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level and smooth相关的网络例句

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与 level and smooth 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Plastic board facing construction quality checks and accept a standard: Material, tonal, shop is stuck should accord with resident to ask; Exterior level off, smooth, do not have furrow and must not become warped edge and bosomy bubble; Colour and lustre rigor of consistent, juncture, arrange quadrilateral straight, degum place must not be more than span of 20 centimeters of its be apart to must not be less than 500 millimeter; Answer with conduit union department close, firm, level off; Skirting board and plastic board connection is close, the edge on skirting board is flat, differ high endlong do not be more than ± 3 millimeter, as clingy as metope, without aperture.


To level and smooth the surface, we applied wood filler, as shown in the photo above .


There is a level and smooth grassland in front of that room.


RESULT: 1.Ouabain act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens anterior capsular membrane discontinuous,epithelium cells clustered,occluding zonule seperated,lens fiber layers fractured.Under the EM,cells totally hollowed,mitochondria swelling,myelin figure appeared.RT-PCR examine the expression condition of αsubunit of sodium pump on mRNA level,α1、α2 and α3-isoform are all decreased.2.Digoxin act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens cell oedema,linkage distructed,extensive exfoliation.Under the EM,plasma appeared little half-transparant hollow region,mitochondria swelling and ridge disappeared. RT-PCR examine,α1、α2 and α3-isoform are all decreased.3.Amphotericin B act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens epithelium cells linked tightly,arranged in-line,lens fiber layers arranged tightly and regularily.Under the EM,abbundant cellular organes,exuberant cells function indicated. RT-PCR examine the expression condition of αsubunit of sodium pump on mRNA level,α1 and α3-isoform are increased significantly,demonstrated isoform-specific action.4D-thyroxine act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens plasmalemma integrated,cells arranged tightly and regularily.Under the EM,nucleus fission appeared,desmosome half-desmosome and tensile microfilaments linked the cells. RT-PCR examine,α2 and α3-isoform are increased, also demonstrated isoform-specific action.5.Vitamin E act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens anterior capsular membrane continuous and smooth,epithelium cells tightly linked,lens fiber layers appearede hollow region occasionally.Under the EM,lateral membrane high density belt appeared,abundant nucleolus. RT-PCR examine,onlyα1-isoform are increased, demonstrated significantly isoform-specific action.6.DMSO act on lens sodium-pump,under the LM,lens anterior capsular membrane slightly thicker,cells linkage partly distructed.Under the EM,plasmalemma denaturation,mitochondria swelling.RT-PCR examine,α1、α2 and α3-isoform are all altered slightly and haven't significant meanning.


This article also pointed out that level and smooth outer of the subterrene drills is one of the valid method to decrease movement and displacement of the subterrene drills.


Inside and outside surface of the wind tunner is level and smooth, the air drag is small, the whole rigidity is strong and the exterior is good looking.


Main control circuit adopts electric controlled to exchange electronic switch technology and passing zero detection techniqueing advanced electronic device, which realize to pass zero level and smooth to its cutting ,shuting floodgate and bludgoning into , no over voltage when operating it , there is no electric arc to fire again to shove to have to throw condenser bank, condenser need is it can come into operation again to discharge, its cutting restriction of number of times to throw.


Experimental result makes clear, transfer metal, heavy metal and rare-earth element adulteration can be on different level the smooth catalysis performance that affects film, among them, v, ag, ce element adulteration can make the degradation rate of smooth catalysis 120 Min rises 10% above.

实验结果表明,过渡金属、重金属及稀土元素掺杂可在不同程度上影响薄膜的光催化性能,其中,V,Ag,Ce元素掺杂可使光催化120 min的降解率提高10%以上。

Its surface is narrow and surface sediment is little silted. Underwater delta of Yellow River has formed three landforms units at present: smooth and wide shoal above -5m water level、 steep and thin under water slope in-5—10m and smooth bottom bed beneath-10 m.


The height of the support installment should conform to the design, it must make the support bearing plane level and smooth, the four square height differences support bearing plane could not be bigger than 2mm.


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The new observations were made using the European COROT satellite.