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E.g. It rained heavily; as a result we had to stay at home.


With more than three years manufacture practice, we have made the product rules of steel plate for heavily-loaded truck wheel disk completely. Also form the standard of manufacture control for this product. It has been proved that the steel plates for heavily-loaded truck wheel disk can well meet the demands of material for heavily-loaded truck, it will be have a good future.


CO2 emission rate higher in the heavily degraded alpine meadow than in the moderately degraded alpine meadow during the plant growing seasons.Ruderal is the dominant species and poison grass is secondary in heavily degraded meadow and Grass or Cyperaceae is only a few.


Meyer: That's a very interesting question because just as... think of this geopolitically, just as the world depends heavily on the Middle East for oil; the world unfettered would depend heavily on the English speaking countries U.S, Canada, Australia particularly for the global supply of grain.


Sit heavily Tim sat heavily and leaned against rough bark to retie a shoelace.


Gurman wrote,ìWhat you're seeing is the difference between "beacon mode"(near real-time, heavily compressed, binned [I believe 512 x 512 or smaller]) images and normal playback telemetry images (2048 x 2048 native mode, less heavily but still lossily compressed).

博士Gurman说,ìWhat你看到的是区别&灯塔模式&(近实时,大量压缩,结合了出色的[我相信,512 × 512或更小])图像和正常播放遥测图像(2048 × 2048本机模式,量较低,但仍然lossily压缩)。

But in the places under 3000 meters, I still kept breathing heavily, as if installing a perpetual motion machine in my lung, I as scared, I like a old farm cattle who had moiled all the life, kept breathing heavily, was about to death.


The Newfoundland is a large, heavily coated, well balanced dog that is deep-bodied, heavily boned, muscular, and strong.


When left when the test-drive after repair in shop main engine is adding this ship to 540r/min, supercharger occurrence asthma brace up phenomenon, rotate speed lifts slightly again, noise shakes very big, smoke evacuation temperature is normal, hair of on the high side of temperature of air inlet duct is very hot, as good as of smoke evacuation smoke constant, supercharger rotor rotate speed and the rotate speed of right leader supercharger that work normally comparative. 2 breakdown analyse this model diesel engine supercharger breathes heavily brace up the reason has the following sides. Bearing of 1 supercharger rotor damages, bring about on the low side of supercharger rotor rotate speed or wave motion, make inadequacy of compressor part air feed and diesel engine and its demand do not match, bring about air current not to stabilize generation to breathe heavily brace up. 2 diesel engine offers oil, match gas to time forbid, match gas, draw well time and disorder, bring about supercharger to breathe heavily brace up. 3 supercharger nozzle jams, cause smoke evacuation not free, circumfluence of exhaust stroke waste gas, enter jackknife of new energy of life with the below one stroke that take energy of life, produce air current to hit generation to breathe heavily brace up. Canal of 4 smoke evacuation jams, smoke evacuation not free, bring about waste gas circumfluence, hit generation of new energy of life to breathe heavily brace up. 5 jams into gas mouth, enter gas inadequacy, generation breathes heavily brace up. 3 trouble removal are based on above analysis, adopt the following measure to remove trouble.


So we want to act as deterrents, but you know they are heavily armed, heavily equipped with speedboats, etc., etc.


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Heavily Broken

In order to understand the herbage biodiversity and synusia structure of artificial forest, we investigated herbages under five forest types of Populus simonii, Prunus armeniaca. Prunus davidiana, Hippophae reamnoides and Caragana korshinskii.


The brothers jump for joy in 1971, the halcyon days of the Jackson Five, but the cracks would begin to show less than a year later when Michael made a bid for solo success with the theme tune for the film Ben.

年是 杰克逊五兄弟走红的一年,兄弟们欢呼雀跃-尽管裂痕已开始产生。不到一年后,迈克尔以电影《本》的主题歌开始了他的单飞生涯。

The long -size image can solve the question of measuring biology force line of weight loading skeleton.