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The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand, he looked like a drunk old fool 一名男子手里拿着一个啤酒的绿巨人,他​​看起来像一个喝醉了的老傻瓜

And I knew if I hit him right, why, I could knock him off of that stool 我知道,如果我打了他的权利,为什么,我可以击倒他了大便的

But everybody they said watch out, hey, that's the Tiger Man McCool 但大家都表示,他们看出来,哎,这就是老虎的人麦库尔

He's had the whole lotta fights and he's always come out winner 他有整个洛塔打架,他总是他赢

Yeah, he's a winner. 是啊,他是一个胜利者。


But I had myself about five too many and I walked up tall and proud 但我有我自己大约五太多,我走到昂首挺胸

I faced his back and I faced the fact that he had never stooped or bowed 我对着他的背影,我所面临的事实,他从来没有弯下腰或鞠躬

I said, Tiger Man you're a pussycat and a hush fell on the crowd 我说,老虎的人你是一个猫咪和嘘落在人群

I said, let's you and me go outside and see who's the winner. 我说,让你和我一起去外面看看谁是赢家。


Well, he gripped the bar with one big hairy hand then he braced against the wall 嗯,他抓住了一个大的毛茸茸的手吧,然后他抵住墙壁

He slowly looked up from his beer, my God that man was tall 他慢慢地从他的啤酒抬头一看,我的天啊,人长得高大

He said, boy, I see you're a scrapper so just before you fall 他说,小子,我看你是个刮板让你倒下之前

I'm gonna tell you just a little 'bout what it means to be a winner. 我要告诉你一点点回合是什么意思是一个赢家。


He said now you see these bright white smilin' teeth. you know they ain't my own 他说,现在你看到的这些亮白色的微笑的牙齿。你知道他们是不是我自己

Mine rolled away like Chicklets down the street in San Antone 矿用滚开像Chicklets倒在圣安东大街

But I left that person cursin', nursin' seven broken bones 但我离开的那个人cursin “ , nursin ”七断骨

And he only broke ah three of mine, that makes me the winner. 他不仅打破啊3我的,这让我获胜。


He said, now behind this grin I got a steel pin that holds my jaw in place 他说,现在这个笑容的背后,我得到了一个钢针保存我的下巴到位

A trophy of my most successful motorcycle race 我最成功的摩托车赛奖杯

And each morning when I wake and touch this scar across my face 每天早晨,当我醒来,在我的脸上摸这条疤痕

It reminds me of all I got by bein' a winner. 这让我想起我的一切由拜因“胜利者的我。


Now this broken back was the dyin' act of a handsome Harry Clay 现在,这回破了一个英俊的哈里·克莱的快要枯萎的行为

That sticky Cincinnati night I stole his wife away 这粘辛辛那提晚上我偷了他的妻子走

But that woman she gets uglier and she gets meaner every day 但是那个女人,她得到丑陋,她就得到寡情每天

But I got her boy, that's what makes me a winner. 但我得到了她的孩子,这就是让我成为赢家。


He said, you gotta speak loud when you challenge me son, 他说,你得大声说话,当你质疑我的儿子,

'Cause it's hard for me to hear “因为这是我很难听

With this twisted neck and these migraine pains and this big ole cauliflower ear 有了这个扭曲的脖子,这些偏头痛的痛苦和这个大OLE菜花耳

And if it wasn't for this glass eye of mine, why, I'd shed a happy tear 如果不是因为我的这个玻璃眼,为什么,我流下了幸福的泪

To think of all that you gonna get by bein' a winner. 认为所有你所拜因“胜利者会得到的。


I got arthritic elbows boy, I got dislocated knees 我得到了关节炎手肘的男孩,我得到了膝盖脱臼

From pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin' into trees 从再找战斗与雷暴和chargin “成树

And my nose been broke so often I might lose if I sneeze 我的鼻子被打破了这样的时候我可能会失去,如果我打喷嚏

And son, you say you still wanna be a winner? 和儿子,你说你还是想成为赢家?


Now you remind me a lotta my younger days, 现在你让我想起了洛塔我年轻的时候,

With your knuckles a clenchin' white 用你的指关节à clenchin “白

But boy I'm gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night 但是孩子我会坐在这里和品尝这种啤酒整夜

And if there's somethin' that you gotta gain to prove by winnin' some silly fight 如果有事端,你总得增益证明了WINNIN “一些愚蠢的斗争

Well okay, I quit, I lose, you're the winner. 好吧好吧,我不干了,我输了,你就是赢家。


So I stumbled from that barroom, not so tall and not so proud 所以,我从酒吧里迷迷糊糊的,没有那么高,不那么骄傲

And behind me I still hear the hoots of laughter of the crowd 而在我身后我还是听到了人群的笑声叫声

But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth're still in my mouth 但我还是看见了,我的鼻子仍然有效,我的teethre仍然在我嘴里

And you know I guess that makes me the winner... 而且你知道,我想这大概使我有赢家...

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