 3,4,5 min by infrared thermal imaging system .The image was dealt with analysis system and data was statistically anlyzed.

方法上海中医药大学的30名健康大学生先后接受机械振动按摩器的空置和振动两种操作,用红外热像仪分别于操作前0 s、操作3 min后即刻、撤离仪器后1 ,2,3,4 min和5 min观察受试者以心俞为中心的手掌大小区域的温度的动态变化,并用分析软件处理相关温度数值,将结果进行统计学分析。