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At length I spy'd a little Cove on the right Shore of the Creek, to which with great Pain and Difficulty I guided my Raft, and at last got so near, as that, reaching Ground with my Oar, I could thrust her directly in, but here I had like to have dipt all my Cargo in the Sea again; for that Shore lying pretty steep, that is to say sloping, there was no Place to land, but where one End of my Float, if it run on Shore, would lie so high, and the other sink lower as before, that it would endanger my Cargo again: All that I could do, was to wait 'till the Tide was at highest, keeping the Raft with my Oar like an Anchor to hold the Side of it fast to the Shore, near a flat Piece of Ground, which I expected the Water would flow over; and so it did: As soon as I found Water enough, for my Raft drew about a Foot of Water, I thrust her on upon that flat Piece of Ground, and there fasten'd or mor'd her by sticking my two broken Oars into the Ground; one on one Side near one End, and one on the other Side near the other End; and thus I lay 'till the Water ebb'd away, and left my Raft and all my Cargo safe on Shore.


The deep water deposition means the deposition in the area where the water depth is larger than 30 meters, in which the major sediments are coarse sand and gravel. This kind of deposition is the relic deposition formed by the Pleistocene alluvial-lacustine deposition reworked under modern channel currents actions, and ususally the Holocene acummulation lack in the deep waters. The transitional zone deposition is the deposition between the low tidal level line and the 30 meters isobath, where the sediment types is changeable and the grain sizes are gradually coarsening from the low tidal line to the deep water area. This kind of deposition is developed by the deep water eroded sediments sorting under the transitional zone current action. The different types distributed along the isobath. The tidal flat deposition is the fine sediment deposition on the tidal flat which is flo sedimentation of the silty clay under the tidal flat dynamic action and ususally developed fluid mud on the lower tidal flat. The channel mouth deposition is the deposition in the channel mouth area. According to the sediment types, it includes sand deposition where there are coarse sediments supply and silt deposition where there are only fine sediments surpport.


The main reason why quarter-sawn board of Birch had smaller dry compressing shear strength than flat-sawn board of Birch in normal conditions was that Birch had different shear strength to the grain between quarter-sawn board and flat-sawn board. Meanwhile xylary rays in flat-sawn board were transversely cut and left a lot of pores in the flat-sawn board, so adhesive can enter these pores and turn into adhesive nail. While these pores provided a kind of tunnel for water, so cause this phenomenon that wet compressing shear strength of flat-sawn board of Birch was smaller than that of quarter-sawn board of Birch. The possible reason why quarter-sawn board of Oak had greater dry compressing shear strength than flat-sawn board of Oak in normal conditions was that ratio of springwood on quarter-sawn board and flat-sawn board was different.


Based on the aberration theory of AWG, a new-type flat-field AWG is designed. The focal signals of all wavelengths of operation are focusing along a straight line perpendicular to the propagation direction. Three stigmatic points restrain three dominant geometry parameters. Furthermore, a new-type flat-field wavelength router with both flat input field and flat focal field is also designed.


A Material nonlinear finite element analysis for the cast-in-place reinforced concrete hollow slab that occurs from initial loading, cracking, yielding to failing is carried on. The cracking load, ultimate load, the displacement rules and the principal stress distribution rules of the hollow slab under the vertical loads are obtained. A Material nonlinear finite element analysis for the single span hollow flat-plate floor is also carried on. The function of the concealed wide-flat beams is definite by analyzing the principal stress distribution diagram. The calculating results verify the theoretical analysis and give some important conclusions which are great useful to improve the constructing of the new flat-plate floor.


Our company upbuild the close cooperative relation with many known universities and researching organizations in several items. Our target is to actively improve the the application research and the industrialization of the Chitosan on the flat of company, using the research results of the universities and the resource of Chitin internal.


As he sat there on the flat hilltop overlooking the serene ocean, the fresh smell of seawater attributing a calm to the mid-morning air, Leon listened to the harsh cawing of some nearby crows, which circled indifferently high above this haven of peace, their black feathers reflecting the golden sunlight as if to signify Leon's renewal of hope.


On the geometric modeling, flat surface and curved surface are used to mesh and describe the model;on the electromagnetic modeling. Different basis functions( flat surface roof-top basis function, flat surface RWG basis function, curved surface roof-top basis function, curved surface RWG basis function) and different test functions (line-matching, Galerkin method) are applied to different cells(plat rectangle facet, triangular patch, Bezier patch, parametric surface, curved triangular patch etc.).


Each bedroom also has its own private patio in the back; still more outdoor space is available on the flat roof.


It stands on the flat, windy Salisbury Plain, near the city of Salisbury, England.


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These are people's lives you are documenting. Beknowledgeable and show respect.


In the history of medicine's intercommunion between China and the other nations,the period of SuiTang Dynasty is an important period.


I know the Great Wall of China.