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Who's That Man, Moma



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

(Clap (鼓掌

your hands 你的手

to what 什么

he's doin) 他是干什么)


[VERSE 1: Devin] [诗歌1 :德文]

Either by bus, plane, train, 15 passenger van 无论是公交车,飞机,火车, 15座面包车

Another show, then we must go, let's get there fast as we can 另一个节目,那么,我们一定要去,让我们有最快的速度,我们可以

We just tryin to spread love when we comin to your city 我们只是试着传递爱心的时候,我们马上就要到你所在的城市

Some look at us shitty but some bitches show us they titties 有人看着我们低劣的,但有些母狗告诉我们,他们的titties

So I love my job, don't have to piss in a cup 所以,我热爱我的工作,没有在一个杯子撒尿

They tell me to straighten up because of all the kids and stuff 他们告诉我要端正,因为所有的孩子之类的东西了

Are gonna be there lookin at you perform 是要在那里看着你执行

So keep your lyrics calm, they might be there with their moms 因此,保持你的歌词冷静,他们可能有他们的妈妈

And pops, you need to drop somethin clean with no cussin 和持久性有机污染物,你需要删除事端干净,没有cussin

But my shit is... But nothin, don't wanna hear these parents fussin 但是,我的屎是...但是没什么,不想听到这些父母迫害的妄想

Bout your 5th Ward filth and you holdin your crotch 布特你的第五病区污物和你牵着你的裤裆

Nobody wanna hear bout what you wanna poke in they mouth 没人想听什么事情你想戳在他们的嘴

But that ain't what it's all about, I'm simply tryin to have fun 但是,这不是它的全部,我只是试着得到乐趣

Tryin to break a leg before I break my third one 试着摔断腿之前,我打破我的第三个

Up in your back, they ask how can you stand there proud 在你的后面,他们会问你怎么站在那里感到骄傲

And bow knowin there's a little child in the crowd 和弓深深地知道有一个小孩子在人群中

Sayin 萨延


[CHORUS x2] [合唱x ]

Who is the man, moma 谁是男人, MOMA

On stage with the brew in his hands, moma 就在他手中的酿造阶段, MOMA

Don't you think he's bein rude to the fans, moma 难道你不认为他是贝因粗鲁的球迷, MOMA

Grabbin his nuts, look at him doin it again, moma 抓着他的坚果,看着他又上来了, MOMA

He's doin it again, moma 他又上来了, MOMA


[VERSE 2: Devin] [诗2 :德文]

You got to give the people 你得给百姓

Yeah I know, somethin other than just pussy, alcohol and reefer 是的,我知道的,不只是猫,酒精和冷藏等事端

You must uplift the public 你必须提升公众

And they'll give love back, like just last night I got my nuts licked 他们会付出爱回来,就像昨天晚上我得到了我的坚果舔

Ugly bitch in love but she hugged it and she rubbed it 在爱丑陋的婊子,但她把它抱她擦了擦

Fine big red hoe, but now my dickhead sore 精致大红色锄头,但现在我的dickhead痛

And we got another show in the O - Ohio 我们得到了在o另一个节目 - 俄亥俄

It's kinda nice, I been there once and got my dick sucked twice 它还挺不错的,我去过一次,得到了我的鸡巴吸两次

Me and my penis and my microphone 我和我的阴茎和我的麦克风

Are workin hard so I can get my lights back on 正在干活很辛苦,所以我可以得到我的灯回

Most people don't understand all the problems, pressure and pain 大多数人并不了解所有的问题,压力和痛苦

They criticize and try to make you feel less of a mane 他们批评,并试图让你觉得少了鬃毛

But look at these balls, they're so big 但看看这些球,他们是如此之大

The hairs on em look like two big old afro wigs 对EM的头发看起来像两个大的老黑人假发

No need to get alarmed, I don't mean no harm 没有必要惊慌,我不是说没有伤害

If you got your kids with you and they tuggin your arm 如果你有你的孩子与你和他们tuggin你的手臂

Sayin 萨延


[CHORUS] [合唱]


Man, whatever happened to groups like Manhattans 男人,无论发生在像曼哈顿组

and the Spinners and Temptations and stuff? 和纱厂和诱惑之类的东西?

These new muthafuckas right here 这些新muthafuckas在这里

they just wanna fuck ... and cuss and ... 他们只是想他妈的......和咒骂和...

Look at em up there smokin weed 看看时间了有斯莫杂草


Aw, what's wrong, pops? 哦,什么是错的,持久性有机污染物?

I mean, you act like you never had the Temptation 我的意思是,你像你从未有过的诱惑

of smokin a little weed down in Manhattan 在曼哈顿戒掉了一点杂草下来

Drinkin a beer, bonin a bitch, you know 喝啤酒,小笠原一个婊子,你知道

while you Spinner around, you know? 而你身边飞旋,你知道吗?

But maybe you never smoked bud like I smoke bud 但也许你从未吸过烟芽像我抽蕾

maybe you never felt as high as I felt 也许你从来没有感觉到一样高,我觉得

Me and my Coughee Brothers just keep blowin and blowin and 我和我的兄弟Coughee只是不停吹和吹和


[VERSE 3: Devin] [第3节:德文]

If you got some shorties, could you make em stay home? 如果你有一些矮仔,你能不能让时间呆在家里?

Unless they wanna see some grown niggas shakin they bone 除非他们想看到一些成长黑鬼颤抖,他们的骨

I know it's morally wrong, but see, I'm known 我知道这是不道德的,但看到我已知

For passin Doobies to my Brothers, get my Family Stoned 对于passin Doobies我的兄弟,让我的家庭砸死

I'm Gladys Knight-time, the Right Time to get high 我格拉迪斯奈特时间,正确的时间,以获得高

We reachin for the sky on Earth, there's too much Wind for the Fire 我们要触摸地球上的天空中,有太多的风的火

We out here in the parking lot, knockin out the last corners 我们在这里在停车场,敲入了最后的角

Of drink we had since yesterday from somewhere at Arizona 喝我们不得不从昨天起从什么地方在亚利桑那

We wanna be Kool, we're not a Gang, just tryin to hang 我们想成为库尔,我们是不是李刚,只是试着挂

With the people and drink, and maybe exchange slang 随着人民和饮料,也许交换俚语

We love music and we need the fans, need tourin 我们爱音乐,我们需要球迷,需要tourin

But one thing we don't need is bad-ass children 但是,我们并不需要一件事是坏的屁股的孩子

Sayin 萨延


[CHORUS] [合唱]

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