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These things just took over me 这些东西刚接手我

Just took over my whole body 刚接手我的整个身体

So I can't even see no more 所以,我什至不能看到没有更多

I'm calling my black woman a bitch 我打电话给我的黑人妇女是婊子

I'm calling my peoples all kinds of thing that they not 我打电话给我的人民的各种事情,他们不

I'm lost brother, can you help me? 我失去了哥哥,你能帮帮我吗?

Can you help me brother, please? 你能帮助我的哥哥,好吗?


You see what we did, we lost the love 你看我们做什么,我们失去了爱情

I'm talking 'bout the love 我说的回合的爱

The love of your own 你自己的爱情


But brother, but brother, but brother, check this out 但是兄弟,但兄弟,但兄弟,看看这个

I still don't understand man, I'm all high off this shit man 我还是不明白的人,我都高过这个狗屎男人


Well, what I'm trying to say my brother 好吧,我想说什么我的兄弟

Why, why do we kill each other 为什么,为什么我们互相残杀

Look at our children, what kind of a future 看看我们的孩子,有什么样的未来

This is the training thats gonna be given to you 这是训练这就是会交给你

By the Wu, brothers and sisters 由吴,兄弟姐妹

(The revolution, the revolution) (革命,革命)

It's time to rise, and take our place 现在是时候上升,取代我们

Will be televised, televised 将电视直播,电视直播

So we can inherit the universe 因此,我们可以继承的宇宙

The planet earth belongs to God 在地球上属于神

This is ninety, ninety, ninety-seven 这是90 , 90 , 97

Every square inch of it 它的每平方英寸

That he chose for himself 他为自己选择了

Is the best part 是最好的部分

Yeah, the revolution should be, televised 是啊,革命应,电视

By every strong woman 通过每一个坚强的女人

To the highest power 到最高功率

You'll find a strong man 你会发现一个坚强的人

And by every strong man 和每一个坚强的人

You'll find a strong woman 你会发现一个坚强的女人

Won't you agree? 你不同意吗?

The universe is not completed 宇宙未完成

Without the sun, moon, and stars 没有太阳,月亮和星星

Won't you be for real? 你不是真的吗?

That's man, woman, and child 这就是男人,女人和儿童

To the highest power 到最高功率

To all you fake ass niggas who 给你所有的假屁股黑鬼谁

Think you gonna survive out here 想想你要在这里生存了

Without your black woman, you're wrong 没有你们的黑人妇女,你错了

They have attraction powers on the planet 他们在这个星球上的吸引力权力

I wanna be free 我想成为自由

We are original man, the Asiatic black man 我们原来的人,在亚洲黑衣男子

The maker, the Arthur, the cream of the planet earth 制造商,亚瑟,在地球上的霜

Wanna be free, yeah 想要自由,是的

Father of civilization and daughter of the universe 文明宇宙和女儿的父亲

Want to be free, oh yeah 要自由,哦耶

The population was seventeen men 人口是17人

With the two man Indians 与两个男人的印度人

Making a total of nineteen men for all 共19人全部制作

Being, for all men, all over the planet earth 目前,所有的人,所有在地球上

Mandela, Mandela, Mandela, Wu revolution king yeah 曼德拉,曼德拉,曼德拉,武革命王耶

Arise you gods, 'cause the time for the revolutional war 起来,你的神, “造成时间的旋转战争

That's the mental war 这是心理战争

Malcolm X, Malcolm X, Malcolm X 马尔科姆X ,马尔科姆X ,马尔科姆X

That's the battle between God and Devil 这是上帝和魔鬼之间的战斗

Gonna be free 会是免费的

Take the devil off your plane 以魔鬼关你的飞机

Take him off your mental mentality 把他关你的心理心态

Take him off your brain 把他关你的大脑

Make a change, from my mind 做出改变,从我的脑海

Leave all the cigarettes and guns 保留所有的香烟和枪支

The alcohol and everything 醇及一切

That's the mental Devil that exists within your body 这就是你的身体内存在的心理魔鬼

Take this pain 借此痛

That's destroying and decaying your mind 这是破坏和腐朽你的心

Take these chains, off my mind 把这些连锁店,我就放心了

The mind controls the body 心灵控制身体

Everything within must come out 在一切都必须站出来

Want to be free 要自由

Don't look towards the sky 不要看向天空

'Cause there's no heaven above 因为有上面没有天堂

Don't look down beneath your feet 不要小看你脚下

There's no hell below 有下面没有地狱

Want to be free 要自由

But heaven and hell exist within 但天堂和地狱存在的内

Heaven is what you make it and 天堂是你自己创造和

Hell is what you're going through 地狱是你要通过什么

There is only one, god 只有一个神

There is a whole new one, faith 这里有一整新,信念

There is a holy one 有一个圣者

World, revolution yeah 世界革命耶

At one time it was told to me 有一次有人告诉我

Yeah 是啊

That man came from monkeys, ha ha ha 这名男子来自猴子,哈哈哈

That we was swinging from trees 我们是从树上摇摆

I hardly can believe that unless 我几乎可以相信,除非

I'm dumb deaf and blind 我哑又聋又瞎

Save the children 救救孩子

You ever heard about the ape man 你有没有听说过猿人

Gonna be free 会是免费的

And the ape woman 与猿的女人

Hey, want to be free 嘿嘿,要自由

You have a mankind 你有一个人类

That has a beginning to him 这有开始给他

And its ending is about to come 而它的结局即将到来

Oooh, yeah 哦,是的

If you take one step 如果你走一步

I will take one with you 我需要一个与你

Through the stormy vein 走过风雨飘摇的静脉

Swim the deepest sea, with you my brother 游泳最深的海,与你我的兄弟

I know, you got to be strong 我知道,你一定要坚强

Gotta hold on 一定要坚持

Now the story is about to close 现在的故事是关于关闭

It was a hundred percent of us 这是我们百分百

Save the children 救救孩子

That came on the slave ships 附带的奴隶船

Eighty five percent of our future 我们未来85%的

They're our future 他们是我们的未来

Was uncivilized 是不文明

Poison animal eaters 毒食动物

They're slaves of the mental powers 他们的精神力量的奴隶

Save the children 救救孩子

They don't know who the true living god is 他们不知道谁是真正的活神仙是

And all the orchards in the world 和所有在世界上的果园

Save the children 救救孩子

So they worship what they know not 因此,他们所拜的,他们不知道。

And let evil lead them in the wrong direction 并让邪恶导致他们在错误的方向

Far fewer men than right 比对男性少得多

Now you got the ten percent 现在你得到了10 %的

Who are rich slave niggas of the poor 谁是穷人富人的奴隶黑鬼

Who teach the poor lies 谁教穷人的谎言

To make the people believe 为了使人们相信

That the old mighty true living god 旧威猛真正活神仙

Is a spook in the sky 在天空中的幽灵

Save the children 救救孩子

And you can't see him with the physical eyes 而你看不到他的眼睛物理

They're also known as blood suckers of the poor 他们也被称为穷人的吸血鬼

Save the children 救救孩子

And then you got the five percent 然后你得到了百分之五

Who are the poor righteous people who do not believe 谁是穷人正义的人谁不相信

The teachers of the ten percent 的10 %的教师

Save the children 救救孩子

Who is all wise and know that the true 谁都是明智的,知道真正的

And living god, and teach that the true 又活的神,并教导说,真正的

And living god is supreme being black 又活的神是至高无上的被黑

Man from within 从内文

Otherwise known as civilized people 否则,被称为文明人

Also Muslims, and Muslims sons 此外穆斯林和穆斯林的儿子

Peace we out 和平,我们出去


[Cut to Kung-Fu clip] [镜头切换到功夫片段]


I have given it much thought 我已经给它多想

It seems, disaster must come 看来,灾难一定要来

At best, only postponed 充其量,只能推迟

Shaolin Kung-Fu to survive 少林功夫中生存

Must now be taught to more young men 现在必须传授给更多的年轻人

We must expand, get more pupils 我们必须扩大,让更多的学生

So that the knowledge will spreads 因此,该会的知识点差

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