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These are some accidental events in the process of a city's rising to an IFC, but the developed economy and high globalization in its hinderland is one necessary condition.


Is good considers in and nobody to the teacher in charge there, because my test result always all was at that time first, the teacher in charge relates quite well with me, in the hinderland is called me to call him eldest brother, although he had five several.


However, the internal disorder and foreign invasions current political situation, to being close to in hinderland with Sichuan area, did not have very much effect.It just liked one jar backwater.


The place name is one kind of important emblematic sign,"living fossil being human being culture" Gansu Province lives in motherland hinderland very much, the county organization system than provinces, the germ beginning when from year guesses that self own amounts to over 2200 years up to now up.


Under the effect of nature condition and social-economic growth condition of Hebei province, the urban system around Bohai Sea in Hebei province showing the characteristic as follows: Firstly, it is divided into two parts of north and south by Beijing and Tianjin. Secondly, the economic strength of the coastal areas is not strong although it near to Bohai Sea. Thirdly, the urban system is obviously draw by two cores and broken up by hinderland. Fourthly, there are great differences between spatial distributions of the cities; they distribute a disproportion in the whole.


Then it analyses the development trend of the hinderland of Lushun Port. The study of the predictions on total throughput, direct hinderland cargoes throughput, transfer cargoes throughput and passenger/vehicle throughput of Lushun Port has been accomplished.


In the hinderland of the Qingzang Plateau, the beautiful Zhabuye Saline lies herself in the north of the Zhongba County, Rikeze District,1,050 road kilometers far from Lhasa.


Every harbour is small but combination in administrative divisions inner formation since the rim of Bohai Bay does not realize the long similar triangle , limpid-rization , leading to ring the Bohai Sea harbour resource duplication of similar projects and contending for source of goods , the nothing order racing to control hinderland competing neither samer than long triangle harbour group "an integral whole both wings " develops power state's is especially more fierce than growing a triangle.


The high-grade metamorphic terrain of Hengshan located at the hinderland of North China Carton in northern part of Shanxi province, China, is a middle-lower crustal transition area of the typical continental crustal profiles of the Wutaishan—Hengshan—Datong—Jining of the early Precambrian etamorphic terrain in China.The Hengshan gneisses of the amphibolite—granulite facieses metamorphic terrain consist of the TTG gneisses and the horizontal adding mantle materials. The Supracrustal rocks in this area are composed of the mafic volcanic rocks and sedimentary rocks. The plenty of granitoid magma activities are the result of anatexes.

中文题名恒山中深变质岩区构造样式副题名外文题名 Tectonic styles of the high-grade metamorphic terrain of Hengshan 论文作者苗培森导师宋鸿林教授学科专业构造地质学研究领域\研究方向学位级别博士学位授予单位中国地质大学学位授予日期2001 论文页码总数88页关键词中深变质岩区构造地质恒山区域构造地质馆藏号BSLW /2003 /P548 /4 位于华北克拉通近中部的恒山中深变质岩区,亦即恒山高级变质岩区,是从五台山—恒山—大同—内蒙集宁这一浅变质岩区至中深变质岩区的我国早前寒武纪典型大陆地壳剖面代表中下地壳过渡带的地区。


You know , you understand...


Has the solid specialized knowledge and very strong adaptiveness, can invest very quickly into own work.


The new observations were made using the European COROT satellite.