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Based on the introduction and analysis of soft tissue deformation, we simulate the soft tissue deformation and force feedback, using surface mesh model as geometry model, extended linear elastically model as physical model, Chain Mail and Level Tree model as computing model.

在介绍和分析了软组织变形方法的基础上,我们采用边界面模型作为几何建模方法,扩展的线弹性模型作为物理建模方法,Chain Mail和Level Tree模型作为计算建模方法进行软组织的变形和力反馈模拟与计算。

On the basis of analyzing the classification principle of Bayesian classification model and a variant of Bayes theorem, a new classification model based on Bayes theorem, DLBAN (double-level Bayesian network augmented naive Bayes), which adds the dependence among attributes by selecting the key attributes, is proposed.

通过分析贝叶斯分类模型的分类原则以及贝叶斯定理的变异形式,提出了一种基于贝叶斯定理的新的分类模型DLBAN(double-level Bayesian network augmented naive Bayes)。该模型通过选择关键属性建立属性之间的依赖关系。

It was found that the time taken to establish equilibrium values of the capillary constant depends on the level of the meniscus of the liquid phase of the ROS with respect to the level of the liquid in the experimental cell and, as mentioned above, on the temperature and


From the linguistic point of view, the difference is significant on the level of graphology, the level of lexis and the level of semantics.


Part 4.1.: Navigational Elements Level 1 – Throughout the entire siteThe navigational elements reside as text links (in Linotype Optima Nova Pro LT Demi) in Burgundy Red on the top to the left and right of the crest on the level of 'Atelier Louis XIV' company name; it must be clear that the company name's color differs from the Burgundy Red.

导航基础作为一个文本链接(Linotype Optima Nova Pro LT Demi)酒红色出现在左顶端和公司名字'Atelier Louis XIV'的右顶部,要求必须清楚地将公司名称的颜色和酒红色区分开来。

The contrast includes negations on the level of words and phrases as well as those on the level of sentences, and denotes the special phenomena in this field both in Chinese and Russian.


At the rear is a flap that folds out - I've been told this is the rear attachment for suspenders, but a friend also mentioned that his newer (Gen 2) Level 5 Soft Shell jacket has some straps with bar sliders on the ends at the back that he couldn't figure out what they were for.

后面有个折起的边——我说过这是吊裤带的配件,但是一个朋友也提到他一件新的(Gen 2) Level 5 Soft Shell夹克后背的末端有几条带子,,他不明白这是用来做什么的。

Groups of 16,20mg significantly increased the level of hormones of serum, such as insulin,growth hormone, triiodothyronine(T3),thyronine(T4except the group of 16mg),insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1),but there was no significant effect on the level of serum glucose.3 , All dosage can significantly increase the crude protein(except the group of 20mg) and significantly decrease crude fat (p.05);and they had significanteffect on some parameters of body stature, such as length of body slope, length of chest bone, girth of chest, pelvic breadth, metatarsus length, metatarsus girth.


Optimization of the medium was carried out on the level of flask, corncob, tryptone, Mg2+ and Hisdidane were selected for the production of xylanase. Effects of other factors, such as Tween-80 on the production of xylanase were also ascertained. After the orthonagol design, the optimal medium for the production of xylanase on the level of flask was established.


Compared to the respectively alone stress, cold + 5 km hypoxia (4 hours/day, continuation for 2 days) and restraint + 5 km hypoxia combinated stresses significantly inhibited body weight gain of rats, and the five stresses also markedly decreased hepatic glycogen contents, and increased plasma glucagon levels. 2. Effect of continual hypoxia on the level of insulin secretion Compared to the sea level normoxia control group, simulated continual 2 km hypoxia for 1-25 days (1, 2, 5, 10,15 and 25 days) did not significantly influence rats body weight, food intake and plasma insulin level.


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Meanwhile, Vick is speaking out for the first time today after being charged.


In general 250 kg per mu, high-yielding up to 300 kg.


He was paroled last week.