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Study the opinion on public affairs of the person that turn over Baidu carefully, discover not hard, they ground of assume sth as a matter of course gifted search engine justice, independent attribute, or the commercial service of ground of assume sth as a matter of course Baidu steals antonomasia public service.


According to Lemaitre's damage evolution law and the assumption of this paper that the cyclic loading maximum tensile stress has the most contribution to the cyclic damage and assume that the stress is the maximum stress .The material parameters S which are expressed in exponential form and generalize the variation in the process of cyclic loading is exponential experience equation which provide the expectation of cyclic damage of 63Sn/37Pb material and lead it into the calculation of damaged incremental form and assume that damage keeps constant during the same cycle. The results match the experimental data. It proves that the Endochronic plasticity theorem adopt the calculation of damage environment.


If our candidate conceptual analysis were an explicit verbal definition, in the vocabulary of microphysics, then we could be sure that the analogue of premise was a microphysical truth, but once we move to the more abstract and unconstrained representation of meaning given by the two-dimensional intensional framework, we can no longer assume that this premise is necessitated by microphysical theory, and even if we could assume this, it is not clear what it would mean to say that this premise is deducible a priori from microphysics.

如果我们的候选概念分析是一个语词的显定义『an explicit verbal definition』,那么我们可以确信类似前设是一个微观物理真,但一旦我们移入基于二维内涵框架给出的更多抽象和不受约束的意义表达后,我们不再假设这个前设在微观物理理论上是必要的;即使我们能够假设这,也不清楚说'这个前设从微观物理学先天演推得到'究竟是什么意思。

Following that observation, we assume that weekly recognition performances for both algorithms and modalities are drawn independently and distributed according to a constant distribution, which we may assume to be Gaussian.


The coloring scheme might be as simple as "draw everything in fire-engine red," or might be as complicated as "assume the object is made out of blue plastic, that there's a yellow spotlight pointed in such and such a direction, and that there's a general low-level reddish-brown light everywhere else."

色彩设计也许是一样简单象"draw 一切在消防车红色,"或也许是一样复杂的象"assume 对象被做从蓝色塑料,那那里'一盏黄色聚光灯指向在这样和这样方向的s,和那那里's 一般低级红棕色光到处else。"

In its original senses materialize is used intransitively to mean "to assume material form," as in Marley's ghost materialized before Scrooge's eyes, or transitively to mean "to cause to assume material form," as in Disney materialized his dream in a plot of orchard land in Orange County.

materialize 的最初含义是作为不及物动词时意思是"具有物质形式,"例如在玛雷的鬼魂在斯克鲁奇眼前显现了一句中或作及物动词时意思是"使具有物质形式,"例如在迪斯尼在奥兰治郡的一块果园实现了他的梦想中。

It is recommended that the young healthy subjects, aged persons, patients with coronary artery disease and patients with acute myocardial infarction should assume right lateral decubitus position during recumbency, whereas the late pregnant women should assume left lateral decubitus position during recumbency to avoid sympathetic activation and vagal suppression.


In any case, if we do allow ourselves to assume that it is a microphysical truth that H2O is the satisfier of the of the primary intension of 'water,' why do we not have equal justification to assume that it might be a microphysical truth about the actual world that pyramidal cell activity is the satisfier of the primary intension of 'consciousness'?


Is right to assume that we can assume the uniformity of value


New growth thinks its germ depends on assuming capital limit accrual decreases successively indefinitely theoretically, begin to revise this kind to assume, formed the analytic framework of oneself, it is to assume capital limit accrual decreases successively indefinitely for one invariable and rather than; 2 be will be born at economic system inside technical factor, implicit assume capital limit tends degressively one plus.


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Assume The Position

Swam: I don't know...what I would...


If they want to succeed, they need the cooperation of all those at risk, and these must be met on their own terms - believers and non-believers, the "chaste" and the "unchaste".


Police have beaten people with batons and dragged them through the streets while detaining them.