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与 on the level 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

He spent the next three years there working with Professors Van Vleck and Bridgman on problems in cohesion and electrical conduction in metals and also did some work on the level density of nuclei.


Based on the analysis of the internal mechanism with which financial convergence acts on upgrading of the industrial structure,this paper makes a measurement on the level of Guangdong Province financial convergence over the years with factor an...


Videlicet, this sequence represents the accountability of the 11 features in distinguishing insects on the level of species. According to the above results, some features varies not remarkably on all levels, such as Lobation, Shape-Parameter etc. This shows that such kind of features are nearly same in all species of insects, and can represent the feature suitable to distinguish all insects from other classes of animals. On the other hand, they are not suitable as distinguishable features of levels which lower than insect Class.


Ecosystem restorationists such as Packard on the prairie and Wingate on Nonsuch Island seem to find that large systems can be assembled by ratchetting up complexity; once a system reaches a level of stability it tends not to easily fall back again, as if the system was "attracted" by the cohesion birthed by the new complexity.

像Packard一样的大草原和Wingate on Nonsuch Island的生态系统的恢复看起来发现大型的系统;一旦一个系统达到了稳定水平,它趋向于不会轻易地再次后退,仿佛这个系统被新的复杂性带来的凝聚性吸引。

But the numerical differentiation process is very sensitive to even a small level of errors. In contrast it is expected that on average the numerical integration process is much less sensitive to errors.

在DQ方法的基础上,本文提出了一种新的方法——基于最高阶导函数插值的微分求积(differential quadrature method based on the highest derivative,简称DQIHD)方法。

Depending on the level you are on, you have a certain number of squares.


But only a particular aspect of analysis on China\'s banking industry, and there is no study on the level of China\'s banking industry, as well as the primary, intermediate and advanced stages of development of the positioning and on the reference to industrial upgrading.


On the level of cell, the effects of magnetic stimulation on cell spontaneous discharge of median raphe nuclei of rabbit are recorded.


In this paper, the experimental results of P450 enzymes were helpful to further understand the mechanism of imposex that caused by organotin compounds in T. clavigeras. And what we have studied on CYP genes could make foundation for further study on mollusks on the level of molecular biology.


This thesis makes use of complex numbers to study geometry. It mainly considers the following questions: using complex numbers to express collected points and curves on the level;geometric applications of complex numbers on collinear,concurrent,round,Mobius Mappings of Complex numbers problems,etc..Meanwhile,this thesis recommends some methods for thinking on mathematics.


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Down On The Level

Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.