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The paper, based on the errors of pronunciation on the level of segmental phonemes by students of Beijing University of Physical Education,isolated and discussed the most difficult phonemes for students to acquire through a contrastive study of the consonantal and vowel phonemes in English and Chinese Putonghua .


The new upper bound on complementary cumulative distribution function of the PAPR of a band-limited OFDM signal is derived based on the level-crossing rate theory, and the Monte Carlo simulation of the PAPR distribution of a 16QAM-0FDM system with different subcarriers is carried out to test the tightness of the new upper bound.


Results On day 2 after injection, the lymphocyte transformation rate of piglets injected with LPS were significantly (P.01) increased compared with piglets injected with saline. The lymphocyte transformation rate of Laiwu piglets were raised significant than Yorkshire piglets (P.05). Effects of immunological stress on the level of swine plague antibody had not significant difference in different breeds of piglets.


Adhesive forces and contact area between arolium and the target surface were measured when Lycorma delicatula walked on the level and slided on the vertical surface. A model of peeling theory was put forward to give relationship between contact area and adhesive forces.


The propose of the research is to insist on the view of applying to solve the various confusion in applying at present when present The Doctrine of Equivalents in China by analyzing dispute in applying of DOE; apply the research method of history analysis and compare synthetically, integrate with the case analysis and draw the conclusion: It is necessary to induct The Doctrine of Equivalents to prevent the tortious people filching the benefit of the inventor and confirm whether the infringed people imitated and copied patent on purpose, it is international tidal current to apply DOE in the processing of patent infringement cognizance, and firstly it must ensure the protecting confine by explaining the claim with compromise explain method, the difference of different extent in patent creation also effect the demarcation of equivalent extension; it should apply the rule of comparing factor one by one rather than comparing the whole equivalent in comparison of equivalents, and needs to be confirmed by increasing the assistant means in the processing of patent infringement cognizance by using Triple Identity Test of Graver; contrast and analyze whether they are equivalent depend on the level of the common technicians in relative domain and it is scientific and reasonable to confirm equivalent time standard by infringement date; in judicial practice of equivalent cognizance, it may use the experiences in Japan for reference to solve the cognizance misunderstanding area of reality in the law and the technology; The superabundance designation that may be understood as a display unfair contract because of neglect and materially misunderstanding should be conditionally applied in current time.


As the Prajna Paramita Truth of Emptiness sounds lofty and miraculous, when educated people read this literature, they usually get caught up in the error of "speaking on the level of principle" about everything and look down on those who follow forms and marks in their practice.


Other grand prix venues have recorded alarming slumps in terms of trackside attendances this season due to the economic situation, but Kafitz said tickets have been selling "on the level of 2007" on the back of Vettel's successes.


On the level of local traffic, such as foam and cushions on the good.


Your score depends on how quickly you find the 4 lums and on the level of difficulty(number of obstacles and position of the lums).


Besides,although both IL-2 and IL-4 were secreted by Th cells,they showed an unparalleled change.This phenomenongave us a new perspective on the disorder of cellimmunity on the level of lymphokine in INS.


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Down On The Level

Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.