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Wind Me Up



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[Humpty Hump] [积重难返驼峰]

Welcome to the Blue Diamond, Y'all 欢迎来到蓝钻,你们都

Ladies and gentlemen 女士们,先生们

I'll be your host, Edward Elington Humpty Hump Humphry the third 我会是你的主机,爱德华Elington积重难返驼峰汉弗莱第三

And we going to get it started up in here 我们要得到它开始在这里


Billy big thump Brown on bass, Thump Brown 比利大扑通布朗低音,扑通布朗


Brooklyn, Gibson Myana 布鲁克林,吉布森Myana


And on Gituar we got big momma Dotty Taylor in the house 和Gituar我们得到了很大的妈妈斑点狗泰勒的房子


Com'on mang, drop it like, mang [x4] Comon莽,砸喜欢,莽[ X4 ]


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

It's been a long time DU shouldn't have left you 这是一个漫长的时间杜不应该离开你

Without a heated beat you could step to 未经加热的节拍,你可以一步

Ever since the days when the humpty dance left you 自从当积重难返舞离开你的日子里

Openin', I feel you're hopin' that we could bump through Openin ,我觉得你在河滨 ,我们可以通过凸点

95 was a long one they said no one digs your music but you, kid 95是一个漫长的,他们说,没有人挖你的音乐,但你,孩子

You need a stong one 你需要一个杨卫国1

Think about the bomb one 想想炸弹1

Because the kids are in rare form tonite, hey yo we all one 因为孩子们都在罕见的今夜,嘿哟,我们都是一个


[Hump] [驼峰]

Let me put my nose back on 让我把我的鼻子回

Notice how how it goes when the flows back on 请注意它是如何去当流量回

Bangers! freakin' the P-funk, punk like a bag [?] 香肠!刻着的P放克,朋克像一个袋子[?]

Got my man Esential E right beside me 得到了我的男人Esential E右键我的身边


[Natural E] [自然E]

Yo Hump, look, I brought my rhyme book 驼峰哟,你看,我把我的书韵


Cool E, get ready to kick it out for the hook 酷E,准备踢出来的钩

But before you eat male let me finnish nailin' 但你吃之前,男性让我的芬兰nailin “

this grove like a train de-railin 这个小树林像一列火车去railin

(Like a train) (像一列火车)

You better hold on, this song is for the strong 你最好坚持下去,这首歌是为强

ladies com'on and get your flirt on 女士们comon和让你调情


[ladies] [女装]

When you coming with another one Humpty? 当你来到了一个又一个积重难返?


Everytime you ask that you pump me, love 每当你问,你抽我,爱


Wind me up 风给我

com'on comon

Wind me up 风给我

You wound us up so now we bound to pound ya 你伤了我们那么现在,我们必然要砸向雅

Wind me up 风给我

Everybody 每个人都

Wind me up 风给我

You wound us up so now we putting it on ya 你伤了我们,现在我们把它在雅


[Natural E] [自然E]

E, Shock and Hump, we putting the bump E,冲击和驼峰,我们把凸点

You wish for, Hump's back so pump that 你的愿望是,驼峰的背部使泵的

It's supposed to lift your 它应该解除您

Body up, we got enough 身体向上,我们有足够的

And prob'ly bust the floor up 和probly胸围地上了

Shock you know what? 震撼你知道吗?


[Shock G] [冲击G ]

whats up E? 怎么了ê ?


I think this track's about to blow up! 我认为这条赛道的一下就炸了!


[Hump] [驼峰]

Y'all thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? 你们都在想的就是我想的?

I'm drinkin' what you drinkin'! 我喝了你喝了!


So break it up with a crowded thrust [?] 因此,与拥挤的推力打破它[?]

with the bottles up, everybody's sickin' 与瓶了,大家的sickin “

to witness the fitness 见证健身

State to state, don't miss this 国与国,千万不要错过这个

Kisses to the Miss's 吻到了小姐的

Love hounds who are on my blood hound 猎犬爱谁是我的血猎犬

We plug sounds throught the nation 我们插上声音有着相同的国家

true power chasin' blue ha hoo-rasin' [?] 真正的力量追赶“蓝哈呼,葡萄干 [?]

DU, and E too, y'all 'bout to shout 杜和E也一样,你们都回合喊

We 'bout to place it 我们回合把它

High rank, drop stop and bank 高排名,跌停和银行

This spots about to get hectic, expect it 这插播即将开始忙碌,期待它

We got the drank so we got to drank 我们得到了喝了,所以我们得喝

It won't be degelected, accept it 它不会被degelected ,接受它


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Hump: singing] [驼峰:唱歌]

If it ain't deep it ain't me, bay-bay 如果不是深的是不是我,湾湾

Do you take it through a fantasy, bay-bay 你是不是把它通过一个幻想,湾湾

The smooth-cool faker is a live wire baby 顺利酷摊贩是火线宝贝

Sons of the P is packing this hi-fi figures 在P的儿子正在收拾这个高保真数字

And we're in the mood to play (play) 而且我们的心情玩(游戏)

We're going to do away with he say she say 我们要弄死他说,她说


[Shock] [冲击]

Nas, you can have the world I want the Universe NAS ,你可以拥有世界上我想要的宇宙

Not for myself but for all other's first 不是为自己,而是为所有其他的先


[Hump: singing] [驼峰:唱歌]

It's time, I'm ready to shine 这时候,我已经准备好大放异彩

I'm ready to see if I can walk through my mind, Like AMG 我准备好了,看我能在我的脑海,就像AMG走

I'm not no high, not even lifted yet, only strengthed from the gift that 我不是不高,甚至没有解除呢,只能从为加固的礼物

you give 你给


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Hump] [驼峰]

Puttin' in on ya, bone-ing your ear drums Puttin雅“在骨安泰你的耳朵鼓

Dum-dums, forgot that we can come-come 达姆 - dums ,忘了我们可以来先得

Yum-yum, we bring it different 百胜百胜,我们把它的不同

You bring it hum-drum 你把它的嗡嗡声鼓

You're too cool, you can't risk it 你是太爽了,你不能冒这个险

I'm bis-quik 我是双快客

I bubble when you turn the heat up í泡沫,当你把热起来

I'm trouble around the honies, I eat up 我周围的honies麻烦,我吃了


Tasty, like bean dip 好吃,喜欢浸豆

Frisky like catnip 活泼像猫薄荷

wind me up, FAT HIP 风给我,肥臀

The big nose, back with the big bouncy track 大鼻子,背部有大快活轨道

We got the bass bouncing back 我们得到了低音反弹

They got me started, so I'm bomb it like I farted 他们让我开始,所以我弹这就像我放屁

Take the rap sheet and part it 以说唱表和一部分,

Let my dog take a spill on it 让我的狗采取溢出就可以了

Never phoney on it, ya I still want it 不要在这虚假的,雅我还是希望它

But those shmoes knows how it goes so yo let me flaunt it 但是,这些shmoes知道如何去这样哟,让我炫耀

I boom-boom on it, take it anyway you want it 对此我繁荣的热潮,把它反正你想要的

Glazed, extra mayonaise with no balogna on it 釉面,额外mayonaise上面没有balogna

poopty scoops and Humpty clumbs the lean cuts poopty勺子和积重难返clumbs的瘦肉

Deez nuts get busted clean, whut Deez坚果得到破获干净,没准儿

I'ma tell ya what's been missing from the rap game... 我是告诉你什么是缺少的说唱游戏...

This type of shit! Sang! 这种类型的狗屎!桑!


[Chorus] [合唱]

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