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The duty of the item project 2 has already built up a set of information system to supply mind health data store and picks with analyze three kinds of uses, the software adopts the Web-Base method design, the convenient questionnaire design, the questionnaire answerer and administrative usage, and can continue to make the additional processing towards statistic analyzing data effectively. The healthy database system can provide the information analysis and input the different type questionnaire or examining the type data, meanwhile to the management of the system and safeguard and can handle effectively.

本分项计画已建立一套资讯系统供应心灵健康资料储存、撷取与分析三种用途,软体采用 Web-Base 方式设计,方便问卷设计者、问卷回答者与管理者运用,并且可以有效对统计分析资料继续作加值处理,不仅对子计画二心灵健康量表可以提供资讯分析与服务,输入不同类型问卷或是考试型态资料,同时对系统的管理和维护都可有效处理。

I donot think cadet speek something wrong,when we sure that bosun store have bomb,we have to keep away of ship and waiting for professional guy come to clear the bomb.if the bomb is not clear ,search the bomb is our duty but clear the bomb is not our duty!


One night bufflehead, while on duty, accidentally interrupted a hold up of a grocery store


And when the earpiece is not in use, you can store it in its unique color-coordinated case, which performs double duty with its sturdy but stylish construction and its integrated rechargeable battery.


The hero is sweet to take Internet as core, relying on a store service and professional direct selling salesman, setting up a hero who have the system kimono of the family brand management duty interface a sweet 3 A system, no matter when it is, make customer regardless and what place and regardless what way, can enjoy a hero a sweet satisfied service.


Century 21, the downtown discount store, was the best part of jury duty.


The employer at that time drives rental sound to resemble goods store, his idea is to want to enrol what I learn the computer this, open store of a computer, of course, finally, did not leave, after a month, he announces my come off sentry duty, gave me 500 yuan of money, call in machine of notify sb of a phone call!


The Jamaican Dutchy food truck on West 51st Street, which normally traffics in jerk chicken for Midtown office workers, is taking orders for it; the clerk at the store where I bought Passover wine and dark rum immediately guessed what I was baking and advised the addition of cranberries; an off-duty Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee overheard me discussing the fine points on the subway, and chimed in with his mother's advice on cooking the fruit to tenderize it.


He was fulfilling his duty as a citizen and bringing up a large family. And there was Higginbotham's Cash Store, that monument of his own industry and ability.


Special line: PET bottles to send the wind line, PET bottles transmission line, eight-treasure Li transportation, storage assembly line speed chain, refrigerator-line detection of, stainless steel transmission lines around with CPT, conveyor Store line, groove belt, transportation of finished Line, the size and quality control systems, improve water vat, with tailgate climbing belt, with the assembly line stands, the knife-edge transition belt turn, to roll lines, cell delivery systems, computer assembly lines, power assembly lines, power lines Raceway , To send the wind-line, high-speed sorting lines, transmission lines Raceway, drum line, after the assembly lines overhang, the chemical industry transmission lines, aging transmission lines, Tetra transmission lines, transmission lines plate chain, chain lost keel box line, spiral Chain plate line, spiral belt, a motorcycle transmission lines, motorcycle assembly line, climbing belt, a belt transmission line group, bottles of beer delivery systems, aerodynamic balance suspended, the lines between the pneumatic hoist, automotive transmission lines, light-top Transfer or devices, thermal plastic packet transmission line, stretching line wheel, food delivery lines, transmission lines, transmission lines climbing boxes, fruit cleansing transmission lines, the level of circulating conveyor chain, no power lines Raceway, no power telescopic Raceway lines, lines between the hoist, the letter-box sorting systems, conveyor suspension, tobacco conveyor, the parcel sorting conveyor systems, packet transmission lines, packet transmission line combinations, straight plate section, gravity-shelf access device , Heavy-duty power lines Raceway, heavy-duty conveyor chain, chain of beads to lose face envelope, turning plate, vehicle loading and unloading conveyor, the assembly line, assembly line, automatic transmission storage systems, feeding


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Analysis and improvement of YAFFS balanced wear and tear[J].


The cat prowled around the cellar looking for mice.


In this work,two novel high performance thermoplastics,poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) and poly(phthalazinone biphenylene ether sulfone),were used to toughen epoxy resin by blending.