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Then there was the intoxicating effect of the honours paid to the French Emperor in Dresden, and the negotiations too of the diplomatists, who were supposed by contemporaries to be guided by a genuine desire to secure peace, though they only inflamed the amour-propre of both sides; and millions upon millions of other causes, chiming in with the fated event and coincident with it.


Results reveal that the dip direction and dip angle of the roof are almost coincident with those of the bedding plane.


It is turns out that the average seismic apparent stress calculated with seismic magnitude in Chinese mainland is similar to that calculated with digital seismic wave data and the distribution is coincident with each other.


During the previous analysis of asphalt pavement structure with cracks, the stress intensity factors were usually calculated approximatively using plane strain model for some limitation. However, the assumptive load of this model is not coincident to the practical load.


The loudspeaker device may further include a fourth acoustic driver comprising an axis, arranged along the line so that a projection onto the azimuth plane of the fourth driver axis and the projection of the second driver axis are coincident.


The most important thing is that the flyer velocities are coincident with each other under the same loading conditions, that is, its performance in ballistic curve is better than that of gas gun and detonation driven.


By electromagnetic theory, for the case that the magnetic dipole source and the receiver are set in seawater, the general expressions of frequency_domain electromagnetic responses for a layered benthal model are deduced. From those, the transient response expressions of three common configurations—vertical magnetic dipole_dipole, central loop, and coincident loop, located on the surface of uniform half_space seafloor, are derived respectively, supposing that seawater is uniform half space, or its depth is finite.


As to the confusion of "claim" and " credit " which is resulted from the substantially coincident definitions in German Civil Law,the traditional interpretation which takes them for not only substantially coincident but also the generalspecial relationship will lead to so much theoretic bepuzzlement.


Results: Within 13 cases of CINⅠdegree diagnosed of pathologic histology with vaginoscope, 9 cases were coincident with the result of conization of cervix, the pathologic degree of 3 cases increased after the operation and 1 case decreased; within 46 cases of CINⅡ degree diagnosed of pathologic histologh with vaginoscope, 27 cases were coincident with the result of coization of cervix, the pathologic degree of 7 cases increased after the operation and 10 cases decreased.


US economy plays the dominant role, while Taiwan economy also affects other economies. Chinese leading indicator affect US coincident indicator and is also affected by Taiwanese coincident indicator. Chinese coincident indicator reciprocates with his leading indicator, and also affect Japanese coincident indicator. Meanwhile, Japanese indicators do not affect other countries indicators significantly.


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There was a moment when he looked over and was weirded out for a second before he realised it was me underneath the make-up, then he started laughing so hard he couldn't sing any more.


The article thinks, have a state between the comparison of labor productivity, accurate computational method ought to be the formula with computational capital productivity same, investment yields to all use index of magnitude of value.


His major works have "long hundred Chinese wall","Dragon Xinzi","Longmen new funding","take off","universe Kowloon Cup","Yulong Jinfeng","Coreopsis herald the break of day","six-screen" as well as Cao Xueqin, Lei Feng portraits.